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How sure are you about the existence of the afterlife

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Storybud68, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. frith

    frith New Member

    I'm a 50/50 fence sitter. I wish I knew.

    There are some amazing stories out there that seem very convincing regarding the afterlife, or least reincarnation. Yet they remain stories to me as I don't have any first-hand knowledge. I suspect I'll go to my grave thinking this way.
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  2. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Most peoples belief in the afterlife intensifies after they either turn 70 or experience a life changing mourning... I am not twenty and only ever mourned twice. The second was quite shallow and the first drastically changed me forever but didn't crush me. I'm also not close to a century so there's that... I'm 19.

    However I have lived a lifetime in that 19 years and I have only mourned twice... Neither was intense and I have the feeling of invincibility that youth brings.

    I've also nearly died well over a dozen times so I am well aware of my mortality but not as much as most members here would be (example... I'm 90 with cancer)

    I have had enough luck (there comes a certain point in a charmed life where you just know you are here for a reason and i have discovered mine is spiritual advancement) and personal experience relearning things I.. already knew as strange as it sounds, through research that despite this... I still know that something comes after...

    You want a percentage... so... i guess it just depends on how... brave i feel in the moment. If im sky or cliff diving then i am so focused on those miliseconds that I couldnt define the next hour let alone life after death. Id tell you with you a straight face that quite frankly, after ALMOST dying and rebounding each time it... simply must be gods will that im still alive and in turn... id smack you for even mentioning something as silly as me dying. I think most youth would to be honest.

    The main thing is that as stated above, I have almost died a lot and have seen enough death to where I am unusually aware of just how mortal i really am.

    If you asked me the same thing once my pulse is back down to the 40s I'd tell you with a straight face that I am 100 percent certain of the afterlife.

    P.S. I hope this helps answer your question. Also... Time goes by quickly. Too quickly as a matter of fact. Im almost twenty and tbh... That's like 1/3 of a life. That realization strengthened my feeling of mortality and resolve for the afterlife.
  3. Storybud68

    Storybud68 Active Member

    Great answer thank you kindly
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  4. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    Jim: Thanks to getting a lot of Psychic Readings over the years, the existence of the Afterlife is totally obvious to me but I can't prove that to anyone. Meeting and speaking with Disincarnates (dead ppl) is the only way I know to prove that they are still alive and well and having a BLAST in Heaven or the AF.

    I simply went to a lot of Readings where meeting with Disincarnates became simple, clear and very, very rewarding. Looking inside of myself did not reveal the factual existence of the Afterlife, which seems to be outside of me and the physical realm.

    Some of the Disincarnates that hung around and "visited" me have since moved on so I assume that they have other things to do or places to go and no longer spend so much time with me. They can come in an instant when I "think" about them but otherwise, they seem to be off and doing other things in that vast and mysterious realm.

    Both of my late wives, Susie & Betty, can and often do "influence" my thinking, memory, decisions, observations, etc. in magical and subtle ways so I always thank them for helping me remember stuff, avoid mistakes, make smart choices, or go in directions that I might not have taken. I usually know it's coming from one or both of them and not my own mind but that's very difficult to describe in detail. It sometimes feels like "following a hunch" when they slip a thought or feeling into my awareness/consciousness or thinking. It never feels like an invasion or interference!

    Note: the "quote" function is not working so........
    David: Monika would you have one particular experience that's stands out that you have had regarding the after life?I have never had anything I could say was a sign
    Jim: may I butt in here? When my late brother in law, Jimmy, died, I "percieved" him hovering over his now dead body in their bedroom. When he noticed that I was aware of him, he began (telepathically) speaking to me and then later to and with my 2nd wife, Irene, who was a very gifted Medium. So this experience of direct communications with a Disincarnate (dead person) went way beyond "signs" and there have been many more "signs" over the years from and with Disincarnates. I can't explain exactly what a "sign" is but I can feel that it's a sign and not just some random event.

    Frith: I'm a 50/50 fence sitter. I wish I knew. There are some amazing stories out there that seem very convincing regarding the afterlife, or least reincarnation. Yet they remain stories to me as I don't have any first-hand knowledge. I suspect I'll go to my grave thinking this way.
    Jim: My "first hand knowledge" comes from sitting with many Mediums and directly communicating with Disincarnated loved ones. Try sitting with a Medium before you go to your grave and then arrive over there as one of them.
  5. one-light

    one-light New Member

    This might help you - or maybe not I dun no... I came across your message twice yesterday, had no intention of replying, until early hours when I get ideas/guidance/instructions from my spiritual support and the Holy Spirit - and this came 'to mind', thoughts of my 'past now' write about this...

    I was saying in thought to my Angel's last night I think we caught up with stuff, so we got any plans for tomorrow... and this - so here goes, i'll try get it all written right, as was now history...

    I must have heard in the services the word Holy Spirit so many times in church, but I thought they were referring to a spirit in general - I didn't know that He stands there alongside God and Jesus - thats me a mechanic learning stuff, but being down to earth about it all...

    I was a car mechanic 30 yrs ordinary Joe still am, me... 67 yrs old fit for my age... Ive had some difficult years health wise and other stuff to deal with mind'body'spirit to get to here now... going back 10 years now - I got involved with my church, and 3 years on an elder said to me I am concerned that in the near future the church numbers will drop to 20 and never recover...

    I was meant to hear those words - shortly after I started to deliver 'church invitation' flyers to 140 local shops - shopkeepers would allow me to place them on counters, pretty they were the flyers, and over the years over 30,000 delivered - I always kept a count and during one of my weary years I used to say to myself ''it felt like God was holding me up by the shirt collar''...

    I kept saying I am a faithful servant to Jesus Christ and it felt like God was holding me up when I was weak - every 3 weeks 800 flyers delivered for many years, all those beautiful shopkeepers knew me...

    Over the recent years, I always wondered if I would ever see an Angel - then one day in Church 'this happened' - then my new found friend from the other side of the world Aknaton stepped in 'God Bless him' to confirm my vision, because no one really was sure or believed me...

    Metatron and other angels - Spiritual Forums

    Believing in God and helping people in need 'this lifetime' is so important on your journey - have a good day everybody...
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I agree with the second point but you're not right about the first.

    It is of no importance at all that anyone believes in God. One's journey through this life will go ahead with or without belief. Belief may be important to you on your journey but please don't make the mistake that it means automatically that it's important for everyone else.

    And please remember this - it's not important to God either. ;)
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    This thread carries the title "How sure are you about the existence of the afterlife?"

    It's about how confident people feel that we survive corporeal death and live on in some form in the so-called afterlife; it is not a conversation about church, God or angels.
  8. one-light

    one-light New Member

    let me just make one thing very clear here - no ones 'making' anyone believe in God - just in case I didn't word it all correctly - God put something in place called 'free will' where we make our own decisions and yes sometimes mistakes, its all part of our journey here and learning... In our church, at the start of the service, someone will light a candle and recite words from Jesus - 'whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life - as in Heaven the higher astral realms, rather than the dark lower astral realms, I remind people this 'is my opinion' with what I know and believe - people will have the same and other opposite opinions 'free will'... Have a good day all, and we should be kind to people on our journey, that's not even complicated, we help one another, especially during these difficult times... I've had my say on it, over to others now...
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    But what you'd actually written was "Believing in God and helping people in need 'this lifetime' is so important on your journey......" I certainly hadn't implied that anyone was trying to make anyone else believe in God - only that believing in God being important on one's journey is your view and I disagree with it.

    How is this relevant to a discussion about personal persuasion about the so-called afterlife, the title of this thread? It's about church and presumably about your religion.
  10. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    I saw a great quote. It's something like this: "For believers no proof is needed. For skeptics no proof is possible."

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