Audrey A

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I have been aware, what ever that means, since a child. I assumed everyone was.
I had very early memories of earlier ‘lives’ just flash backs that explained something in this life.
Sometimes looking at the future I ‘knew’ certain paths however attractive were not to be mine, the one I was given surprised me.
I saw that people that I was connected with seemed to be on a web, one tweaked it and I knew.
Letters, a phone call or a visit proved it.
I am old now in my eighties, my grandfather made his loving presence felt when I was ten and this is as fresh as ever. This was the first time such a thing happened.
These things happen when I am relaxed but focused in something else. I experimented, I cannot initiate.
I knew someone who consulted a medium when I was a young teenager, I mentioned my surprise as I asked her why she thought she did not have it inside. Then I realised not everyone was aware. I have much to learn.
Not open for further replies.