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I believe in them… and in Guardian Angels. I TRULY wish that mine would just once make themselves manifest to me, so that I can ask them some questions… and REMEMBER the answers to those questions. That would go so far to putting me at ease and addressing my fears and/or concerns. Just one face-to-face encounter here in this life…


May I ask why you believe in angels, and in guardian angels in particular? I'm not saying they don't exist, by any means -- I don't know if they do or not. I'm just interested in how/why you came to have the belief in them that you do.

I agree that if they do exist, it would be good to be able to ask them questions, have them answer, and be able to remember the answers -- as long as the answers are ones we want to hear, which indicate a good afterlife with loved ones, and perhaps which indicate a loving god.


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There is so much baggage - religious baggage - associated with the word "angel" that it's hard to separate that from what teachers and guides have said.

My own viewpoint is that angels are distinct entities but often with (perceived) forms that resemble what we BELIEVE they look like. So they might be perceived as bright and/or glowing individuals, kinda our size overall (or perhaps bigger and more impressive) and often having wings. That's kinda what we're taught as kids by various religions or for that matter, still taught when adults! It doesn't matter at all to me and it's rare I even think of angels let alone want to see one - hence I might be the most unlikely to!

As for the notion of "guardian angel" I do think we have a "guardian spirit" who tries to help where it's 'allowed' and where it's possible. Some individuals appear to be aware of - or actually do see - their own and may even interact with them. I accept what these guys tell us but I'm less accepting of some of the stuff I've heard about their angels' (assumed) roles. I DO think we each have a guardian spirit but I also think many misunderstand her/his role.

What seems plain and unambiguous is that assuming angels are kosher there's no certainty we'll ever see our own but a fair certainty most of us will be unable to interact with it/her/him at a conscious level.