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Happy 10th Anniversary to Afterlife Forums! It's a belated greeting but no-one appeared to notice the actual date's arrival and passing, me included.

I'm not big on celebrating anniversaries but during recent website 'housekeeping' it struck me it's getting on for ten years since I became a member of Afterlife Forums. It also struck me that the 10th anniversary of the site's opening probably occurred last year. Ten years is quite the achievement for a forum-based website!

Not that there are (m)any of the earliest members around to remember the early days or years. Looking back at a few of the earliest postings I found I remembered some of the names but others had left before I joined. I'm unsure how I arrived at the site but I think it was a member and friend from another site who sent me the name and address. She passed a couple of years ago so I can't ask her.

The future for ALF is as uncertain as life is. If ALF is still around in another 10 years things might be as different then as they are different now. Maybe someone then will look back similarly at names from the past. But maybe this website will be gone, its former existence only in a few folk's memories, parts of it recorded and stored by Wayback machine - always assuming that survives too.

The future can't be known. At best, predictions are just best-guesses, the only certainties being "death and taxes".


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Wow! That's a pretty big milestone for a website.

Thanks, mac, for keeping this place running!


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It is quite a big one, bb..... Another site where I'm an occasional visitor has just celebrated it's 4th anniversary.