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Hello and questions

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Aspie Spirit, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Okay, thank you for that correction. I think I may know what you're getting at with your interpretation, so let me just clarify. By going on what you say, you feel that when I leave this world, I will be me with none of the darkness I've collected, and no limitations, just the knowledge of it. I will be this way for a time, but eventually the me I am will fully leave me and I will just be an entity, that will decided when it wants to ascend to further levels to gain progression. But, does that mean I will lose my total individuality? Will I never truly be connected to those I've come connected to here and vice-versa? It just seems weird to have all this just for it to end up being nothing more than just an experience. Also, does my progression mean that I will eventually become part of the whole thing, and completely lose anything that was me either way, and just be a clump added to a larger thing? I hope I was able to understand.
  2. Quoting entire posts often makes threads unnecessarily cumbersome to read. I hate it, personally, when people quote a long post to ask a question about a single part of it. And, I often quote just part of a post to clarify whose post I'm responding to, even though I may be responding to the whole thing. So I don't think it's a correct assumption that, if someone quotes part of your post, they haven't read or considered the rest of it.

    Taking points out of context happens in any case, because our brains can only handle just so much information at once, and when you are new to a subject, the "context" is just a blur of random data.

    Actually, Aspie, I think that there is a possibility that, to some degree, what we want now is a product of our being confined to to this rather limited existence, and we will find that our desires and goals change in the afterlife. Our desires and goals change during this life, why would they not change after we move on to the next?
  3. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    I can see what you mean, but why would I have this just for it to be gone? These thoughts, feelings, emotions, connections...they all feel so real. Plus, isn't what I am now what I truly am, just in a physical body? So why would what I truly am not be content with this goal? Why would I just shrug it off as something like an idea or hobby? Why would I feel such strong emotions for others just to say "Well, this was fun and all, but I want to try something different."? Wouldn't I be just content with my existence now, since I am living it. What about my mother, my father, my brother? Don't those connections truly matter? Why would I just leave them to probably just replace them with someone else?
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You are you at all times. Any collected darkness - as you call it - will not impact your new life. I'm guessing by "limitations" you mean the physical/emotional/mental ones anyone may experience in-the-body? Yes they'll be gone too because they belong to life incarnate. I repeat these are not my ideas - I'm just parroting what's been taught.

    You'll be you for a period of 'time' (OK we know that has no concrete values in the etheric) but what you know about yourself now is incomplete and you're only partly manifesting 'yourself' while in-the-body. The word 'entity' isn't what I'd use to describe myself and if I do use it in other ways it's to try to help folk confused about the individual natures we'll still have for a 'long time'.

    The points about losing total individuality are again confusing out of a broader context. The next dimension, the next lives we lead, will still see us as individuals with love, affection and associations/connections with others. How 'connected' that may be will depend on various factors and the people we know and love in this world may, or may not, have the same attraction for us when we've left this world. And we will likely find associations with others we're not aware of while we're incarnate.

    In the final outcome - whatever that means, whenever and wherever that comes about - we will merge back into our source, at which time individuality as we presently experience it appears to disappear. It's a subject we have been told precious little about. I think I mentioned before that I don't concern myself with such complexities (including that of our beginnings) and for me loss of individuality holds no horror.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I didn't suggest that my entire posting should have been posted but sometimes what gets left out is needed for context. Granted points are often demanding and challenging but taking them in isolation often doesn't help.

    I didn't make an assumption that points hadn't been read or considered, only that they hadn't subsequently been included in the response.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thoughts, feeling, emotion and connections are real - they don't just feel real. You have this - as you put it - because it's part of your experiences, has its place and value but doesn't last forever.

    I think I allowed that connections may, or may not, continue. I didn't suggest you would "....just leave them to probably just replace them with someone else?" but I did say that you may find others with whom you already have associations. The ones we make in this physical world may not be as enduring as we think they should be.

    We're back to context....
  7. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Well, a little while ago I was thinking about what we were talking about, and I gained a bit of insight on this discussion. What you were saying made me think that the connection I have to my family doesn't matter in the grand scheme, that while it gave me an experience, in the end it's just there for me. Well, I pondered what if we may be both right? This is what I thought- What if life itself is just nothing more than a sort of play? Not like literally, but just as a concept. Each person we have in our lives, our family, friends, pets, etc. is already attached to us in the way they are. As in, my mother was always my mother, my father was always my father, and so on, as in the bond just connected that way between us.

    Now, if we are eternal beings that exist in another realm, we stay with these others since we've always stayed with them. Now, as for the "play" part, each time it comes to it, we live a new life as the same entity, but just every time we do, the "script" is just tweaked to make it completely different from the last. With this in mind, only the "script" is changed, but not the actual "plot", meaning I exist as I would for my life span in every "play", but the final outcome of how it came to be is different. An example would be that the "script" for my life now is what I am now, but then after this I go to a new "script" and this time I may have green eyes, or I don't have Asperger's, or I may just choose a different direction I take at a certain point, something like that.

    Now, this way I still have that connection to my family, and while the end result is never the same, It still ends up with all of us together, and still connected. Also, each new "play" ends with me gaining new insight and experience, allowing me to understand and develop spiritually forever. Of course, here are some things I feel the "plot" may involve:

    1. I live pretty much around the same amount each time. They say the average life span for people right now is 80+ years, so I live around there, but maybe the script calls for other things to happen that causes my death.

    2. I am always born around the same time period. Sometimes I may be born in the 70's, maybe the 90's, but I always end up being born in a certain time period, probably calling late 20th to early 21st century.

    3. With the idea of infinite universes, I just live in this one reality's form of infinite universes, doing the same "play" over and over, just different.

    This is what I got. Let me know what you think. I know it may not be right, but then again, I could be the right. So many people just get an idea, hint, or vision of what comes after this, whether it's from an NDE, or an OBI, or a Medium channeling a Spirit Guide, but who is not to say that these are there to try and shy us away from knowing the full or whole truth, so as to make sure we don't do something like "Breaking the 4th wall" so-to-speak? The only thing with reliving the same life over and over again that I have a problem with is just how I feel I only know of this existence, but I have lived others and will live others as well. So it just begs the question as to why I remember this one, but what will happen afterwards with the others?
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As I'm not getting responses to what I have written I've gone as far as I intend to go with these subjects.
  9. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Oh, well, okay then. It was nice to have a conversation with you though.
  10. If you live versions of the same life over and over, not in parallel universes but in this same universe, then wouldn't you keep running into yourself? That's the part of your conception that doesn't make sense to me.

    But what most afterlife reports tell us is that we reincarnate at different points in time, although often in the same general part of the world for some reason, and many of the people we are close to in this life are close to in other lives as well. So maybe in a different incarnation your mother was your sister, or a close friend.

    So your idea of a "play" isn't too far off from this, except that your various incarnations aren't necessarily in the same era of history, or with all the same people in the same relationships to you. And the basic "plot" of your life varies as well, because each reincarnation serves its own purpose and you have your own specific things to learn or experience.

    If this is true -- that many of us live several lives here on Earth, at different times with different bodies and even different genders -- then the idea that in the afterlife I want to be "myself" takes on a new complexity. Which "self" do I want to be? Would I not be some combination of all my previous selves? Am I not some combination of previous selves right now, even if I have no conscious memory of these previous lives?

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