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Communicating with the dead-how do we know

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by lithuania, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous New Member

    These excerpts are from my blog, the links have links to more information:


    Another important question is how does the medium know who the spirit really is? Other mediums on the forum can give their input, but my answer is that during mental mediumship the medium is in direct mental contact with the spirit and often can directly sense the personality of the spirit. The medium can describe that personality and the sitter can has that information when they identify the spirit.
  2. sportie

    sportie Active Member

    Hi Carol and Mikey. Its been as very long time since I posted. How is everyone? I was wondering how far long is Gary Schwartz in the development of the soul phone?
  3. sportie

    sportie Active Member

    Hi Carol and Mikey, I had one more question. I;ve been hearing alot about planet Nibiru am\nd how it

    Hi Carol and Mikey, I had one more question. I've been hearing alot on the planet nibiru and how it passes so close to earth every 360,ooo years that it causes destruction to our planet. Have you heard of this Carol.? What does Mikey have to say about this? Thank you Carol and Mikey.
  4. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    Peace of mind

    I can only speak of my own experiences on this. I have had a few readings from various psychics including my own wife and in every reading, it was glaringly obvious to me that the visiting 'dead' entity was indeed who they were and that I had no doubts whatsoever within seconds.

    But just for discussion, lets say that the medium was simply laying out generalized info from some source other than the visiting entity that was, say, my grandfather or my mother. IMO, it does not matter at all how or where this informations came from so long as the bottom line effect was to help me be happy, relieved, comforted, pleased, at peace, amazed, happily surprised and ENCOURAGED that my relatives and others are still alive and well and that the other side is WONDERFUL.

    When I reported my first reading about my grandfather to his daughter, my aunt, she cynically and snuggly dissed the whole thing and sarcastically said that the "phony" medium was ONLY reading my mind. My arrogant aunt was both frightened by my report and perhaps a little JEALOUS that her dad, my gramps, had appeared to me instead of to her!

    Because of the undeniable reality of the reading and my aunt's obvious FEAR, I decided that the reading was genuine and that my jealous aunt was just FULL OF IT.

    So, for me, the whole point of readings is to find some kind of peace and comfort about how and where my departed relatives, friends and pets are more that proving that some medium is genuine or even competent. I want to be happy just knowing that the dis-incarnates are alive and well more than making mediums right or wrong!

    Ooooops, sorry Sportie.
    I didn't realize that your 2 last posts have nothing to do with the OP to which I was responding. I have no idea how to respond to your posts and questions for Carol and Mickey. Sorry for intruding here. :( jim
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
  5. ekenda

    ekenda Senior Member

    Half of Us, after having read the bulk of the posts here (and noting the 2012 post date) I'm left wondering... (hope you don't mind me asking) Have you received proof of Afterlife? Has your husband made his presence known? I'm an audio (tape recording) medium, almost 10 yrs now. --Seems enthusiasts will debate proof of mental mediumship till the cows come home, it's truly an endless (and decidedly subjective) endeavor :) x

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