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Oh! Did you describe all this more fully in the old post? For example, did you see it at night? Do you remember which thread it is?

I'm not 100% sure I told the story in an old post, though I think I did -- if I did, though, I don't know which thread it was/is. So here's the story:

From a young age, my sister and I used to spend about 6 weeks of the summer with our grandmother at her house in Philadelphia. For quite a few years we would do so one at a time, taking turns -- I'd go up for 3 or 4 weeks, then I'd come home and she'd go up for 3 or 4 weeks. For the last few years of doing it, though, we both went up at the same time. When this incident occurred, I was probably around 13 or 14 years old, and my sister was about 4 years younger, and we were both at our grandmother's. It was probably July or early August, I know it was very hot. Our grandmother did have an air conditioner in the bedroom, but she ran it sparingly as she was on a limited income; it was not on this night. All three of us slept in one bedroom. The bedroom had two twin beds; our grandmother slept in one, and we separated the other into the boxspring and the regular mattress, with my sister sleeping on one and I on the other (we alternated who slept on which).

The incident did occur at night, and on this particular night my sister was sleeping on the boxspring and I was sleeping on the regular mattress, which was laid on the floor in such a way that I could see out the open doorway into the hallway and the back bedroom directly opposite, down the other end of the hall. My grandmother and my sister were asleep, but I was fully awake (I had not yet fallen asleep). I happened to look out into the hallway, and saw two things -- a vaguely human-shaped being of light standing in the back bedroom, and a smaller thing made of the same light, set on the floor in the middle of the hallway (so halfway between the humanoid figure and me). The smaller thing was about the size and shape of a horseshoe crab, minus the tail -- like a small, raised dome made of light. Neither the human-shaped being nor the little thing in the hallway moved at all. They were both made of light in a whitish, slightly yellowish hue. Neither one actually threw off any illumination to their surroundings, they actually consisted of light. Both looked solid, neither was in the least bit see-through.

I hate summer weather -- I hate the heat, I hate the humidity. I was so scared that I climbed into the little twin bed with my sister and spent the rest of the night there, sweating. When I climbed in she asked me what was going on, and I told her I'd explain in the morning (which I did).

We saw and heard other things in that house, but this was the only time I ever saw this particular thing (well, things).


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I tend to agree that angels, if they exist, are their own "species". The way you described them sounds like divergent evolution (angels and humans diverging), which makes sense.

As for my grandmother's house -- there had been a lot of unhappiness there over the years, and I can't be sure if the problems attracted the hauntings or if the hauntings contributed to the general unhappiness, or if perhaps they fed on each other. I just know that we saw and heard multiple things there, some of them harmless, some not.

I didn't feel that the light being was bad or evil, but neither did I really feel that it was what I would call angelic -- it just felt otherworldly and indifferent, really. I'll probably never know what it was, nor the small, similar thing that appeared in the hallway at the same time.


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Loyd Auerbach in the podcast or whatever it is (it's on YouTube but it's long interviews, really worthwhile catching them on Unravelling The Universe as the host, Ben, is very intelligent and asks great questions but lets his guest speak without interrupting. He started with adventurers then happened upon Leslie Kean's book and hasn't looked back). Anyway, Loyd Auerbach suggests getting "bad vibes" from a house, perhaps when viewing a property you might want to buy, is a form of haunting, they always relate to the living, the recording on the environment will stop at death. Sensitive people can pick it up and perceive it in one or more sensory ways. An after death communication is different, will come from someone you know who will be perceived to be trying to attract your attention and he said other things but I forget what! Anyway, his interview is great fun and fascinating.
I've seen that yellowish gentle light too, bb, in the garden on a November morning early and no idea whether it's related but my mother-in-law died that evening. I just felt it was something paranormal. You've remembered it all this time too, which indicates something which had a profound effect on you, something more 'other' than from your own mind.
Thanks mac!


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Yeah, the crab thing was very odd. I don't know how it relates to the human-shaped thing, but they were clearly connected, as they both appeared that one night and no other.


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I'm interested in hearing the ways in which ALF members view angels (or the equivalent in your faith, if such beings exist in that faith but are called by another name). I'm not so much interested in hearing the official stance on the matter of any particular religion(s); really I would like to hear what you think about angels -- do you believe they exist? if so, what do you think is their nature and/or purpose? Have you ever seen, encountered, had an experience with a being you believe was an angel or similar -- and if so, please feel free to share that experience if you are ok with doing so.
I believe in them… and in Guardian Angels. I TRULY wish that mine would just once make themselves manifest to me, so that I can ask them some questions… and REMEMBER the answers to those questions. That would go so far to putting me at ease and addressing my fears and/or concerns. Just one face-to-face encounter here in this life…