Christmas and New Year wishes


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Almost a year ago I wished members Christmas greetings on behalf of ALF. Then on New Year Eve I wished members a healthy year to come where the pandemic virus had less and less effect on our lives, when we could begin to do the things we used to do like shaking hands and hugging friends..... And up to a couple of weeks ago it appeared we were well on the way to a new normality.

Now, sadly, changes have begun that may see this world losing hard-won gains made during 2021. I have to try to be optimistic although that's getting harder by the day. Nonetheless I again wish members and their loved ones a Christmas they can enjoy and a healthy new year.



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The world is indeed in a sorry state -- here's hoping the new year and the years following are vast improvements! Peace, hope, health, and happiness to all!

Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year -- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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I was speaking to a young family member recently and pointed out that the events of today will be examined by historians in the not-too-distant future. My god I wonder what their world will be like in the future and what they'll say from that future about the way it had been in 2020 / 2021.....


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It almost feels like we're going around in circles at this point. Getting a hold of one variation, then another appears. It's strange to me, to say the least.

I'll be spending Christmas with my mum for the first time since I was a toddler. I will also be having some sort of family reunion over new years, which I am not looking forward to

Merry Christmas and and happy new years!


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Someone informed me the other day that the pandemic in 1918 took six years to get through! I had a great-uncle die in that one, weakened by war in the trenches then catching the flu which I think was a coronavirus. Ah well, we will get through it somehow. The world has been in turmoil before.