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I`m finally convinced!

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by breeld, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. breeld

    breeld New Member

    I have seen "Contact" at least 3 times. I love that movie. I do believe he is ok, because there is no way she could have known some of the things she told me. I`ll go read your blog, and I also want to read Carol and Mikey`s pages. Hopefully when I`m off work, I`ll have time to do this.
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Thanks William. Its hard work though. Cant turn back the hands of time but I can move forward. I hope all of this looks silly in my life review because right now I am mortified to see how I will look "on screen" lol.
    I know Im gonna have my face in my palms on some parts.

    Breeld, if you have any questions or a crisis of faith like we all do from time to time, please contact us.
  3. Just remember that those in the spiritual realm love you unconditionally just the way you are. I sometimes wonder if one of our biggest challenges on earth is to love ourselves unconditionally just the way we are. As a caller from a crisis hotline once told me, "You can't love your neighbor as yourself, if you don't love yourself".

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  4. breeld

    breeld New Member

    Poeticblue-I read your blog entries, and just took it all in. Thanks for writing that.
    As far as a faith crisis, I had that a long time ago. Now I am neutral on religious things, but am certainly spiritual.
    I wouldn`t put anyone down for their religious beliefs, as I figure everyone has a right to believe the way they choose.
    We all have our own truths. Not sure what MY truth is, completely, yet, but I know what it is NOT.
    I think we`re all traveling the same road, just at different paces, different times, etc. We look around and see the scenery thru our own eyes, but the next person may see a whole different sort of scenery. That`s their truth.
    I`m sorry, I`m rambling on here-hope it makes sense. I`m really not an air-head, as this post makes me sound. lol
  5. breeld

    breeld New Member

    I was reading some of these other posts, and thought I`d add something else Debbie (or John) said.
    I`ve always been on the fence about re-incarnation, but here`s what happened to sway me a little bit.
    My sister died in 1985, and my father in 1998.
    She asked if he`d seen Aunt Jean and Grandaddy. He said No. She asked if he`d seen one of them-he said Yes. She asked which one, he said Grandaddy. She asked "Where`s aunt Jean?". He said Re-incarnated. He said 13 years ago, and still in our family. She asked me if I had a 13 year old grandchild, I said "Yes, John`s son". She asked John if his son was Jean re-incarnated, and John said yes. Still don`t know what to make of it. I`m hopefully optimistic, tho.
  6. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Hi Breeld. I'm very sorry for what your son went through, and what you are going through now. I think that you are right in your view of the posters here - very supportive. The thread, 'For Carol and Mikey Please,' is extremely informative. I suggest you visit that thread often for understanding. Now for a selfish request... did you talk with the medium who helped you? Are they willing to help others?

    Have a great night Breeld. - Jim
  7. Eli

    Eli New Member

    I like hearing stories like these that prove not all psychics/mediums are scammers out to get your money. I think its important to differentiate the difference between such people without being biased (which might be hard considering the circumstances), but I too am also glad to hear that they were able to provide such specific details to give you a peace of mind.
  8. breeld

    breeld New Member

    She said you can contact her on Facebook-message her first so she`ll know who you are, then send her a friend request. She said I could give her name.
    Debbie Dykes Kukulas

    I have scoured boards to try to find positive information on after death communications. I was wanting to hear some experiences in hopes of finding peace of mind. So since this happened to me, I figured I`d let others know so that they could have some hope. Without hope, we`re nothing. This is such a nice, compassionate site, and has helped me more than any other I`ve visited. I`m grateful to all of you.
  9. breeld

    breeld New Member

    I`m sorry-the name is Debbie Dykes Kutulas.
  10. We are very grateful for you, breeld. :) I wonder (and this to anyone out there with a thought or opinion) if it's possible to find our reincarnated loved ones. To find out who and where they are now?

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