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I Wonder......

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Revisiting the subject if anyone's interested.

    In a recent group meeting my father came to me via one of our mediums, someone who doesn't know me at all in case anyone wonders. The medium told me personal things leaving me confident she had a genuine connection. But beyond that the medium said that my father had been talking to me - speaking into my left ear. That was a surprise and even more so when I thought about what had been happening recently.

    I have an acoustic neuroma, a so-called benign tumor that's close to but not on my brain. The tumor is pressing on my hearing nerve, causing shaky balance, tinnitus and partial loss of hearing. Recently my hearing got much worse and after testing my hearing aid was re-programmed. But I have been cursing (oh yes mac swears like a trooper!) because repeatedly I've been getting odd and annoying noises in my left ear that I was blaming on my hearing aid having been mis-programmed. But now I'm wondering if that was my dad trying to speak to me. o_O

    Folk here will know I'm resistant to making things fit but it's left me wondering because a whole bunch of other stuff has been going on but I'm reluctant to reading too much into that either! :D Now I'm what many call 'a believer' and not someone with any doubt about survival etc. But all this has really brought home to me how very difficult it must be for anyone unsure about everything yet desperate to become 'a believer'.

    How difficult it must be for friends and family in spirit to get over the message they're desperate to send to their grieving and often struggling family.
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  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor


    In your opinion, why did god or whatever set things up to be so difficult to send/receive communications between the living and the dead? Or do you feel that it's not something god did?
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    To get to where I am presently - be that anywhere near actuality or a million miles away - I had to get a handle on what 'god' means for me. And for me it's something very different from what it is for most others I'd guess. I know my version isn't accurate but it manages well enough for my present needs.

    Having reached that position I see the difficulties of communication etc. as something created to be part of the experience of feeling 'we're on our own'. And the apparent need for that only makes sense if we accept life outside this dimension is one where we NEVER feel 'on our own' and spiritual progression is enhanced after we have experienced it. The ultimate creator god didn't - as I see things - configure the exact details but did formulate the overall principle.

    To see through this illusion of separation - of 'on-our-owness' - appears to need some appreciation of the need for it in the first place and that need is hard to fathom. I don't claim to have answers. All I know is what little I think I do know gets me through. I doubt I've explained that well but it's all I've got - sorry, bb.

    My approach appears not to be any help to others and of late I've accepted that's unlikely to change.
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  4. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Thanks, mac. I suppose I don't see the need to construct things so that humans feel we are "on our own", and I don't trust a god that does see that need. You know I've expressed here before that the whole "we are all one" concept only goes so far with me -- I think we are all connected, ultimately in some deeply essential ways, but I also believe that we each retain our individuality, always. To my way of thinking, either there is no afterlife, or if there is one then god or nature or the universe or whatever set it up to make communication difficult between this existence and the next -- and to me, that difficulty with communication, and the fact that we don't all (every human) know beyond doubt that our loved ones continue to exist after death and that we will be with them again, is indicative of the likely non-existence of any sort of "god". Tangentially, if there is a god, I view the way it set evolution (physiological progression) in motion in much the same way you view the way it formulated the overal principal of spiritual progression. Anyway, thanks for answering. :)

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