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How to prevent future reincarnation from happening?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Handoko, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. Is there a way to escape this endless loop of coming back to this dense, low-vibration existence, just to pointlessly suffer over and over again?
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    yes - You can make that choice when you return next time - next!
  3. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    That's good. The concept of reincarnation holds no appeal whatsoever for me. I might be over-simplifying it, but in my case, I want my girlfriend to be there for our forever reunion. Not as something or someone else here. The frustrating thing is that we just don't know for sure. I read somewhere (it may have been Swedenborg) that we aren't supposed to know.
  4. I would agree with this. Thinking about doing this life thing all over again, possibly multiple more times, is just exhausting to think about. I'm generally a very happy person but I've seen so much hate/anger in this world that when it's my time, I don't want to wash-rinse-repeat, at least for a little while.

    As much as I am a firm believer in an afterlife, I have a very small fear that the tunnel many pass through after dying is just a tunnel pushing us into another body. Of course, we'd lose all memories of our previous life, that just sounds tragic to me.

    Now, it's just a tiny fear as I'm a huge subscriber to many of the NDE stories I've researched through the years. I've yet to hear one of them where the individual who had the experience mentions someone on the other side telling them they are forced to reincarnate.

    I am absolutely okay with settling into the afterlife for a long period of time after I pass from this world. There are some days that I feel like a seriously old soul that is now on his 5.000th incarnation. Lol

    In time, I might get the urge to give this thing called life another try. I do appreciate that there is much that we can learn in these mortal coils, however.

    I am also a firm believer that there are so many different multiverses, and options, available that it might be a lot of fun to give it another try.
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    There's an old saying "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." and it seems apt. Folk try to reconcile what they hear with their current incarnation and personal spiritual progress but do not have the tools needed to do that.

    Your concern, Matty Mo, about returning to another life here on this planet is one I often hear nowadays. Increasing numbers seem to be accepting the notion of survival and reincarnation - often from the many NDE accounts viewable online - but those difficult principles are seen without a broad context.

    Here on ALF we have a primary focus on the so-called afterlife but few consider the 'beforelife' situation. It's like we didn't exist before we entered this world. The continuum of life, its eternal nature, is something mentioned more in passing than in depth yet an understanding of that is fundamental to the overall picture of survival.
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    When I was a young child I went into a room and it was the most familiar place to me. I kept on exclaiming "I've been here before! I know this!" over and over which annoyed my mother who very firmly told me I'd never been there in my life before. The trouble is I no longer have the real memory, yet I just know it happened. I was so cross not to be believed and the feeling remained. It's something I knew in my early childhood and now no longer accessible. I asked my mother about it a few years ago and she apologised, but she has dementia. I doubt she'd remember even if she was in full command of her faculties, as so long ago! When my son died I wrote out memories on post-it notes just as they came to me and put them in a biscuit tin. It's strange what we remember and what gets discarded.
  7. Thanks mac, today is definitely my last day on this horrible and cruel planet! Goodbye everyone:)
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I hesitated before approving this posting and tried to contact Handoko via p.m. I'm afraid he has left us but I hope it's not for good.
  9. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    I am guessing that, when we (Spirit) are in Heaven or on the "other side", we have a completely different perspective and feeling about this side (earth) so we might come back here because it's not so bad or we have some kind of mission/purpose for coming here. I'd guess that Spirit has the option to come back here or not.
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  10. amina89

    amina89 New Member

    I tend to believe as Swedenborg,i believe we can grow in the spiritual world but we do not come back here

    Swedenborg and Reincarnation: Rebirth in the Body vs. Rebirth of the Spirit – Swedenborg Foundation

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