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hearing from a loved one

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, May 31, 2021.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm a Modern Spiritualist or, more simply, a Spiritualist. At the heart of Spiritualism is communication through mediumship, in practice often meaning receiving a message from a 'dead' loved one showing that they are far from dead. How can you get one from your loved one?

    I've heard suggestions for learning to do-it-yourself but the probability is that many will try doing it through a medium. Finding a 'good' one may not be simple but in the UK the extensive network of Spiritualist churches can be helpful. Elsewhere churches may be harder to find or travel to and seekers may have to pay to visit a medium locally. I hope the following helps anyone planning a visit anywhere.

    In recent months the pandemic has seen the emergence of groups getting together using the Zoom platform. Churches have taken their services along with the mediumship demonstrations online. Based on what I've seen of them, along with personal experience, I offer the following thoughts.

    I've often suggested seekers should attend one or more mediumship demonstrations to become familiar with what happens. They may be lucky and hear from their own loved ones at their first try. If that doesn't happen they shouldn't feel too dispirited - it's not unusual.

    Your loved one will be as unfamiliar with communicating a message to you via a medium as you are getting one! Some will be effective communicators from the word go and be able to get through to you on the very first occasion. Others won't BUT attending a demonstration of mediumship will give both of you the chance to become familiarised with what happens. That probably sounds obvious and should indicate the desirability of trying more than just once.

    Based on what I've seen regularly the ones who have communicated in the past are the ones who will do it again in the future. In practice it can mean that the successful ones at one session are often successful at the next one. It's been obvious to me that the regulars at church are the ones most regularly getting messages. That could mean you may have to sit and wait through a number of demonstrations before the medium gets a contact for you. Even if they do your loved one will still be unfamiliar with the process and may find it hard.

    In an ideal world the medium's helpers would have an organised group of communicators waiting in line patiently to give their message to the medium. Ideally the helper would organise the waiting group so someone who had not received a message before would be prioritised over those who had. It doesn't always work that way in practice!

    The impression I've gained is it may be a free-for-all 'over there' and the spirit with the loudest voice, and/or the spirit most forceful, and/or the one most experienced at pushing through the crowd will deliver their message first - perhaps most times. The lesson to be taken from that is the desirability of going to open meetings a few times to maximise your chance of a loved one managing to get through.

    If you intend to arrange a private sitting it will give you a good feel for what to do and what not to do. It should also help you understand what you might reasonably expect from the medium. Vitally importantly it should give you confidence to know what to expect from mediumship compared with psychic reading.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2021
  2. jobun

    jobun New Member

    I get the differences. When I went to the psychic medium, she consulted with her own guide, I believe it was her grandmother, who helped me with my questions and gave me a reading. I really didn't have a loved on passed over at that time that would have contacted me (estranged from grandparents so even though they were gone, I barely remembered them), it was many many years ago, so I don't know if she would have brought forth any messages or conversations from the other side in that capacity.

    My SIL went to a different psychic medium and was able to connect with her two sons who had passed, with no prompting at all from her. The medium told her that there were two very handsome young men who wanted to bust her chops a little... that's Matt and Kyle.. Always busting her chops...LOL

    So in Carol's case, she has Mikey as her guide, and in the medium I went to, she had her grandmother as her guide. My SIL's medium was able to bring forth the boys, so it was a different type of medium.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member


    You visited a so-called psychic medium who used her personal resources to help you with whatever questions you asked. It might well have been her grandmother helping the practitioner but the key - as you identified - was that the practitioner did not communicate with a spirit associated with yourself. BUT the reason you didn't hear from anyone in that way was NOT that you didn't have a loved one you could identify 'on the other side' but because the practitioner was NOT acting as a medium - if she even had that capacity.

    Had she first told you she would try to see if there was anyone in spirit wanting to communicate, but then been unable to 'find' anyone, the situation would have been different.

    Here I will disagree with you. Your sister in law sat with an evidential medium who provided evidence of the identity and presence of her two sons.

    no - Mikey acts as his mom's spiritual helper. It's unlikely he is her spirit guide. A spirit guide's role is a very specific one and I don't see Mikey in that role. Try looking at it this way. Working through ALF, Carol is a medium providing a channel/conduit for Mikey's guidance/answers to questions asked by members.

    again, no - The practitioner you visited appears, based on what you've said, to be a 'psychic' who is helped in whatever way by her grandmother.
    Your sister in law sat with (visited) an evidential medium. ('spiritual medium')

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