I wonder if.....


thanks :) oh boy! What a game and what a result for the England Women's Football Team - European Champions!

Germany had won the last 8 championships and were a formidable team, the absolute clear favorites to win again. It was 1-1 at the end of fulltime and it was still that score at the end of the first period of extra time. The second period of extra time saw both teams neck-and-neck and the play was furious and desperate. The dreaded penalty shoot out to decide the winner was looking ever more likely as the last minutes ticked by.

But then England scored after 10 minutes and held on to the ball and their match-winning lead - they won 2-1. Wembley Stadium erupted! We haven't seen such a game with England as winners against Germany since the 1966 men's championship - it was a BIG deal!

I watched it all and loved it and I'm not a football fan! Something positive for the Brits at a time when our tiny country is heading down the toilet pan for so many reasons. :(