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Closed Eye Visions


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Thanks for sharing your latest visions Kirolak. So fascinating. Please keep sharing. I would like to hear of any which stand out in your mind and if anything has made sense in the way of some kind of connection? Future or past.

I have not had any since the moon in the navy sky with silhoutte people waving on the ground. I still think about this often. I thought it was something which was personal to my life but I am now wondering more if it's to do with what's going on in the world with the virus. I wonder if it was showing to expect change. Out with the old and in with the new type of thing.

I have seen the cartoon type also. It was probably 2015. I saw a brightly coloured fairy, like out of a cartoon/fairy story. She was just dancing about quite happily. I don't remember seeing any background. And I thought - 'What the heck is that all about!'

I have occasionally seen the 'eye' try to come through over the past week. This can be in the day time too. It was the blue, but not clear. I saw very clearly one night after a short meditation the 'eye'. I did not recognise this one and it was brown. A different shape. Very clear to the extent it made me gasp. But literally for 2 seconds at the most.

What are your thoughts on it all?

I think it is the connection between us and the universe as well as possibly from loved ones on the other side. I say the universe connection because it feels so deep. It's hard for me to explain. But I do remember the weeks up to my mum passing that she said when she looked up sometimes she could see something bright and so beautiful she couldn't explain but that it was so full of love for her. She was a person who lived in fear of most things for the last 30 years of her life. During those last weeks she lost all that fear and didn't even need her oxygen, which she had been on most of 24/7 for her last few years.

I only started seeing with my eyes shut the year before she passed. I feel that 'spirit' my angels/guides or someone looking out for me allowed me to see into what I normally wouldn't to help me cope and has stayed with me since. I am so thankful for whoever helps me this way.

Good wishes, health and peace to you and Mac and all looking in too. We certainly need it in the world right now.