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I am kind of freaked out about this


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I saw a old man

He had heavy bags

He asked me to help him move them

I did.

He started confessing to murders

I sent the cops after him

My fingerprints are on the bags

I'm I'm freaking out.

Can I get in trouble for this...?? Like what if he has incriminating evidence in the bag and my fingerprints are on the outside of it. Does that incriminate me too?

I'm in Texas... So... Idk....

A lot of older people are on here. Are any of you guys lawyers? Do you guys know any?

I think @genewardsmith is a professor. Same for @mac and wasn't he a trade boss? There are some dignified people here.

Any lawyers?

Does anyone have some calming knowledge? This is freaking me out.


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After speaking with 5 present and former lawyers and investigators i learned that

#1- No. I cannot get in trouble since it was initially a innocent act of good Samaritan ship handled correctly by the act of calling the police when a plot twist appeared


#2- Even if the laws were backward which they sometimes are, fingerprints cannot be recovered from a backpack a satchel or duffel bags, especially not military style because they are not glossy surfaces.

So, I am safe.

Lord, maybe I've been consuming too much media concerning cases where either cops jump the gun or backward laws incriminate innocent people.