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Following a call...

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by joydivision, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    Out of curiosity, what is the process of programming a quartz crystal with Reiki? That is the part that interested me most about this.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Are you sure you've posted this question in the right forum? Or even on the right website?
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  3. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Nice seeing you Lachlan. It’s been a while.
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor


    Perhaps the ITC thread is a better location...
  5. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    Hi again, Mac. I've been here for 10 years, so I'm fairly certain I'm on the right forum. Did you perchance the read main post where the author is talking about programming a Reiki Crystal? I'm a "real life" programmer and I have no idea what that meant as was curious for more information. To save you the time, the original author posted this:

    Is it now against the rules of this forum to ask a follow-up question to better understand a post? If so, perhaps the quality of these forums has deteriorated.

    yep. Checked again. This is in the ITC thread.

    Hi Poetic, It has been awhile since I've posted. While I don't post often, I do read pretty much everything and have appreciated your opinions and the way they are presented for years. But, to be honest, this forum used to be a great place of discussion with objectivity, but now its become a few hardliners telling people what "is" or why people are wrong. As you can see, I saw something that interested me that was on topic and directly related to the original post and was pretty much ridiculed for it.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I readily admit I didn't know you'd re-used a section of someone else's earlier question. Member 'joydivision' visited with us very briefly and appeared more interested in electronic transdimensional communication. His activity ceased after three postings on ALF.

    It's not my field but I'm going to stick my head out here by saying there's no such thing as programming a crystal using Reiki healing energy. And since we don't have healing or crystals sections here on ALF it's unlikely you'll find anything much about either Reiki or crystals, singly or jointly.

    Hence my original question about whether the forum or even the website was the place to ask such a question.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  7. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Good morning LM,

    The forum has had its slow periods and ‘odd’ moments but I think back to the days when this community helped save my life as well as others in all aspects of life. We appreciate your postings and opinions no matter where they are posted or should be posted.

    It can be difficult at times to translate peoples tone via text on the internet. I’ve had bumpy rides here myself, but please stick around.

    I lastly must say that you were too kind in your comments towards me lol. Sometimes I look back on things I’ve said and cringe, but I’m hoping the good sort of outweighed the bad. In regards to your question of programming a quartz crystal I had absolutely no clue what that was so I couldn’t answer unfortunately:p Stick around my friend. You are welcomed here!
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I do hope that final sentence wasn't a pop at me?

    It's almost two months since this thread was started and I had simply forgotten the crystal query was one small point out of very many points raised in the originator's opening posting. I could have put the selfsame question to him.

    It's always a great help when the 'Quote' button is used to show the context of a response rather than simply writing the response without reference - this would have particular relevance here as it's almost two months since the thread opened, three weeks since my response and continuity gets lost over weeks. You weren't "pretty much ridiculed" about anything you wrote but it would have helped - me! - had you quoted the piece you were writing about.

    ALF remains a website with forums available just as before, places for discussion and debate. The aspect of someone's objectivity - or their claimed lack of it - is something members will likely disagree about but it's not a prerequisite anyway on a public discussion forum!

    As for "a few hardliners telling people what "is" or why people are wrong" well maybe that's how others see me - or anyone else - who is confident about what they write about and prepared to support and defend what they say. And let me tell you some individuals are very wrong about what they believe; not wrong in believing because they have every right to believe anything they wish but wrong when they present it without knowledge and/or understanding and lacking any way to support and defend what they say.

    It's easy to mud-sling but then drop out of the picture. Why not continue to visit with us but contribute more often rather than just reading? :)
  9. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear LachlanMac, we have had our ups and downs over the past decade! Among other crises, there have been times when people who meant to do us harm attacked us - once it was a group of "mean girl" bullies trying to make this website their personal playground, and many times it has been one particularly sick little troll who would come in with a new identity, sow dissension, then leave (his most recent incarnation was ferreted out and evicted just last week). We continue to be a place of discussion, and we still welcome new contributors! But you are right in saying that over the years it has become more important to me personally to keep these threads at least within a reasonable range of what we are coming more and more to realize is objectively verifiable truth about the afterlife. Nearly everyone who reads here never posts, nor even joins; and what they are looking for is real information. If we allow personally-generated nonsense to proliferate, we render this website useless to visitors and therefore without much value to anyone.

    My particular problem is the fact that my life has become impossibly crammed! I am writing this at 1:45 in the morning. I split-sleep in order to get more done, and with all the trolling and hackery ALF has suffered I could not possibly continue to moderate this forum by myself. Our friend Mac has wonderfully stepped up and offered to do it, day after day. Without his help I would have had to shut it down! And especially because of our past problems with nasties, he is pretty vigilant. So, yes, sometimes he is rigorous. But he is rigorous in defense of the value of these threads for seekers, so I hope you won't fault him for that.

    As far as programming crystals with Reiki is concerned, personally I have no idea! If anyone does, I hope you will answer our old friend's question; otherwise, as Mac says, this is a field that is kind of just beyond the edge of what we can help you to learn about and understand.

    Dear LM, like PB I would love to have you post here more often! But just knowing that you have stayed with us, even silently, does make me smile ;-).
  10. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Hi! I'm back :D
    Actually, this is pretty normal for me, unfortunately... I make RobertaGrimes' words mine, I also have a "impossibly crammed" life. Still, I did manage to make some progress and continued the investigation, slowly, and I haven't given up nor disappeared from any of the few places I found on the net. Still looking to find other people with similar lines of investigation/interests.

    This forum definitely seems a nice place and I felt welcome. Sorry to see that after this "absence" of mine, already in "my" thread things heated up a little bit too much. I'm used to this, though, seems to happen a lot when I post something on a forum, doesn't matter what's the topic :D:D
    Let's just all chill out about this, there are different beliefs and opinions, and that's fine and that's the purpose of any forum! :)

    Regarding the question of LachlanMac:
    How do you program a crystal with Reiki energy?

    It's a good question, because it can't be proven scientifically (like most of energy work) and might even be considered "odd" in the sense of many people being convict that Reiki only serves as healing energy (point rised by mac). BUT - I for myself (I have level 3 in Reiki) learned that Reiki energy is far more than just "activating/reinforcing the body's natural healing capacity" (which for now is the only apparent and widely accepted scientific approach for Reiki). So, we're back to the question of beliefs or believing. I could easily say that the whole thing about a possible afterlife is - even though there are SOME more or less scientific ATTEMPTS (yes, and I've read a LOT already about the topic) to prove that it exists - still only about beliefs, it's still not proven. It can't either be proven that it does NOT exist, which is a starting point, I'd say. But it all comes down to believing. Beliefs. And personal experience, convictions. I mean, someone who has experiences EVPs or other communications clearly has to believe, otherwise he would discard them as noise, most probably. And this is what I'm going to answer to your question, LachlanMac:

    for me, in my experience, you can "set your intention" into anything using Reiki energy - you can help another person or yourself to heal, a plant to grow better, clean negative energies from a house, send positive energy for some important event that's coming up in your life or even in somebody else's life, even apply positive energy to a machine or device, trying to make it function better (like the engine of your car, for example) - this last one seems WAY off and strange, yes, you got me on this one and I still have to find a case in which it proves to work for ME. BUT then again: I know a person who has used this a couple of times with success. And I trust this person. So, we're back to beliefs. I also know a Reiki master who uses crystals to aid in healing with Reiki. And she uses to "program" the crystals with her intention (in that case - for healing). I have been using crystals with Reiki for healing myself and others, also, with the same kind of results, so I figured: I'm not going to lose anything if I try to put my intention into a quartz crystal, trying to "program" it to attract entities, communications, whatever, from other planes/dimensions. I openly admit that this "programming" of a crystal is very little scientific, at least for now. But I do believe that it works. What I don't know, yet: does it help with ITC?
    It's not programming like programming a computer, though :p... I've done this many years ago, also, learned quite a few programming languages. Has nothing to do. So, maybe I shouldn't have used the work programming.
    One last example: you can use quartz crystals to build a crystal grid to protect a place or your home. They also need to be "programmed". I've done this, with some really interesting effects. Same thing here and another reason why I thought I'd give this a shot for my ITC attempts.

    That's all for now, I really gotta go. I'll post some updates of current state of my investigation very soon, I promise, and I'll come back more often.

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