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Experiences I have had with after death communication

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Arrabella, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Hi. Since the death of my father 2 months ago I think I have been receiving signs from him. I lost my mum 19 years ago and have received messages through mediums that have proved to me 100% that there is life after death. I never experienced and signs with her like I am now though. They began the day after his death , seeing a newspaper folded in half with a word in capital letters that is significant to me. I had 2 ladybirds come and sit on me for a while when I went to a place special to me 2 days after his death. I had a dream so real and vivid a week after his death , I was at his home and whilst inside nothing made much sense it wasn’t as I remembered it to be but at the end I left the house and went to leave by the gate but it didn’t look out to the right place as it does in real as I unlocked the gate I heard him say “hey” which he always said to call me back , he was leant against the back door frame as he always was wearing his usual outfit , he looked as he always did, he looked happy although there were tears in his eyes , I ran back to him crying and he hugged me with one arm as he always did , he didn’t speak or do anything else and I said I’m sorry I’m so sorry daddy and as I said it I woke up , I think I woke myself up by saying the words out loud in real . The whole thing felt so real like it had really happened only I wasn’t in the garden . I can remember every single detail of him and I can still feel it when I think of it. Was this a visitation dream? Can you have them in another place or do they actually had to have come to where you are to be one?
    A couple of weeks ago I was sat on a bench feeling a bit low when another ladybird came and sat on me. I put it back on the bench when I got up to leave and flew straight back to me , this happened a couple of times so I left it on me in the end. It stayed there while I walked 25 minutes into town , it stayed while I went shopping , it stayed while I was on the bus on a 35 minute journey home, it stayed on me all afternoon at home, mainly on my shoulder but sometimes on my hand looking right at me. It came with me to collect my children from school and stayed a little while after when it had flown away without me noticing. This ladybird was with me for over 5 hours , it could have gone at any point it wanted to.
    Since then and before , I have repeatedly seen cars, 3 different ones in different areas 2 in the same are that all have a registration ending in the name of my dog that we had when I was growing up . One time one of them parked right outside my house. Maybe I never noticed before but now it’s everywhere. My dad was not one to believe in life after death or signs but I feel like he is sending me some. I went to a spiritualist church a week after he died , I know it was probably too soon and I recurved nothing this time , not even from my mum but the service was about death and how we shouldn’t be afraid or mourn for the dead because they never die and live never dies. I know it’s a pretty common theme for a service of its kind but I haven’t heard one like it on other visits . It was like it was telling me things I needed to hear this particular time. I have seen a notice for a evening of mediumship at this church hosted by a lady who has the same name as my all time favourite singer who I would love to see live but she doesn’t come to the uk and I haven’t managed to get to Canada to see her. I am taking this as a sign that I am meant to go to this and receive a message.
    Some people I speak to about these things obviously think I’m insane for the things I’m saying and I suppose it could seem this way but I really do feel that they are signs and glad I’ve found a place with same minded people who also believe in life after death communication where I can share my experiences x
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :)

    Before I say any more may I correct you on a point in your last sentence? We don't believe in life after death communication - we're CERTAIN it happens! :) I'm just pulling your leg now. Of course you're in the right place to talk about what's been happening to you and I hope our trans-Atlantic friends will join us later to tell you about their own visitations and signs.

    As a long-time Spiritualist I hope you'll give evidential mediumship another go because there's never any guarantee that any particular medium will be able to link to any specific individual - sometime folk 'come through' who you would never have expected and sometimes they're folk you don't know.

    When you have to ask around to identify a particular individual with a message it can be the most persuasive evidence of who they are and that it's not from your mind or that of the medium.
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  3. Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, the messages I have had in the past from mediums left me in no doubt that you can communicate after death. I know it was probably too soon to get anything the last time and that there will be times people can’t get through for whatever reason but I’ll definitely be going back .
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That's good to hear. :)
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  5. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Welcome Arrabella!
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  6. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Welcome, @Arrabella !!:):)
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  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    There isn't a 'too-soon' time. :)

    Some have been known to communicate almost as soon as they have passed yet others are never heard from, no matter how much it is hoped and wished for. It's a well known situation for which there is unlikely to be a single explanation. Mediumship remains an experiment in communicating across the divide with an uncertain outcome.....
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  8. So my father made contact. As I mentioned , there was a medium coming to my area with the same name as my favourite singer, I thought that could be the sign to go and receive a message. I was the first one in the room to get a message , they confirmed my visitation dream , the ladybird staying on me plus some other words from my dad, none of which they could have known beforehand . My dad was a total non believer but I have had so many signs, now contact with proof , he obviously knows better now it's all real. I'm so glad he's ok. I'm so surprised he has come through so quickly, my mum believed in the after life and was quite spiritual , it took her 19 years to come through , but my dad seems to be far more active than she has been with little signs , visitation dreams, communicating quite quickly after passing. I hope one day they'll come through together x
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  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's always heartening to hear such stories. :) As I've just written elsewhere, though, it seems to make no sense that one individual in spirit can quickly return to proclaim their survival yet another spirit person will not communicate for many years or maybe/often not at all, sometimes a person you might have expected to return. There are reasons, of course, for that but we probably won't get to learn them this side of the divide. ;)
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  10. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    Hello. My experience with "too soon" is that when someone first arrives in the Afterlife, they are often confused and disorientated so it takes a while to settle in and adjust to their new "environment" but they are helped by "guides" on the other side. I had this problem when trying to contact my brother and my late wife, Betty right after they crossed over. Now they are very articulate and quite settled in over there. My brother was talking about stuff that Betty did not understand so she said he is further along or higher up than she is for now. Each time I meet with Betty, she seems more advanced and further along than before. Like she is "growing" over there.
    My late wife, Betty, was a devout Christian and did not like nor believe in psychic stuff so I cooled it with my experiences, but now, from the other side, she understands and knows all about "mystical" stuff and has admitted that she was "wrong" in her Christian beliefs and assumptions. My brother was also a serious Christian, but he seems quiet different now. I am not knocking Christianity, but just saying that things look a lot different over on the other side than what we are given to believe over here.

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