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Fourth Medium Reading Today

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by DenverGuy, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    (re the bold text) Some mediums are clairaudient - they 'hear' (not using their ears though) what their communicator is saying to them. With such mediums it's an approximation of verbal communication.

    Some mediums are clairvoyant which means they see (but not with their physical eyes) the communicator and hence can offer a description of the communicator's appearance.

    For me one of the least satisfactory versions of evidential mediumship is the kind where symbols and impressions are the means of communicating with the medium. Too much is open to mis-perception and mis-translation. But one has to go with what's available and finding a reputable medium of any flavor can be hard enough.

    Asking for additional information is reasonable in my view, information that can be evaluated by the receiver because ONLY the receiver matters.
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Milahanna, you described in another thread a very dramatic communication from him in response to your request! Based upon the evidence, this means that:

    1) He has completely transitioned; he is certainly not earthbound.

    2) He is not in the lower realms, either, and probably not in any kind of healing facility.

    3) He is eager to communicate with you, and probably has been taking classes (yes, they do that).

    So, talk to him! Ask him to send you something else, pay attention, and thank him for whatever might conceivably be a sign from him. But he is fine, and he loves you - that much you now know for sure!!
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  3. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Roughly 7 months ago I talked to my first medium, and she really gave me some good information. I then worked with 5 others who gave me stuff that made no sense. Some didn't even charge me for it. My question was always why they just didn't stop the session. Why continue with nonsense?

    Anyway, today I circled back to the first one for 30 minutes over the phone. She was close on several things - cancer, young, contacts me late at night, etc. She said that my GF couldn't talk at the end (true). But she kept insisting that she keeps trying to pull something off of my hand. I don't wear any jewelry.

    Anyway, it was one of those sessions where I kind of got something I needed, but not enough to convince me. I got the 'ol "she wants you to be happy" line, which always leaves me cold. No emotional responses like: "She is so happy that you contacted a medium and she is really, really trying to reach you every night. She knows what you're going through and really misses being with you in the physical sense, but she is watching over you and wants you to know that you will eventually be with her again, no matter what happens here."

    Of course that is my wish, which doesn't make it true. But the medium did say that she hears me when I talk to her. I'm going to go with that...
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  4. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    I feel very bad for you and wish I could offer some kind of wisdom or help. I have had all the Readers but one bring my late wife into a Reading and that one who could not said so right up front. The only thing I can say is just keep on trying and go to other Readers. Nothing is "wrong" with you and he has not "gone" anywhere, so just keep on trying. I believe he wants to connect with you as much as you want to connect with him. good luck, jim
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Please be aware, too, that deep grief can be a barrier to our receiving good communications from those that we used to think were dead. Please try to get past the worst of your grief so you can be more open to making real contact.
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  6. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I should mention that the readings I talk about here were all done when my grief had long since passed through the acute phase. Many of the mediums who've written books on their gift and how it works do say that intense grief often blocks communication and that only the departed souls who have excellent skills in communicating back to us here are able to contact us when the grief is extreme. And it's still very difficult even for them.

    I'm currently reading Anne Puryear's book "Stephen Lives!" and she's a good example of someone who was in extreme grief after her son committed suicide. It obsessed her and colored every aspect of her life. She was part of a church that sounds like a Spiritualist one, but only her son's determination to communicate with her was able to (occasionally, very briefly) overcome the difficulties she was presenting and make direct contact...and that was due to a contract the 2 of them had to write books together after his death.

    When she began to adjust to his loss, she saw a genuinely gifted medium and had an amazing reading. And then she learned about automatic writing and "listening" for her son's thoughts among her own, similar to Carol & Mikey's work together. I think if I ever again lose someone I love tremendously, I'll definitely look for a therapist who specializes in treating grief, hopefully one who accepts the survival of the soul after death. With expert help to heal, I have a feeling that communication will be improved.
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  7. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    I received signs but wasn't communicating (or aware of it with him) until I started those self-guided afterlife communications. After beginning those, it opened up a line of communication that I didn't know existed. When you realize you are connecting, it's amazing yet a bit overwhelming. I had to stop for a week or so because it was so emotional for me. I know others have commented that talking outloud helps them so I do this frequently. Sending you good thoughts for whatever path you choose.
  8. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Thank you for sharing this. Would you mind elaborating on this part for me?

    "Departed souls who have excellent skills in communicating back to us here are able to contact us when the grief is extreme. And it's still very difficult even for them."

    How do those with excellent communication skills get through to those in deep grief? Are they still using signs or do you mean telepathically?

    I'm always torn when I read about deep grief interfering with communication during this tim. I had extremely deep grief to the point of just wanting to die yet I still received communication. I'm just trying to understand why. I asked him once during a self-guided connection and he showed me a plant with roots and said "growth". I'm uncertain exactly what that means though. Have I dove in further with him on this? Lol, no. I'm waiting for my first medium reading to ask a little more. I'm hopeful yet have realistic expectations that I may not find out.

    Thank you for your time!
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  9. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    I don't know what their methods are, though a lot of mediums who've written about spirit communication in general have mentioned places in the afterlife where souls can go to get help in communicating if they can't do it by themselves. Presumably, there are people on the other side whose skill happens to be communication with us, but I suspect that how they do it would probably not mean much to most of us even if it was explained. And whether it's telepathy or signs most likely depends on the spirit's abilities. They're in a place with different laws of Nature. The ones with exceptional abilities to connect may be able to get through, but not always and not as clearly as they would if we were calmer and more open to them.

    Over and over again, I've read about how our extreme grief blocks most souls there from reaching us, so strong emotion must break up the signal somehow or make us impervious to hearing it. That's my best guess, but others here may have more detailed information. Good luck with your reading! I hope you'll share anything you feel comfortable about discussing with us.
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  10. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Yes, I'm going to share my experiences. Ive started a new thread today. Once I receive a reply on that, I'll post. Might be late tonight or tomorrow though. Thanks again!
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