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AREI - December 2017 Newsletter

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    More of the whole nine yards for those who missed it

    "December 2017 Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., Newsletter

    In this December 2017 Newsletter . . .
    • Meet new presenters for the 2018 Symposium
    • Look who will be back for the 2018 Symposium
    • The Afterlife & Holidays Webinar featuring Susanne Wilson & Sandra Champlain
    • Update on Zoom Group Topics
    • AREI focuses on grief
    • Year End Giving
    • Super Early Bird Registration
    • AREI's Discussion Group

    Hello Everyone!

    In the coming year, we will see dramatic changes in humankind because of discoveries about the afterlife and dissemination of the discoveries in the nutrient-rich field of the Internet. Humanity’s consciousness is maturing more quickly than we ever thought possible. Masses of people are learning we are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience together. People are learning how to communicate with their loved ones who have transitioned off of the earth plane and are establishing new, fulfilling relationships with them. AREI’s mission has become more important to humankind’s development than ever. You are contributing to that development. Together, we can change humankind so we live in peace, love, and joy together.

    Love, peace, and joy,
    Craig Hogan, Ph.D.
    Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc.

    Meet the Windbridge Institute:
    2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium Presenters

    Presenting Ghosts Are People Too:
    The Science Behind Talking to the Dead

    Mark Boccuzzi and Julie Beischel, PhD, scientists from the non-profit Windbridge Research Center, will be discussing the realities of grief; how mediums are tested in the lab; and common after-death communication experiences. They will also share useful tips that may help you choose a medium, prepare for a reading, and hear from your loved ones on your own.

    The mission of The Windbridge Research Center is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next by performing rigorous scientific research and sharing the results and other customized content with practitioners, clinicians, scientists, and the general public.

    For more information on Windbridge Research Center click here.

    Additional New Presenters!
    • Scott Taylor, Monroe Institute trainer, on how to experience a near-death experience
    • Adelaide Wolf and Hanay Geiogamah on insights from Native American spirituality
    • Rosemary Guiley on dream visits from the dead
    • Dick Sutphen on spirit releasement and spirit contact
    • Dave Thompson on materialization mediumship
    • Tina Powers on contact with loved ones in the afterlife
    • Riley Heagerty on how people have learned they are physical mediums
    • Stafford Betty answering audience question about the afterlife
    • Erlendur Haraldsson on children and past-life memories
    • Lynn Lee on how to have trumpet movement and table tipping meetings

    George Noory Will Return to the
    2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium!

    George Will Emcee Questions from
    the Audience for the Experts

    George adds his flair as an entertainer and investigator into all things paranormal to assemble six of the our expert presenters questions onstage to answer questions written on slips of paper by members of the audience. Anything is fair game during this question-and-answer session. Audience members may ask any questions about the afterlife, afterlife communication, the paranormal, or the presenters themselves.

    Click here to see more of our presenters for the 2018 Symposium!

    Additional Returning Presenters
    • Victor and Wendy Zammit
    • Craig Hogan
    • Roberta Grimes
    • Mark Anthony
    • William Peters
    • Susanne Wilson
    • Sonia Rinaldi
    • Susan Barnes
    • Sheri Perl
    • Sandra Champlain
    • Mark Pitstick

    AREI Members Susanne Wilson,
    Carefree Medium & Sandra Champlain,
    We Don't Die Present LIVE Webinar, December 13th!

    The Afterlife & Holidays Celebrating Across The Veil
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    the last part:

    The Afterlife & Holidays Celebrating Across The Veil

    The holidays present special challenges to those who are grieving the separation from their loved ones who are now in spirit. Sandra and Susanne will offer strategies to help, so that afterwards you can really know that your loved ones are right there celebrating with you! Your entire household can attend on 1 ticket if everyone sits in the SAME physical location.

    If you require a scholarship to attend this event, please email Diane here with your desire to attend!
    Join Afterlife Research and
    Education Discussion Group
    AREI Afterlife Research and Education Symposium Facebook Discussion Page
    We invite you to visit the Facebook page for the AREI 2018 Afterlife Research and Education Symposium here.

    Ask questions and feel free to comment on anything about the symposium or ask questions.

    Sending a heartfelt thanks to Wendy and Victor Zammit for facilitating and moderating this robust, fascinating discussion group!
    Update on AREI International &
    Local Zoom Groups!
    Please join AREI for $25 a year to help support our work in creating afterlife related courses and communities!
    The Afterlife Research and Education Institute is supporting the formation of in person and online groups for AREI members.

    To date, we have 13 people who have volunteered to host groups on everything from spirit art to animals in the afterlife and trance mediumship development.

    Some groups will be held in homes, new age shops, or church halls, while others will be run on Facebook or on Zoom. Groups can be general afterlife discussion or have a specific purpose. If you have a proposal for a group, email wendy@victorzammit.com

    Download details of local groups here.

    You will also enjoy a wealth of information on Organizing and
    Maintaining Groups and Circles on our website here!

    Special Thanks to our precious Wendy Zammit for leading this massive project, training and facilitating!
    Join AREI
    The Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI) supports afterlife researchers and educators so they can more effectively serve the grieving, the dying, and all of humankind. This newsletter describes our members’ activities and provides updates on our upcoming Symposium. If you are not already a member, please join us and help us make a difference in the world!

    Remember, your membership exchange is tax deductible!
    Join Now
    Afterlife Research and Education Institute
    Focuses on the Afterlife and Grief
    “He’s at peace now.” “She’s in a better place.”
    “He’s in heaven with God.” “She’ll always be with you in your heart.”
    Do such common condolences offer any real comfort or peace of mind to someone grieving the loss of a child? It seems unlikely. At most, they suggest a very static and monotonous afterlife, one in which we might easily imagine our recently departed loved one to be suffering from an acute case of boredom.

    Modern revelations coming to us through psychical research and afterlife studies indicate that a much more dynamic and active afterlife awaits us. It is that environment that...

    Continue reading here!
    Your Year-End-Giving = Peace!
    Did you know your AREI Membership & Donations
    to AREI are Tax Deductible?
    We believe that humankind will live in peace, love, and harmony when afterlife communication is commonplace.

    Your donations go directly to dedicated researchers, developers, and educators as they strive to bring life-changing knowledge about the afterlife to humankind. You will play a vital role in bringing light to a darkened world.

    Please contact R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., President, here to make a donation to our growing non profit focused on freedom for humanity!
    Super Early Bird Registration for the 2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium!
    We look forward to your participation at the 2018 Symposium! Will you consider gifting tickets?

    Join us at this gathering of open-minded seekers like you! Consider the possibility of purchasing tickets to the Symposium as gifts for dear friends or loved ones this Holiday Season!

    Symposium is the largest, most comprehensive event of its it kind in the world. Held in magical Scottsdale Arizona, you will be so happy you attended!

    Who will you bring to the 2018 Afterlife Institute Symposium?

    Registration is here!

    “A big ball of love”
    ~ 2017 Attendee

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