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Hello and questions

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Aspie Spirit, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Hello everyone, my tag name is Aspie Spirit and if anyone is curious, my tag name is in reference to the fact that I was diagnosed with Aperger's. I've come to this site to try and ask like minded peers to see if they agree with me on a certain article.

    First, I've gotten more into the thoughts of an afterlife after starting to deal with a stubborn case of depression(it's getting better though). I've always believed, but anyone who has had depression can agree with me that it can really mess with you. Anyway, one site I came upon was this ---> http://www.nderf.org/ . I really love this site, as it gives scientific proof to an afterlife, which a lot of skeptics can't denounce easily, and it's non-profit, so I don't feel like they're doing this just to make a buck or be famous.

    But, there is one site that has me at a bit of an upset when it comes afterlife info. This site ----> http://www.afterlife101.com/ , while it does have some interesting insight, quite a bit of its info is very unnerving. Plus, while I don't think all Psychic/Medium stuff is fake, the fact that all this info is apparently from about 1 or 2 mediums just reciting what they get from spirit guides seems a little far fetched. What really disturbs me is one section in particular.

    The part can be summarized like this:
    1. We are three parts- The body, us right now, the soul, the us that goes to the afterlife, and the spirit, the us we rise to.
    2. When we first arrive, the soul is us but cleansed of pain, fear, anger, etc.
    3. After a while we become the Spirit, which just becomes the energy vibration we truly are and instead of staying with loved ones from earth, we just go to similar vibrations and stay with them.
    4. Pretty much all we want to do is just take the information about our life experience and add it to the whole of existence.

    This is what I got from it, but what do you think? Anyone else ever read this? I, for one, like being me, and would prefer being a me that is more pure. That, I'm still me, and I'm still around my loved ones.
  2. ilovelearninhg

    ilovelearninhg Regular Contributor

    Welcome, Aspie Spirit. Both of my sons are on the autistic spectrum. I think people with Autism are very in tune with spiritual matters. They seem to think outside the box more than some people do. I would do more exploring, if I were you; go to different sites and look at different points of view. Read a lot of books. Some spiritual books resonate with me more than others. See what feels right for you. To me spirituality is an ever-evolving process.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
  3. I completely agree. Aspie Spirit, read the evidence from as many sources as you can and see what rings true to you. I agree with you that extinction does not sound very appealing.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  4. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Hello, Aspie Spirit. I share your view -- I don't want to become one with some energy vibration. I want to remain who I am, I want my loved ones to remain who they are, and I want us all to be together again, as ourselves. Now I'm not saying we shouldn't learn and expand who we are -- life and/or afterlife would be boring if we didn't. And I don't mind if one small part of what we do is share our experiences with others. But some melding with a god force? Nope. Not for me. Not my idea of heaven.
  5. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Thank you for those of you who have answered so far. I've tried my best to research everything I can, but this one site just strikes a chord with me for some reason. I know that part of me is a product of my experiences and upbringing, so my thought process will be different from others. But, why does this one site act as if it is the correct one? Who is not to say they made it up, or faked it? I can barely find anything on the site to locate a source or review(I found a couple but they are from partner sites so they of course praise it), not to mention that it apparently hasn't been updated for years. I even feel some of the info contradicts itself at times, and is even overly vague as well. If anyone has read it or part of it I'd like to see what you think.
  6. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I haven't visited or read those specific sites. However, I am of the opinion that no one person or group of people could possibly know for sure exactly what the afterlife is like, if there is one, or what god is like, if there is one.

    Reading and researching is good, but ultimately I think it's up to each of us to decide what we find worthwhile believing.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    A near death experience is only that - an experience near to death. It does not tell you anything about death itself or what comes afterwards (or indeed before) unless it is somehow linked to other sources of teaching. Thus far there is no actual proof of afterlife but there is an abundance of evidence indicating it. :)

    As for what's written on Afterlife 101 one is free to accept or reject whatever is found there. That particular website is but one place where information may be had but as to its authoritativeness you again must decide for yourself. The exact nature of soul or spirit it's not something about which I have found a need for precision. I find it simpler to think of the soul or spirit as the 'true' self, one that is neither pure nor impure, and something we can't readily define. I find it easier just to say it's what animates our physical shells, our bodies, through which we manifest our characters whilst incarnate.

    The final section of your posting resonates deeply for me as it's broadly what's been taught elsewhere by guides and teachers widely seen as spiritually-evolved. They have said our purpose is to experience in this physical world situations we (mostly) can not experience in the etheric one(s). Those experiences enrich us and their value is taken with us when we leave this dimension. In so doing it's also taught that the pace of our spiritual evolvement is enhanced.

    I realise my simplicity of approach may not appeal to someone with Asperger's Syndrome so I will leave things at that for now.
  8. Aspie Spirit

    Aspie Spirit New Member

    Thanks for such an in-depth reply, and it is fine, I don't see any problem with your answer. But, I will ask if you can expand a bit on the last part about "spiritually-evolved". Do you mean New Age spiritualists; those who say many ailments and such can be cured through meditation and crystals like that? Because if that is what you mean, then this research I have read is then only subjective to them, thus making my worry of it not necessary because it doesn't connect with my belief.

    I've been doing more research and looking up things, and I feel I need to realize that what you say is true. There is only evidence, not proof, and we will know in the end. Just because one says one thing, doesn't make it true.
  9. Hi Aspie Spirit, welcome to the forums!

    A few related thoughts on this conversation:

    People who don't provide some source, evidence or authority for their ideas are just telling you their ideas. And the internet is full of people spouting nonsense as if it was a proven fact. I recommend that if something doesn't sound right to you, just set it aside. Either it's wrong, or you aren't quite ready to understand it. A lot of things I though were wrong ten years ago, now seem to me quite profound -- and a lot of things I once accepted as truth now seem to me to be ridiculous. I'm sure that process will continue.

    We always try to categorize or label something because that's how (most) people think. I suspect that the "seven levels" of the afterlife, while approximating reality in some way, will turn out to be a very weak description of the actual afterlife, just like "round ball of dirt and water" doesn't really capture what Earth is like.

    Similarly, I think when people say "we are spirit, soul and body" and describe the differences, they are using words to try to create understanding. Those words have no inherent meaning, people define them for the discussion at hand or to suit their own way of thinking. Reality will be (I expect) much more complicated that those three words permit.

    As an analogy (I love analogies) today you can take any number of personality tests that will describe how strongly you exhibit certain traits. There is the "Big 5" which is currently the favorite among academics, there is another 16 factor test, there's the test that gives you a four letter code (I'm an INTP) and there is an ancient system that described people as melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric and ... another one I'm forgetting.

    None of those systems is wrong, exactly. They all help in discussing different types of personalities. None of them is completely right, either, because the actual personality of any individual is so much more complex and subtle and unique than our categories will capture. So, take which ever personality test you want, if you find that sort of thing amusing, and don't let the results put you in a box, right?

    That's how I think of things like spirit/soul/body. People define the words in different ways, as tools to try to capture an idea. But we're fishing with a hammer, which would probably work sometimes, but not very well.
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    No not so-called New Age spiritualism - I don't do new ageism in any sense. :)

    You won't know anything about me as you're new here but I'm a traditional Spiritualist - not spiritualist - Modern Spiritualism being a religion and a philosophy, one that can underpin one's understanding not just of death but of life. It's not just about being spiritual whatever that implies.... One teacher who gave Spiritualism much insight and guidance was a guy known as Silver Birch and his teachings are highly regarded for their eloquence yet simplicity. His words taught much about the meaning of life and not simply about death and what follows - not everything there is to know but enough to give some understanding of many subjects.

    There are other teachers but you should see for yourself what appeals to you.

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