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Hello and questions

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Aspie Spirit, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Well, I meant the infinite universes as that each one starts up after the last one ends. In example, my life right now is a current "episode", and once that episode is over, I end up just preparing for the next. Like how there's a new episode of a show each week, there's a new "episode" each time. I live this episode, go to the afterlife, relax for a bit, and then go to the next. Now as for the reincarnation thing anyways, one thing is always bugging me. I am aware of this life, and if I lived any past lives I would of course not know them due to them being past. But, I don't know how a future reincarnation would work if I am fully aware of this life already. Plus, I've never felt like anyone else, like I don't feel like I've been another "me". Also, my mom just feels like my mom, she doesn't feel like she could have been a sister, or friend, or anything like that, and it's not just because I'm use to here being mom here. She is just mom. My dad also feels like my dad, and my bro feels like my bro.
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Mind is the base creative force, dear Aspie, and your mind is inextricably part of Mind. In effect, not only are you real, but you are the only thing that is real! There was no "before," and there will be no "after." As a friend once said to me, "When you take time out of it, it all makes sense" ;-). There is no objective time, but rather time is a part of Mind's construct. It is difficult for us really to grasp these concepts because our perspective while in bodies is so narrow, but in fact you are a powerful eternal being, and - yes! - you will always be yourself.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    That "entity" you will be will still be YOU! When I did A Course in Miracles, I went through what everyone goes through who does ACIM seriously: my earth-ego became terrified of its own impending extinction. That terror felt very much like the fear that you seem to be feeling now, and for a time I was so deep in terror that I couldn't sleep, couldn't think about anything else but my own terror of extinction. I prayed, I talked with other ACIM students, but for at least a week the terror continued. Then one night I finally slept well, and I woke up with this assurance in my mind: "You will never lose awareness. Your awareness will be God's awareness." And my fear was gone, never to return.

    That's what I was afraid of, and probably what you are afraid of, too: that extinguishment of your sense of being a unique being. We aren't afraid to grow and change in positive ways - lord knows, I'm not the person I was ten years ago, and that's a good thing! But we wake up each morning with the thought that we weren't aware there for hours, and perhaps the day will come when we will never be aware again. But, dear beloved Aspie Spirit, that day will never come!
  4. This is a response to Aspie's post on the Carol and Mikey thread.

    You are right in the fact that I always wonder about things and want questions, whether it's from Asperger's or not I'm not entirely sure.

    I think that we all have lots of questions – but there are social cues suggesting how many questions to ask and/or in what tone to ask them, and someone with Aspberger's may not be as aware of those cues about what is usual.

    That said, Aspie, I suggest that you ask away, and just have some patience if some questions go unanswered for a while. In the meantime, as mac suggested, but there are better ways to get the big picture of the afterlife.

    As far as I know from all this, Carol and Mikey are the true deal, and they can give me answers I need to help me feel safe again.

    A lot of us think that Carol and Mikey are the true deal – but Mikey is not infallible and probably Carol is not an infallible relayer of Mikey's messages. It is much better (and safer, in general) to not just rely on one source for your understanding of a subject, even if you have found a pretty good source. Another argument for looking beyond the forum for information.

    Looking to Carol and Mikey to give you enough answers to make you feel safe again is asking more than they may be able to offer. An encouraging answer may make you feel better for a while, but if you have a deeply rooted phobia, you should talk with your doctor. Fear of being alone and independent is something we all have to deal with at times, it's part of adapting to adulthood. You may be closer to your parents than many young adults, and that may make it harder to get used to the idea of independence.

    even though apparently it won't matter cause this isn't my real me anyway.

    I believe this IS the real you. It may not be ALL of the real you – there is some part of our consciousness that remains in the spirit world or something – but it is still really you.

    It makes no sense to me that we go through all this in order to be mushed out of existence into some great rice pudding of universal consciousness. And it makes no sense to me that we would die and go back to the Summerland and just think, “well that was interesting but now back to my normal spirit life” as if our time on Earth is just a long movie that may be happy or sad but when it's over it doesn't really mean anything.

    I think that everything we do and feel and choose is shaping who we are for eternity. That doesn't mean you can't overcome your failures – but the failure and the overcoming are both part of who you are in the end. Our experiences and choices make us more than we were before, not less – and they make us more unique, more distinct and more ourselves than before. This happens to us during our years here on Earth, how could it not keep happening after that?
  5. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Thanks for that. I've actually been doing some more searching outside of this forum, and one search is by finally watching Where Dreams May Come. I watched it and it really helped me empty out a lot of raw emotion. I cried more than I ever cried before. Not all of it was sad crying, but also tears of joy as well. When I watched I thought, "Even though from what I've read and heard over my time searching for answers doesn't fully fit this, this is what I want and feel the afterlife to be. Despite some differences this is what seems the closest to what I've heard and read about." When you only get bits and pieces, and when you only have text to help you understand, sometimes your thoughts can't fully grasp what it is you're meant to be seeing. The written words I've seen make me scared, making what I read seem cold and blunt. Truth does not have to be this way. I guess this is just another part of my Asperger's, but I like having visuals more than descriptions.

    Now, as said before, Where Dreams May Come doesn't have the exact description, such as things like they still move there mouths when apparently we won't and small stuff like that, or the whole "Hell" thing, although I've read a couple things close to this idea about lost souls creating their own "Hell", but I don't think it would be an actual place that you could stay forever or visit. But, this is what I've pictured the afterlife to be. Free from the rules of this world, free to enjoy an area so vast we could create our own Universe and still have room.

    That we can share and connect our worlds with others. That while we are filled and focus more on love, we still have other emotions to show(the idea we have no other emotion than happy seems kinda creepy, and being still able to express sadness and stuff even though they don't show up as often, and certain emotions like envy are okay to be gone), and we can enjoy things we did and the worlds are like this one if we want(if I can in heaven I'd love to create beautiful landscapes like in the movie and familiar areas like my mom and dad's place and the home I live in now).

    Of course, I've read that we'll mainly just move around sort of like floating, since we really won't have legs and we can just pop from place to place easily, but I like being able to walk. I love the sound of my feet hitting the ground as I walk around a park or trail. I like the movement I make and the feeling I get of being solid. I know that I will still be solid there, but when I read things like that we're just energy, I keep thinking seeing myself as a floating aura or something like that. That really doesn't please me, which is why I was so concerned about being a nameless entity. One thing I've also decided to be accurate is the whole "no real gender" thing in the afterlife, as I've recalled same sex couples, and how in the afterlife that would work too since if we really have no distinct gender, then us as humans falling in love with the same sex isn't wrong at all. Also, maybe even though we have no real gender, we can still identify as and like a specific gender more in any reincarnations.

    Also from the movie I see how a way to explain a light source with no source, as in the sky they had just an aura of light sorta surrounded by clouds. I think this works, but I still find it odd with my finite mind at the moment. Roberta, from your entries saying I am just mind, that everything is mind, I will agree to a point. I don't like the fact of just saying I am mind, as it once again puts a negative thought in me. When I see mind, I think once again of a nameless entity, a cluster or orb of energy that has no real form. It makes me feel like I'm not who I am. I know I am not this one body truly, but I like the idea of a more solid form other than just shaped/shapeless light/energy. This is why I like the movie so much. The people in that move are as they are, not just some wavelength of energy, there are energy given a solid form, just like we are now.

    Finally, I will ask that from what anyone else knows from this forum's discussions and other facts, if they can agree with me that this movie, while not completely accurate, could be a decently solid description of the other side. I know not one source has all the answers, but sometimes it seems some answers are more accurate than others.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2013
  6. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    I am not afraid of independence, I am afraid of being all alone. Solitude is fine for me when I need it and I want to be able to support myself, but not having that loving connection that causes lonliness, that is what truly scares me.
  7. I can understand that. Some people are really good at making connections and forming relationships, and some of us have a harder time doing that. I'm not particularly good at it myself. But most people don't end up alone in the world, unless they prefer to be. You seem very bright and thoughtful, I'm sure that if you make some effort and remain open, you will always have loving connections with people. But it's an understandable fear.

    I haven't seen the movie you mention, although I've heard of it. You've hit on a valid point - when we say things like "everything is mind" or vibration or energy, it sounds like we will just be a bunch of mists or something. We aren't used to the idea that mind or energy can create things that are solid and substantial. But actually -- everything in the physical world is energy anyway. Physicists say the same thing. Solid objects are made of more space than matter. Nothing is what it seems.
  8. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Thank you for your compliment. It's definitely over time I've come to learn that being kind is truly the best. With Asperger's, I did tend to be selfish in the past, I remember as a child when something didn't go right at times for me I could throw a fit or complained. A couple of memories come to mind, like where during my time in cub scouts, we were doing a play of sorts that involved animals and a safari, and I wanted to be an animal, not a person, because I could then make a mask(I like drawing and being creative), I threw a fit, got a time out in the car in the parking lot, but I got to be an animal. Other times during Christmas Eve when my family went to go to a family Christmas Eve party, I would get jealous when it seemed that my cousins, whose house we were visiting, were getting more gifts.

    Later on thankfully my true kindness shined through more. My mother really appreciates this as I'm always helping my brother when he goofs up or something, like maybe he can't drive home after a late night party, so he calls me up and pick him up. At times it does get annoying having to do stuff like that for him a little too often, especially if it's late at night and/or he's a bit too buzzed, but I do it because he is my brother and I love him. Lately I've really not been expecting anything out of it, like I don't expect him to pay me gas money back or something, since it is just my bro, and I think it makes it that much more sincere, and I also never think of it as just doing it for myself to get brownie points for heaven. The thought never crosses my mind.

    There have been times where I've wondered why my good deeds haven't really given me a better life, you know like the whole karma thing. I don't think about it all the time though, like I won't just hold a door for someone just to add another golden star to my good deed counter. But, then I have to realize that I do have a good life. Not the best, but it's better than nothing. I've got a roof over my head, I've got clothes to wear, I've got food to eat, I've got a bed to sleep in, I've got a sweet little kitty for a pet, and most of all, I've got a loving family who cares for me, my health, and my well-being.

    There are times when life seems to make no sense, when I wonder if there may be an afterlife; having doubts if I will truly exist after this. But, I have to remind myself that this can't be it. If it was, then this would be the cruelest joke of all, to have life come up just for the sake of coincidence. It is of course times like these I wish and pray for a sign, and why I wish I just knew, without a shroud of doubt in my mind. These doubts do come up thanks to the naysayers and skeptics, always trying to disprove the analogies used to support the afterlife and try to disprove the evidence, saying it was just a hallucination or something. But, I often wonder how can these people be so content with the idea of no longer existing after this? How can they truly go on their merry way knowing that in the end, their thought process means that they were pointless? Of course, there are a few good reasons why they accept this. Conflicting religions, fakers just trying to profit from others grief, science being able to explain many things in our world, no positive proof. But it can't just be for nothing.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    'What Dreams May Come'

    I don't know if you found 'What Dreams...' after you read one of my earlier threads where I suggested it's a movie that could help to picture the so-called Summerland.

    I found it at a significant time in my development and although I've now been 'in the spooks' for almost thirty years the film still moves me. Yes it's a movie and meant as entertainment but nonetheless there are issues covered which are important in many ways. I watched it again at home in the UK just last week and I also have the DVD in AZ.
  10. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    I did see a mention of it in Carol and Mikey's thread, but I did know about it before hand, so it just reminded me of it. I also looked up more on it and found it was based off a novel of the same name, but there are some significant differences between the two. I haven't read the book yet, but I do love the movie. As I said this movie has what seems like the afterlife feels to be, from both belief and research. Not entirely sure how well I could say the afterlife is described in the movie, but I'm sure it's pretty dang close.

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