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Following a call...

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by joydivision, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. joydivision

    joydivision New Member


    I found this forum when I searched for a way to share experiences and ideas with other likely-minded people. Some time ago I thought I had discovered a great forum (which in fact has a lot of interesting threads and so on, but I soon discovered it was not accepting any new registrations and was kind of "dead"), so I went on looking and found this one, among others.

    A brief introduction: I am following a call, a path, whatever you want to call it. I started out as a sceptic, not feeling spiritual at all, when I was younger, now some years ago I not only found a strong attraction to spirituality (I completed all 3 levels of Reiki, for example, and took a masterclass about Dowsing/Radiesthesy, Crystals, among other stuff) and it was somewhere in the middle of the initiation to 2nd level of Reiki that I had first feeling that I had a path to follow. But I didn't know which it was. Then, there followed some strange dreams right after two people, who I wasn't close to, but I was acquainted with them, died of violent and useless deaths. It was only in the initiation of the 3rd level of Reiki that I was given a message, a clear message that the path I had to follow, was to communicate with other planes of consciousness, to communicate with the deceased. I had heard of EVP before, but didn't really know what it was.

    I started to investigate and learned about J├╝rgenson, Raudive, the Scole Experiment, and so many others.
    The Scole Experiment is especially fascinating for me, because of the device they built, supposedly following instructions from Edison. For many years now, the area of Electronics is one of my most important hobbies/interests. So I decided to try ITC and started by defining a strategy, which was confirmed by consulting the pendulum:
    I'd build the Scole detector, together with another detector which I'd come up with (it converts audio into IR light which is transmitted through a Quartz crystal which has been energized and programmed with Reiki to be receptive to energies from other dimensions/planes), then I would record both detectors together with a common voice recorder, as the third source (I had read a lot of using digital voice recorders for EVP) into my laptop. Why? So I could make sure that the entities wanting to communicate with me had at least 3 ways to do it, not being limited by technology.

    Technical part worked out fine - the scole detector is amplified by discrete transistor preamp and delivers nice "noisy" signal and the other detector works by injecting a white noise source into the IR-light-conversion. I tested it successfully with a normal audio signal.

    Now to the point of my research: I did the first session yesterday. I wasn't able to capture anything.
    I felt a bit disappointed. So, I'd like to ask: I guess it's normal? It's not always easy to establish contact? especially if you're not a total medium? was it just bad luck? or could it be that I am blocking the whole thing, because of me in the past not accepting the existence of spirits, other dimensions/planes of existence, etc.? I've done quite a lot of mental reprogramming...

    Regarding the technical part - I think it will be better to reduce level of white noise generator and to raise the gain of the preamp for the scole detector, so both signals get similar amplitude, it's what I will do next.

    Regarding the rest, what do you recommend me? Just keep trying? Search other places? Or do I have to do some work on myself first?

    Btw, I've been really careful regarding protection and everything - using crystals, Reiki, affirmations, I even consecrated the whole device in a ritual (don't know if I did it right, though... ;)...

    I am looking forward to getting to know you people and hopefully being able to post some useful results on here one day...

    P.S.: there was a place in the recording from yesterday, only in one of the signals, where I imagined I heard a voice saying something in German, something about a light and a dark voice. I think it's just Pareidolia. Especially because the sentence doesn't make sense, and even though I am native German, I am living in Portugal for many years and was recording here. Wouldn't make sense. But I'd like to hear your experience regarding Pareidolia here, if possible.
    I actually tried a noise reduction filter only to discover the filter itself would create artifacts when used more heavily which sounded like a hundreds of voices in the background, talking in German. I was able to reproduce this effect with a white noise track generated artificially, so it's non-sense. So far for noise reduction...



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  2. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I'm glad that you are here. What is the name of the dead forum?
  3. pandora97

    pandora97 Established Member

    Welcome to ALF. Hope you find what you're looking for here. :)
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :)

    I moved this, your first posting, into this forum for ITC and electronic communication where I hope you find some conversations that will be of interest. I encourage you to read through them.

    I hope you get some responses to your posting but there's been little activity in this forum for some time.
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  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Joydivision! I admire your drive to do this, and I encourage you to keep trying and to project to those not in bodies that you will not fail them because communicating is very difficult for them and it requires that they work to establish good communication with someone here. Unless they are confident that you are going to stick with it, they will not even try. My goodness, nobody gets results on the first try! It generally takes years of trying before you get anything much, and if you got even a maybe bit on your first try then it looks as if they may be trying to work with you.

    Electronic communication will work well eventually, but to make that possible dead experts (Tesla, Raudive, etc.) are making an all-out effort now to do what they call "laying cable" that will make a few stations in the afterlife levels easy for people on earth to contact. Those stations exist now, and the one in Brazil is doing so well that the newer North American station (the one that Tesla now heads) has teamed up with the Brazilian station so now it can get communications in English. (Where you are - in Europe - there also is a station, and it is even older, but I know less about it.) All of this is going to succeed, but it won't be easy! And they tell us that everyone who tries to work with these stations is helping them, so God bless your efforts. Please stick with it!
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  6. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    Thank you all for the warm welcome :)

    @Kurt: it's called itc-bridge... I've read quite a few interesting conversations on there, but they seem to have decided to "close" it, not allowing new registrations and the activity of the forum is almost gone.

    @RobertaGrimes: thanks for your encouragement and for your interesting insights. Sometimes it's not easy to believe in this, especially with so many people out there who haven't been sparing any effort to try and stop all these investigations and discoveries for so many years. Some for religious reasons, others for direct material interest, others for personal reasons, and then so many for supposed "scientific purpose". It's simply not convenient for so many people if in fact there was something after death... But I'll keep trying and will post updates when I make some progress (hopefully).

    My biggest problem is lack of time, I have quite a busy life... also, it's not easy to experiment, as I'm definitely not (yet?) risking to try this at home, as I'm not sure if I can avoid to attract any less positive earthbound spirits by this, and I really don't want them here at home... I have a 5 year old son... so I've equipped the device with connection to work in my car.
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  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    A note on the registration page leads here:


    I was a member there for a short time but didn't care for the place.
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  8. joydivision

    joydivision New Member

    mac: yes, I know, I came across that and it looked so much like a desperate attempt to "monetize" the thing, that I didn't even bother checking it out further...
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  9. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Thank you for the review. I see why.
  10. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor


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