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Following a call...

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by joydivision, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Where’s LMac when you need him...:D
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  2. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply, albeit a little late :p

    I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I thought the Reiki thing was less than legitimate, that was not my intention. I don't form many opinions about stuff like that, so I was mostly curious in a sense of what the process involved which you described in great detail. I'm not much of an electrical engineer, so a lot of what you're doing will go over my head, but I still find it very interesting and will make an effort to follow your progress if you keep sharing it with us. Until you hook this up to an Arduino or something to process I/O, I'll be relatively useless in any meaningful way!

  3. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Zac, thank you for the additional comments, quite interesting. I'll definitely build the flip flop experiment and report back, just have to find some time (not easy...).

    No problem, I actually took your question exactly in the sense you pretended and was going to reply directly, it was only because of the remaining exchange of opinions (which started to get a bit "warm" :p ) that followed that I decided to "justify" a bit more my position and therefore you felt that I would have taken your question the wrong way.
    I'll certainly keep reporting back on here my progress with this project; this forum has been a pleasant experience so far :)
  4. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    So, finally an update to this thread and at the same time proof that I haven't disappeared haha.

    I recently made another session, this time with my wife. She believes more or less in the same stuff than me but has her mediumistic abilities more developed than me. Still, I have to point out she doesn't consider herself a medium.

    We followed the usual setup (the latest version of my experimental device as shown above, with the feedback detector and the scole detector, each of them being recorded in high quality by the mic input of one mobile phone being used as a line input with the correct attenuation; also in parallel I record the ambient noise and our dialogue with a digital voice recorder) and did it, as I already have mentioned, in my car, at a good location where we wouldn't be disturbed.

    It all started normal but then something odd happened: my wife started to enter some kind of mediumistic trance, actually started speaking in several languages (which she does speak, it's not that she wouldn't know how to speak in these languages). At first, I didn't give too much importance but then I noticed that what she was saying was really interesting and in line with what I have read about typical manifestation of mediumistic seances. She said there were two children, spanish, actually, and they were lost. And that they were scared. Among other details. In the end it seemed they managed to find back to where they belong. That's to resume it in a short way, wasn't too spectacular.

    Then, she sensed someone else. And immediately, even before she said that this entity was angry, I felt intuitively that this was a bad idea. I mean, I felt that there was something negative about this one. And I was right: this person, apparently named Rachel, from Bristol, who had a 16 years old daughter and brown eyes, that's what my wife managed to say about her, was very angry and scared and wanted revenge, made my wife scream and moan and I started to worry, so in the end we cancelled the thing and I had to calm her and use all Reiki I could (she also has Reiki, actually the same level as me, but wasn't able to ground alone) and ground and discharge, and actually felt a lot of energy discharging through my feet and still she said she felt something stuck to her shoulder which took almost 5 minutes to leave her.

    I know, some of you are probably thinking right now: that's all in her head, the device was some kind of trigger for auto-suggestion and because of being a sensistive person, she started to translate energies and sensations she was feeling, into words. It's possible. But then, it could also be really significant and have been a contact with earth-bound spirits (just as I feared would happen...), because of the following three things:

    1. Next day she discovered googling on the internet that a woman named Rachel and who was from Bristol and had a 17-year-old daughter had gone missing some time ago and wasn't found yet. And yes, she had brown eyes. I can post the link to the news article here, if you want.

    2. With that supposed Rachel entity I somewhere in between asked: why are you here? and the answer through my wife was "revenge", several times, followed almost immediatly by a strange change in the noise of the scole detector, it was like a crackling and hissing, much different than the normal static white noise. It followed almost totally parallel in time to the several times she said the word "revenge".

    3. All the strange energy I felt, the difficulty for her to "come back" and ground and that "thing" stuck on her shoulder, the energy discharge through my feet and all.

    Another very strange thing happened which seems to be more of a technical unwanted side effect than anything else: every time my wife's voice gets louder, it is heard on the recording of the scole detector, which doesn't have any microphone! I guess it happened because the device was resting on her knees, it's all screwed onto a wooden board and we were in the car with closed windows, all this forms ideal conditions for sound waves propagating as vibration which could be captured by the sensitive germanium in the scole detector (it does capture the sound when you knock with your fingers on the metal casing). So I guess that's nothing special. Just wasn't expecting it (and couldn't reproduce it at home with my own voice, not even when yelling. But then again, I didn't test in the car and with that thing on my knees. When I have the opportunity, I'll try to reproduce it exactly). One thing's for sure (I properly aligned the tracks in my audio software): it's definitely my wife's voice being captured, no EVP here.
    The other detector (feedback) didn't capture anything other than static.

    That's all for now. Am curious what you folks are going to say :) I for myself am about 50% ceptical and 50% believing that this was real mediumistic communication. She on the other hand is highly doubting herself about this. If someone wants to hear the recordings, I can manage to send it (it's big, about 35 mins.).

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