Extinction - the facts


Yesterday I watched probably the most depressing environmental programme I've seen.

Narrated by our brilliant, unique David Attenborough, with contributions from amazingly knowledgeable experts on all things wild-life and environmental, it painted the most gloomy picture of what humankind is doing to this world. It also looked at Covid-19 and the markets from which it likely came.

After 45 minutes of gloom and doom the last quarter hour tried to be positive about what could still be done but the scale of the problem is immense and before long I'm afraid we'll have gone past the point of no return. The level of expected extinctions is breath-taking and intensely depressing. I already knew about some of the problems but what I learned additionally left me despairing at what needs to be done - and fast.

I hope the programme gets viewed internationally because it might help get things started. It's almost too late already. :(


Sadly, I truly believe that we have already passed the point of no return.
I wish I disagreed, bb. :(

I've been accused of undue pessimism but it's pretty clear that much is unstoppable. In the years and decades ahead changes will arrive that have been put in place over the past couple of decades. Those changes are in train and now can't be stopped. But some changes could be started at a local level initially and later on a wider-scale. They would help mitigate some larger-scale effects but need to happen in lots of town and cities. I'm fairly confident at least some will be adopted and others will emerge but certain global changes look set to affect our world severely.


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I agree with you. I only hope that we vote in leadership in the U.S. who is up to the job of doing our part, and who is willing to do it. I am unlikely to still be alive when the earth is hit with the worst consequences of human hubris regarding the environment, but already some of it is occurring, and I feel for those who will have to live on this planet in future.


I think all nations need to vote - where meaningful voting occurs - for leaders who are prepared to make the necessary changes.

Even then some of the changes would severely impact the profits of certain huge financial organisations that have significant lobby power and other influences. Big business will strongly resist changes that hit its profits and some political leaders may be hand in glove with these businesses in those countries that need to take the biggest actions.

I'm hoping my time will be over before the arrival of major changes on the near horizon. Like you, bb, I feel for the generations younger than I and those yet to be born.


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23 species set to be declared extinct , and off the endangered list. People will read this
say how sad. Continue on with their lives.
Yet today the focus seems to be on Brittany
our priorities seem to be lost.
My sister works customer service.
Fedx not sure if that is ok to say?
Lately working International.She
states many countries are so corrupt.
Coming through her customers
statements. I am hoping we do
not follow. I am answering to
above statement.
I use to watch BBC news.I felt
that they had unbiased opinion.
My cable does not have it anymore.
I am not sure if it’s my grief that
makes me so melancholy or maturity.