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I`m finally convinced!

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by breeld, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    It was people who I barely knew that treated me with acts of kindness that convinced me of the afterlife. If earth is hell, then there are people here who can make it a heaven.
  2. Agree with you Poeticblue. It depends upon people whether they want to make it heaven or hell.
  3. breeld

    breeld New Member

    I feel truly blessed to have found this site. You all seem so compassionate and loving, it`s hard not to visit here.
    I also feel blessed to have gotten the one thing I asked for-to know my John is doing fine. There`s more I`d like to know about where he is, what he does, but right now-just knowing he`s ok has done me a world of good.
    I would wish for ALL of you to find that confirmation about your loved ones, as I know how distressing it is just not "knowing". And to think I almost cancelled the meeting with her, because I was a little fearful of "mediums", never having been around that kind of thing before. If I was asked for advice, (which I haven`t been, lol), I would say to ask around and find someone who is recommended to you. Not that there aren`t good internet mediums, but someone you could meet face to face is really good, too.
  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    And just to piggy back from breeld, if you DONT have a loved one that has died and yet you simply feel out of place or alone, trust me.. You are not alone. And if you do die without having a loved one in your life, you will be greeted by many spirits who have watched over you all along. I dont care if you believed in them or not because they believed in you. Nobody is alone when they die. Nobody is alone in this life. Those random people that you may dream about are not random. They are your friends. And some people who you may have known in your waking life but never made friends with, they could have well been in your soul group. I have come to find that the outsiders and the weirdos are more close to God and the afterlife than these materialistic weirdos who spend their everyday waking life just to make money and step all over people. Now there are some "outsiders" who do need help and commit evil acts. But they were not born this way. It was the world and these god forsaken human bodies that make us act out of character. But as I go through life I even realize that the living in human flesh is also a test.

    Your head alone weighs more on your shoulders than the world does. The world may break your back, but its your spirit that keeps you moving. I question why I am here everyday. Yes, it sucks. But I just keep on moving. There is far too much evidence that people who commit suicide and give up early regret it and they end up in this circle that damns them into wondering why life after life they feel that they need to aspire to be greater and yet all they can think about is ending their life and trying the next time around. The only problem is that when we come into life we dont necessarily remember the circumstances as to why we came here. All one may feel is that there is a debt that they owe to somebody or that they need to make up for something they did wrong. Really, the only person we need to prove anything to is ourselves. Not God. But ourselves.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2013
  5. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I too have a son that passed back Home to Heaven / the Afterlife so I know exactly how you feel. Very very tough as is any loss of a loved one. The more we love, the more we hurt. I am thrilled that you had such a great reading! This is huge confirmation for you! My hubby and I went to 5 mediums total, and the 2 best ones did not charge us. ( The first medium did not charge us for our first reading because she felt it wasn't good enough. But it was!!!!)
    So I agree with Mac, that how much they cost does not indicate how good it could be!
    Thank you for joining us here. We are stronger together on this grief journey! Let us know how we can help. We do the best that we can!
    Love and peace to you and your family!
    Poeticblue and everyone,
    Nice posts on these threads!
  6. breeld

    breeld New Member

    Thank you all so much. My son suffered horribly from depression, and had a really rough time. Xanax made him worse, then the doctor doubled his xanax dose, and he only lived 2-3 weeks after doubling it. I don`t know if I mentioned it before, but he commited suicide. I could never be angry with him for what he did, because I knew how much he was suffering. But now, he`s ok. When she asked him if he regretted doing it, he said it was the only thing he could do at the time. That is why I was so frantic (the suicide thing).
    Anyway, I asked the lady about giving her name, and she said it is ok. She wants you to message her on facebook, then send a friend request so she`ll know where you got her name. Her name is Debbie Dykes Kukulas.
    Thank you all for such kindness. I, too, would like to offer my help to anyone, as we`re all in this life together. Brenda
  7. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Im sorry. I didnt know he killed himself. I hope I didnt offend you. If I did, you should look up all the other threads I posted or responded to about suicide. I have a very soft heart for people who kill themselves. But I must admit, it hurts like a pack of nails to lose somebody in that fashion.
  8. breeld

    breeld New Member

    Poeticblue I`m not offended at all! I promise! I understood what you were saying. Yes, it`s very painful, because you spend so much time doing the "what if" thing, trying to figure out how things went so horribly wrong, etc.
    The stunning thing to me is all the people who have confided to me that they, too, had considered suicide. Men and women!
    It`s like, after this happened with my son, they all felt the need to confess, or something. It was such a shock to hear all these people actually considered this. I never would have thought this was a common thing, but it`s probably a lot more common than people realize. I know I certainly never realized it before now.
    I have read so many negative things on other sites about what happens to a person who commits suicide immediately after passing over, but thank goodness, it`s not true.
    What really has me confused is, if they become spirits, just floating around, no body, only energy, then it`s nothing like a lot of people portray the afterlife. I guess I need to read all of Carol and Mikey`s communications. Maybe I`ll understand it a little better.
  9. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    I will admit, I am still confused as to wether we actually have bodies or if we are just "air fluff" . I think its both. Check out the movie Contact. A scientist (who in my opinion thought she landed on another planet) somehow landed into the afterlife. She saw her dead father who at a distance looked like a bulb of light, but as he got closer to her his shape took the form of a body. Ive read we do have bodies.. ive read we dont. Ive read that our bodies are translucent. I dont know who or what to believe. So I say its both. Its as if everybody is telling the truth but in a different way. I know from what Ive seen that everything is as solid in the afterlife just like here. If anything, the afterlife feels more real than this snake oil reality on earth.

    I was going to give my opinion on suicides but feared I would have sparked controversy. Just know your son is safe and meant no harm to you. He had not a clue what he was doing.

    Feel free to read my blog sometime. I believe it may help you.
  10. william61

    william61 New Member

    PoeticBlue, I don't visit afterlife/survival sites very often now, but I am happy to read that you have got yourself together again. Well done.

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