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Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Bill Z, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    The love of my life has been coming to me in multiple ways since Her transition in the summer. I know that there is no death only transition. Through dreams She addresses my mostly darker views. I do not mean this to seem there is any darkness on Her end but She recognizes the demons I struggle with in understanding this life that has so dramatically changed since Her transition.
    By the time She transitioned She had become my child. She was 58 lbs., lost almost of all Her muscle mass. I carried Her everywhere, fed Her, cleaned Her.
    She has come to me in my dreams both in Her sickened form to show me that was than but this is now and in a healthy form. Again, thanks to Craig Hogan because She came to me once through his guided meditations and said "We are equals again". This little baby who I had to carry and feed was standing next to me cooking with me, which was one of our many passions. She continues to tell me She is safe and happy, looking after me, and She is no longer sick, but I can't get that through my thick head.

    Anyway the most recent dream: My house burnt down and only a charred piece of wood remained of my home and my life. I carried it everywhere. I fell in love with this last part of my life, this piece of charred wood. When I woke up I realized it was from Her. It is almost a mockery of our love to do what I am doing. I have reduced, through my grief and depression, a magnificent woman to charred wood. But hey, that's where my head is.
    I put this out to others who might be dealing with this.
    Spiritually, even mentally I understand that She is safe and I'm torturing myself but emotionally there is a disconnect.
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  2. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    Bill, the dream visitations are incredible and despite losing my beloved not even two months ago now, it has been healing for me to be able to communicate with him in these dreams. I had to accept his death and forgive him for dying -- weird, I know, but I hadn't let go of it...I knew it wasn't his or my fault, but I had to also accept that he didn't choose to leave me, his soul chose to leave earth, and I had agreed to it. Understanding it from that point of view has helped me feel a lot closer to him, and has really made my grief a lot easier to bear.
    If you set the intention of communicating with Susie specifically at night, then that's what you'll get. I've had some very vivid dreams, where he's named medications he's used that I didn't even know existed, for example. I googled them and lo and behold, they exist!
    When he comes to me, he comes with nothing but love, but I also am radiating nothing but love for him. I'm not saying I don't still miss him. I will always miss his physical presence, but the astral realm visitations are so realistic that I feel him a lot closer than I thought possible when I was deepest in my grief. I'm not healed; you never are when you lose the love of your life. But I'm better, and I'm better because he hasn't stopped letting me know he's around.
    It might help to do some meditating, separate from the afterlife connections, just to ground yourself. I was never much of a meditator before, but I had no choice right when he died.
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  3. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Thank You. We know there is so much more to this place and maybe that's the thing we need to experience and understand.
  4. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    Bill, I think there's no denying it -- there's a lot much more on the other side, but there's a reason we were the ones who had to stay here. Embrace that and I think you'll experience Susie a lot more. She does love you; I'm sure of it!
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  5. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Of course I don't know for sure, but I have heard that when we experience night visits from them, they feel real - unlike dreams. I ask for one every night, but I don't know for sure if she has been with me.
    When we lose them, we carry the pain so that they don't have to.
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