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I`m finally convinced!

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by breeld, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. breeld

    breeld New Member

    I lost my son nearly 3 months ago. I have been frantic, worrying if he was ok. Someone told me about a local medium, so I made arrangements to meet with her. I have to say, I was about 80% skeptical.
    Well, she asked my son questions, and he gave the answers. I came away flabbergasted, but quite happy.
    My son, through her, mentioned things that there was no way she could have known, even the name of someone he wanted them to know he forgave them, and loved them. That was one of the bigger shockers. This lady refused any payment, and was just happy to help. It would take quite a bit of typing to tell the whole story of what transpired today, but I`ll just say, I`m convinced. I felt there had to be life after death, but wasn`t really believing there were ppl who could communicate with those who had passed over.
    It pays to be leery of mediums, as I`ve read of many who are just out to take peoples`s money, but this, to me, is proof that some are what they say they are.
    I wanted to post this so that others will know there is hope.
  2. I'm happy to hear that you have had such a positive experience, and found a good medium, breeld!
  3. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Breeld, can you please tell me where this medium is? I have yet to communicate with my son, and will gladly pay this Provence medium.

    I am very sorry for your loss, and expect today's success has helped you immensely. - Jim
  4. I would love the name also.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I really enjoyed hearing this heartwarming account of your visit.

    For a long time I've been encouraging grieving individuals to try to find an evidential medium ('spiritual medium' as they're called in the USA) who can give convincing evidence that their loved one is alive and well. Many years ago we lost our son too and I'm so glad you had success in reaching yours.

    Reputable mediums may or may not charge for their service. The aspect of payment doesn't influence the effectiveness of the medium. Some individuals dedicate their lives to helping others and hence are not in a position to undertake other paid work. Others may charge just enough to cover the additional expense they incur such as providing/furnishing/heating a dedicated visitor room. A third category make a very comfortable living from their gift. What's most important is that they are all effective in what they do.

    But I find it delightful that yours refused payment and was simply happy to help - for me that's the true nature of spiritual service and it shows that not all practitioners are out to fleece their enquirers.
  6. Sorry for your loss. But I am happy for you that you have communicated with you son through a medium. I am really amazed that the lady refused to take any payment from you. She is a real psychic.
  7. sarah4810

    sarah4810 New Member

    I'm very sorry for your loss, and also pleased to hear you were able to make a connection. You have been blessed with the ability to locate someone who can connect you with the soul of your son, that is truly amazing and I hope it helps you find peace. Please feel free to share more details if you would like, I'm sure most would love to hear.
  8. breeld

    breeld New Member

    I will see her again this weekend, and will ask her if she minds me giving her information. She actually works another job and doesn`t have a lot of free time, so I`m not sure if she can take on a lot. I hope she can, for your sakes.
    Hope the following isn`t too complicated-Not sure how to word all this so that it`s understandable.

    She mentioned a name and asked who this was. I was dumbfounded. It was John`s ex wife. She said John said he loves her and forgives her. That didn`t seem right to me, as I knew he had a lot of bad feelings about this woman, and truly loved his current wife (Bev). So when I was telling Bev about it, she said that is his daughter`s (by his ex wife) middle name. Bev said she had been really ugly to John because he wouldn`t buy her a car. (typical teenage stuff), and at the funeral home, she stood at the coffin crying and begging John to forgive her. Now, how strange is that? There`s no way she could have found out that name.
    I also had been practically begging John for some butterflies, as a sign that he was ok. I even said "If you can`t send them, let someone else give me the sign". (I was thinking along the lines of maybe someone giving me a card with butterflies on it). So after me and the medium had been talking for about 15 mins., she said "I have to tell you this: ever since I first saw you, I see butterflies all around you". I just cried. I knew it was John.
    There was more, along personal lines, and I`ll try to get it all lined up and let you know the rest. I guess I really need to write it all down, in order while it`s still fresh in my mind.
  9. From what Carol/Mikey, Roberta and others have said, I expect your son loves and forgives his ex-wife as well as his daughter. This wouldn't mean he loves Bev any less.

    I agree that writing everything down that you remember is a very good idea, even if it is too personal for you to share here on the forum. You will want to have that record in the future, I'm sure.
  10. Breeld, thank you for sharing with us. Beautiful communication. I'm very sorry for the physical loss of your son but wow, what an affirmation and true blessing! Welcome to the forums and we all hope you stick around, share, learn and grow with us.

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