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I have a lot of web page tabs open on my phone so I was closing some and then noticed that I had one open in the page 88 of the ¨ For Carol And Mikey Please - Part 2 (Ask your questions here.)¨ thread where I had posted this question:

hi everybody! I just watched a video of Sonia Rinaldi and Cyrus Kirkpatrick, and Cyrus said that a lot of mediums are receiving the message that something will happen with the sun that will affect us, and Sonia agreed ,she said that maybe a solar flare will render all the electronic useless , that this is necessary for a consciousness shift... and Cyrus asked that he doesnt know that if we need to start to store food and supplies, and then he changed the subject....

...Mikey answered that he wasnt aware about something wrong whit the sun........

Now Im wondering if they could have been reffering to the coronavirus all along....
Hi Truthseeker,
Mikey tells me he was not aware, from his viewpoint, that this virus was going to hit us on earth. Could it cause a consciousness shift? Very possible according to Mikey, but it was not a preplanned event by spirit.
Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"


I'm heartened to hear Mikey firmly declare that our friends in spirit have had no involvement in the emergence of this particular Coronavirus. It would sound preposterous to me for an incarnate to suggest anything different unless they can support such a suggestion with sound evidence.

I don't doubt that psychics and sensitives are declaring they're learning all sorts of stuff from their contacts. One major problem is that we have no way of knowing how knowledgeable their contacts are and neither do they. There's an adage that we should "test the spirit" but most of us won't be able to do that directly for ourselves.

I think that the so-called conscious shift often mentioned is more wishful-thinking than something imminent. It might NEED a major global event to kick-start such a shift but talk of a solar flare being the cause is conjecture, no matter how likely a solar flare happening actually is. Not so very long ago scientists were deeply concerned that the so-called Millennium Bug would bugger up much electronic equipment and lead to catastrophe in various time-critical fields. Nobody could actually know the details and we had to wait to find out what happened when the year 2000 arrived. I fancy it will likely be a similar situation if-and-when a major solar flare sends its radiation our way.

It's easy to take a stab at what MIGHT happen based on current scientific knowledge but science can't tell us the future and there is no single future to be predicted by anyone. The future is not something invariable.


I guess I'm out of ICU tomorrow, and then one day at a time while avoiding the COVID-19 units.
Symptoms gone or diminished? General health restored albeit needing to convalesce? Are you now in high-risk category as a consequence of your previous condition?
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Travelling home recently it was a shock to see the impact - I've been doing for a couple of weeks exactly what Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, has been urging - I've been staying at home. And because I'm an old fart in a high-risk category I particularly need to avoid exposure or contact. So I hadn't seen earlier much of the impact that restrictions have been having.

Driving on I-10 was a comparative joy because there was so little traffic. Sky Harbor, Phoenix, appeared to have closed, luggage guys waiting forlornly for passengers. We were the only ones being dropped off and had only a few yards to walk with our bags, straight up to our choice of check-in staff, several waiting for someone to serve. Two other passengers walked up behind us, casual and relaxed without the customary, long line of fraught travelers; shops were closed. It was almost pleasurable but at the same time disturbing because airports shouldn't be that way. In the waiting area we were with perhaps a dozen other passengers, the flight perhaps a fifth full. Dallas Fort Worth airport was even more empty, its vast concourses almost devoid of people, the Skylink empty save for us. Our transatlantic flight was perhaps a third full and on arrival London Heathrow was much the same as DFW with just a handful of travelers and no queues. That's just my limited experience and things must be as bad everywhere else to say nothing of the desperate situation in hospitals.

Where is our world going, what of the lives we knew? And how long will it take before we see the total outcome of this Corona virus?


It appears no-one has anything to say so I'm going to log my personal thoughts for now, almost as a journal. Now back in the UK I have a more-complete picture of the way it's affecting my homeland but an incomplete one of the USA. These thoughts will be incomplete because I missed recording them earlier in the year as the virus outbreak began to hit the world but maybe I'll feel motivated to keep them up to date now I've made a start here.

I've become used to having a foot in each camp so I'm going to try to find a reliable source of information about our other home somewhere out there in cyber land. That way I hope I can keep in touch with what my American friends are facing. I suspect this spring and summer are going to remain tough for all of us.

I didn't mention earlier that a couple of days before we were due to fly out my wife complained that her back was tender and stiff. We thought a cool breeze might have chilled her when she'd been sitting out in the AZ sunshine which was hot and strong. She mentioned also it was an odd feeling because the discomfort was traveling round here side into the low part of her chest. She took OTC analgesics and hoped it would clear before we left. It didn't, though, and we noticed some small, pink spots beginning to form. She wondered if she had shingles - again. The last time was in 2006 in Bakersfield, CA, and she was really sick for several weeks.

When we eventually reached home she rang her doctor's surgery which we expected would have special arrangements because of the Covid 19 situation. She explained to the receptionist why she was calling and a GP called her back to discuss things. Because of her symptoms and her previous experience of shingles the doctor agreed with her diagnosis and also agreed she needed Acyclovir, and anti-viral drug. She is about to start day 4 of the 7 day regimen but is still in considerable pain, analgesics having only limited effect.

Because she's a tough cookie she went grocery shopping - face mask and gloves - the day after we got home. As an old fart I'm supposed to stay away from others because I'm in the higher-risk category so we now have food on the table. Previously our home was all but devoid of anything other than canned food after 5 months away. Yesterday I made a major assault on my overgrown garden and that of my neighbor who is hardly able to walk anyway and also isolated because she's at even higher risk due to chronic health issues. So at this point we're managing and hoping we'll be able to continue. There's only the two of us to look after one another and one of us sick means the other has to shoulder the load.

It's ironic that in the UK for once we have beautiful, sunny, warm weather which looks set to continue into the Easter holiday, an extended weekend holiday when sun-starved Brits. would usually head out en masset for the first time after gloomy winter. But with the lock-down they're having to stay in and away from one another, all organised events cancelled, public park attendance discouraged. Kids haven't been to school for weeks already and won't return this academic year, much the same as in the USA.

We'll be looking back at this time in the years ahead and I wonder where we'll be by then....

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Im glad Mac that you could make it home... Lately im getting lots of conspiracy videos, I had never payed them much attention before, but now the coincidences are too amazing that is frightening, especially on older videos that were posted years ago on YouTube...they are too specific ...

and now the world health organization said that even if you get the coronavirus and get cured you can get sick again.... Im starting to worry..

but a vacccine its on the way but it will take some time..... But people are saying ( as always) that it will loaded with bad stuff... But the difference this time is this older videos speak about that with great details also.... It make your brain race... Too much coincidences..

The conspiracists are saying Trump is actively Wrestling against the new world order plans, him and Putin...hes ruining their plans.....and seeing the things hes doing lately in the news it it seems they are right..

This remind me when everybody spoke against Trump and Roberta said he was a good president and the spiritual world knew what they were doing.....maybe she was right all along...

I know Conspiration stuff is attractive...but it will be very interesting to ask Mikey if this virus was made by men, or if escaped from a lab like Trump is saying, or it was all natural....because Mikey only has said that it wasnt planned by the spiritual world...

And ask him too if the vaccine will be bad or will be a regular one....

And about the 5g networks that if there are bad intentions behind them..

It will be interesting to hear this opinions, but sometimes I wonder if there are things that spirits are forbidden to share....that is also a interesting question


It was a relief to get back to the UK after all the uncertainty about flights and airports remaining open - thanks for your thoughts. :)

I wish I could out your mind at rest because it's clear you're worrying about all manner of things. Whatever details you're hearing and seeing out there in cyber space about predictions, politicians and conspiracy theories the chances are they won't all be correct - some will, some won't.

I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again now as an example of the hyperbole that was out there online in 2010, much of which turned out to be wrong. When Deepwater Horizon blew out in the Gulf of Mexico it was a disaster with 11 killed, 17 injured along with massive pollution of the environment hitting the local economy and those affected by both.

I was then writing regularly on another spiritual website. We had an active membership with discussion subjects ranging widely as they once did here on ALF. The oil spill triggered, though, some members to indulge in crazy predictions about what was going to happen, how it would impact the world and its future. At the time of the predictions some were said to have come from communicators in the etheric dimensions. I challenged the ones making the predictions to explain their confidence and suggested we re-convened in 12 months time to see how much was accurate. (I've done similar over the years concerning other predictions - wild guesses!) One particularly lurid prediction was about the seabed being ruptured with massive environmental impact and uncontrollable pollution.

Before the 12 months was up a once-regular and valued contributor - who'd been the source of the most lurid predictions - had left us. On the anniversary of the blow out the actual situation was nothing like any of the predictions and by then other things had caught folk's attention.

My point? In 12 months time the stuff you're reading/watching/hearing about now you'll look back at in an altogether different way. Some things might be worse, others may be better, but unless I'm hopelessly wrong many issues will be different from how they appear now and how they appear based on YouTube videos etc.

I predict you'll be left wondering why you were worried by certain issues and why you didn't see others coming. Some problems will have been resolved and some likely won't or not totally. We may have a vaccine by then and things will look very different if that's the case. Or something else may happen to change the outlook.

Come back next April or May and let's review what we are thinking about, writing about, right now. ;):)