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How do mediums decipher messages so fast?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Auras, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Auras

    Auras New Member

    Do you have any links to demonstrations so I could try and see it from your point of view?
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm afraid not. My experience, my understanding, the things that have influenced my approach come from times long before the world wide web existed. I haven't been influenced by any videos posted online and have viewed only occasional ones.
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  3. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    To my mind it's odd that mediums receive messages so fast, as if the spirit, if there really is such a thing, can arrive in a flash. I'm thinking of stage shows here. One was posted on the forum a while back where people presented themselves before the medium and she would say immediately "I have an elderly woman here..." On the other hand, we're told the quantum world is so peculiar that if you're not shocked you haven't understood it. It's pointless to speculate as to what is out there, but fun though. It might be more plausible if mediums paused before announcing a presence as otherwise it can be interpreted by the sitter as cold reading. When I had a reading done the spirit arrived at the end of the session and the information was accurate and I was pleased with it, but she didn't bid farewell to the presence or anything like that (which I would have liked to do!) just appeared to take the information, relay it to me, then resume talking about her managerial role. Her demeanour changed so much when the spirit was present that it was hard to believe she didn't believe in what she was doing. Maybe the state of consciousness just changes between reading and interpreting and they come in and out of those states abruptly?
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    If you're not persuaded that communication with discarnates occurs then all the rest of your posting is meaningless and pointless because it would mean to you that all such apparent communication isn't genuine.

    And in evidential mediumship, with an experienced medium listening to a competent discarnate communicator relaying of the message can be swift.

    Only those who understand quantum science can tell if someone else understands it too! But forget quantum science. The world of the spirit has been 'getting through' to us incarnates in this physical world long before such science became fashionable.

    Why would that be more plausible? Evidence is what matters, the speed of delivery takes second place.

    Maybe your practitioner wasn't experienced or maybe she just had a poor delivery. Mediums are only human after all and come in all shapes and sizes. But how did you know who the spirit was and whether that individual had any relationship with you?

    Maybe you need to see more mediums demonstrate?
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  5. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    @Auras think of a medium like a radio.

    It can spout out all-sorts of information. In many languages. It can make all sorts of indecipherable noise

    Ad not know a single thong about itself. (Well obviously... It's inanimate)
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    It was very obvious that it was my son. When I first sat down she took one look at me and said my grandmother was there and we're connected by the moon! I think she just saw that I was of the age to have lost grandparents but maybe not parents. I think it was a filler chat, so it made me suspicious. However, as I said before, her demeanour completely changed five minutes before my time was up when she said a strong male energy had entered the room, and said a few things which were very accurate. It was certainly very fascinating.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm pleased you're sure the visitor was your son but I'm far from impressed by the rest of what you've said about your sitting.

    I think you're right that the practitioner was probably using a 'filler' for the time she was supposed to be providing mediumship - if that's what she had said or indicated she'd be providing. Having said that there's never any guarantee communication will take place and even if it does it may not be the individual hoped for. Perhaps the demeanour change you noticed was indeed at the point she did actually get a spirit contact.

    It's regrettable when a medium doesn't get good communication and ideally she should be truthful about it. But not all practitioners are equal and when they're charging for the service they might be tempted to 'pad out' the sitting with psychic or counselling stuff rather than offer a partial refund when they're unsuccessful.

    On the other hand it may be the case that the practitioner is only ever partly successful. Padding out an hour's session (or whatever) may be what they do routinely with just an occasional relevant spirit communicator coming through for their client. Those practitioners give mediumship a bad name.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    A medium is indeed similar to a radio inasmuch as it's necessary to 'tune in' to a particular frequency to get clear reception. But that's where your analogy should end. ;)
    A radio gets clear reception of a broadcast signal and a medium - we hope - gets clear reception of the intended message from the discarnate individual (s)he has 'tuned in' to. It's a fair analogy. As you know though, Kurt, in America there's a tendency to use the (single) word 'medium' but it's preferable to say whether you mean a psychic-medium or a spiritual-medium. [For the rest of my posting when I say medium I'm meaning an individual who's a 'spiritual-medium'.]

    A radio can. A medium shouldn't....;)

    Again, a radio can but a medium shouldn't.


    nuff said
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  9. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    My 2nd wife, Irene, was a very gifted Medium who did readings with automatic drawings. I never fully understood what she could do or even how she did it but she was quite fast and clear with the messages and information she gave her clients and me. I am not sure if she needed to "decipher" messages from Spirit but she sometimes asked a client if such and such message made any sense to the client. Some did and some didn't or made sense later on when the client had time to think about it.
    That's pretty much the way Irene did it. She just said what was coming to her from the other side and allowed the client to react in their own way. If a client disagreed or argued, Irene would just say "the message is what it is" and let the client figure it out for them self. There was often a lot of happy laughter during Irene's readings
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    With new content added to any thread as administrator here I check what's been written. I noticed how long ago this thread started and took a look back at the whole thing. There were some interesting interchanges on the subject of the delivery of information via mediumship.

    In recent months, while pandemic lockdown was clipping the wings of most of us, I started joining online gatherings using the Zoom platform. There I found Spiritualist church committees delivering their usual, weekly get-togethers but virtually rather than in-the-flesh. What I saw of the mediumship linked well with the earlier part of the thread, the issue of interpretation.

    Given these meetings were in a Spiritualist format, evidential-mediumship being the central core, I was both lifted and depressed in similar measure. On the plus side it was plain that virtual demonstrations of mediumship worked fine but on the negative too many practitioners were asking too many questions of recipients. What I found especially irksome was the much too frequent 'throw-it-out-and-see-who-takes-it' approach, the medium whittling down the number of takers with subsequent information.

    In total contrast to that, in a development group I sat with, the leader insisted the mediums must go to the intended recipient before checking they had the right person. I saw similar with another highly experienced medium who declared he didn't like to 'throw stuff out' but made the point he was aware that onlookers might get bored if he didn't work quickly enough.

    It's one area where a live performance in a church works very differently and better than virtually but with Zoom many more can attend and from virtually anywhere. (no pun intended!) Just as with the curate's egg, virtual sittings for mediumship are good in parts.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2021

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