Coronavirus -- Stay Well!


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There are more cases now because of people not getting vaccinated, which allows variants to arise and flourish -- and also just because Covid-19 is highly contagious and virulent, which is why we are now in the midst of a pandemic.

Yes, there is a small chance of a blood clot if you get the vaccinations, but there is a much greater chance of catching Covid and becoming seriously ill or dying -- the risk from Covid is much greater than the risk from a blood clot. Also, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have very low risks/incidence of blood clots, so go for one of those.

I completely understand anxiety, as I suffer from it myself -- I get the fear that it creates. However, you should be much more afraid of Covid itself than of any of the very slight and unlikely risk factors from the immunizations. So many have become seriously ill and millions have died -- and many of those who recover end up with "long Covid", meaning that their lungs and circulatory systems have been irreparably damaged, and they will now have serious lifelong health issues as a result. Getting fully vaxxed is much better for your health.


I'm seeing people misreading and misinterpreting the data and reaching conclusions they might not reach were they to better understand what those data are telling us.

I feel I'm pretty savvy but the overall picture is highly complex and for every conclusion one might draw I could find an argument to challenge it. We're damned if we do produce all the data and damned if we don't!

So many individuals, though, read/hear the data and statistics and misunderstand them that I can't see an obvious solution. Add to that picture the huge amount of misleading or plain false information 'out there' on the various media and what's happening now is an almost inevitable outcome.

The age we're in may be looked back at from what's presently the future with folk saying "My God, how the hell did folk ever manage to follow the situation in 2022?"