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Following a call...

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by joydivision, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Well you certainly did say a mouthful.... welcome back.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    This response is for those who are following the thread or at least the latest posting - the author will have disappeared from ALF's pages again. ;):D

    Looks don't lie - this IS a nice place where most folk are welcome. And it's not only the author's topic subject that may lead to differing views and discusion/debate forums are for their expression. We should never fear that others may disagree and express their disagreement.

    Those experienced at this stuff don't claim to be able to prove that life is eternal, that the so-called afterlife is a fact. What we say is that there is abundant evidence that's the case. Anyone may feel more comfortable holding a belief that it's so but after an indefinable and highly variable point some find that evidence is overwhelming. They become persuaded and for them it's not simply belief. Those who insist that such matters are down to personal belief or wishful-thinking have yet to reach the point of persuasion and acceptance. Until then they won't know what the difference between believing and knowing feels like. ;)

    Remember that probably most of us were unsure at one time and couldn't make sense of what we were hearing, reading or experiencing - or all three! Try your best to approach uncertainty with the background thought that others have made the transition and there is probably no reason why YOU can't. BUT the more resistant you are, the more you listen to the naysayers and the ones for whom there remains personal uncertainty, the more difficult it will be for you to be different from them. And isn't being different from the doubters and the debunkers what you're really on ALF for? To become someone who knows?

    ditto re belief, just as above
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  3. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Hahaha actually here I am, I haven't disappeared again :D :D :p :p

    I liked your reply, mac, I think your a 100% spot on with what you're saying, you're not the first person saying this to me, I'm quite sure that the only reason I haven't been able to "transition" as you call it, I mean, to really KNOW (and have experienced the "abundant evidence" for myself) is exactly what you're saying: difficulty in accepting or still some deeply rooted doubts somewhere in my mind, although I'm believing and wanting to experience and discover...
    I know exactly what you're referring to, because in the case of my history with Reiki, this happened - I'm not only a believer, I KNOW it works, I don't have doubts anymore. So, I have to evolve and reach the same point regarding this: what happens after death. At least that's what I'm feeling and probably that's what the "call" I've felt quite a long time ago is all about, probably.
    I also know that I have to be open-minded: I might for example not succeed with ITC but I might succeed with other kind of contacts / communication, there are so many of them, I just have to accept, and let things flow.

    I'll get there sometime :)... in the meanwhile, I'll do my best to not keep disappearing from here again lolol...
  4. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Now, regarding my progress with the ITC project.

    I managed to improve the functioning of the Scole detector (actually I wired it wrong the first time - the "diode" formed by the Germanium and the pointed screw was wired backwards) and also the preamplification - I now use a two-stage opamp circuit which works nicely and doesn't create much noise.

    I still decided to continue with the other experimental detector that I came up with (the "Reiki-programmed" crystal through which the IR-light has to travel). I tested it with one of the Raudive detector versions, but I didn't like this - it seems to only capture radio waves, I seemed to be able to hear music and voices, like normal radio, just like many other people on the internet also experienced, so I took it out again and came up with an interesting new variant: I created a feedback loop, I mean, I simply injected a reduced level of the output of that IR-bridge-with-crystal-circuit to its input... just a little bit before the point of starting to oscillate... it has a very interesting result: instead of simple white noise, I now seem to hear faint voices / music, I'm pretty sure it's some kind of radio waves, BUT: I'm not focussing a certain wave length nor do I use any kind of atenna, so possibly the created signal could be good for ITC as a noise floor so that energy from other dimensions / from the other side could form words with it. I should also explain why I created a feedback: I've repeatedly read in different sources (although I can't remember where exactly right now) that there has to be "instability", feedback, noise, whatever, for a detector to be suitable for entities to get through.

    The result is similar to the signal from the Scole detector, but I had a thorough comparison: it's NOT the same! so, I just ordered myself a broken smartphone which I'm going to use as portable digital audio recorder, together with my own smartphone, each of them will record one of the detectors (in flight mode, to not create inteference from cell phone signals) and at the same time I will record ambient sounds with a portable voice recorder, where I will also record my questions asked (and hopefully the answers will appear...). Then, at home, I'll join the three recorded audios in a multi track program like audacity or ardour or something, correctly aligned in time. The whole thing will still be powered by the battery of the car, two 9V rechargeable batteries and the cell phone batteries, so hopefully not 50Hz interference. Let's see! When I've got the broken smartphone (which seems to be perfect for the task, works but doesn't recognize SIM cards) and when I've done the first testing sessions, I'll report back here. I really hope I get something this time.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's nice to see you're still around but re posting #24 above it does seem like a sledgehammer to try to crack a very small nut.... But good luck in what you do as it's plainly intriguing you and providing a focus for your considerable energy. :)
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  6. Zac

    Zac New Member

    You might also set up an audio recorder on a PC or other programmable device that periodically checks the recordings for anything that isn't ambient noise. With an automated setup, you could leave it continuously recording in a loop of sorts and the device will alert you if anything unusual appears. An automated setup makes the experiments much less tedious.

    I have had some interesting experiences with other electronic devices, some of which I've described in this thread:

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  7. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Yes, this is indeed an option and could broaden the chance of capturing something meaningful, although it brings some disadvantages (among others: large volume of data being recorded and possibly in need of human analysis before really being able to discard it; I highly doubt that I can come up with automatism that's sensitive enough to detect those anomalies in waveform which produce some of the less evident EVPs I have heard from others - I think only a good ear can detect them). Also, from what I've been reading, it's important to ask questions and to search for contact in this way, while doing a session. If you're simply recording passively, you're not putting any intentions/personal energies to establish contact in it (and possibly on the "other side" noone will notice, I suppose...). I'm actually avoiding PCs and laptops altogether because the detectors I'm using are very sensitive, they can even capture the radiation/interference of the hard disk / fan, whatever, from my laptop! Recording with a smartphone in flight mode doesn't add any noise. But I guess this kind of recording could be automated as well.
    One thing that I'm still hesitating, is the idea of doing any of these experiences in my home. That's why, at least for now, I'm stuck with the experiences in my car. The reason is: I still haven't figured out what to think and/or believe regarding the possibility of "unwanted" or "undesirable" contacts with the possible consequences of this. I mean, you can find quite a lot of people on the internet who in one way or another managed to attract (without wanting, obviously) unpleasant or even dangerous spirits/entities, especially the so called earth-bound spirits are (apparently) often the remains of "less nicer" people... so I'm not sure and not totally convinced if my protection measures and/or intentions I put into the process are enough to maintain those risks controlled so I could proceed with experiences at home...

    On the other hand, I read your thread with much interest, Zac, I find the idea great, especially for the fact that little effort would be required from the "other side" to switch the bit but the sudden state change of the flip-flops without any physical interference really hard to explain. I'd be happy to participate in this experiment, if you'd like to send me the schematic I can build a couple of them and leave them running to participate in the experiment (I'm an electronic ethusiast for many years now with quite some experience, but I'm no engineer, so I fully trust that you've come up with the optimal circuit, so I'd prefer to build your version than to dig for circuits on the internet or even come up with a version of mine...). It would be great to exchange some more thoughts with you in general, as we both seem to go for the "electronic way" of trying to establish contact - feel free to send me a PM with your e-mail, makes communication easier.
  8. Zac

    Zac New Member

    This is a 2 flip-flop version of the testbed I've been experimenting with. I've been using a battery holder with 5 AA (7.50 V nominal) cells instead of a 9V battery.

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  9. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Thanks for the schematic. So, if I see this right, after connecting the battery, the flip flops are set to "0" at the positive output by means of the reset button (while the test button permits to test the LED and beeper) and then we leave the power on and if an unexplainable state change in any of the two flip flops occurs, the positive output (Q) of that flip flop will go to "1" and the beeper and the LED turn on. Correct? The Data and Clock inputs of the second flip flop don't need to connect to anything? Shouldn't they be also connected with 1M to GND so not to capture any ambient interference possibly causing state changes?
    Just one more thing: there's no base resistor for the 2n2222, so I guess the beeper has to be low power so not to overload the transistor when it is driven? If I use BC547 instead and a buzzer which might consume a few mA, plus the LED, I'd better use a base resistor of 10K? Or is that not necessary?

    I like this schematic and will certainly build at least one for myself to experience with it, it's simple and your idea is straight forward and at the very least it's fascinating that the flip flops change state by themselves, even more if only one of them changes, taking into account they are both in the same piece of silicon... How much power consumption? Should I use rechargeable battery/batteries or do normal batteries last long?
  10. Zac

    Zac New Member

    You can experiment with different pullup/pulldown resistors on the inputs. I set up a few of each configuration to test, but did not notice any difference in behavior.

    Also, I observed the first state changes in the digital dice devices which is implemented with 4xxx series cmos chips with their inputs driven hard.

    You can add a resistor in series if you prefer. The beeper should be low power piezo type.

    The power consumption is just leakage current which should be in the microamps so a set of AA batteries should last for years (probably limited by the shelf life of the battery). I found the leakage is much higher for supply voltage above 8V which is why I used a battery package with 5 AA cells (7.5v nominal) instead of a 9V battery. You might also try to get 4013 chips from the 1970s or 1980s which were fabbed with a less fine pitch process than newer chips. I'm not sure if that makes any difference, but I first observed these unexplained state changes in a digital device implemented with components from the late 1970s and my main testbed has chips with 1991 date codes. Coarser pitch process chips are less likely to be affected by cosmic rays or other such phenomena.

    I also tried some experiments with battery backed low density (2K x 8) static ram memory chips, but didn't see any state changes. Other experiments to try would be with FRAM devices, photodetectors (kept in dark), and electrostatic devices (such as an extremely high input impedance voltmeter which has input impedance of 10+ gigaohms instead of 10 megaohm of most multimeters).

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