Analyzing Ectoplasm

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Vain Vessell had questioned what constituted ectoplasm from a scientific, human biomaterial basis. There are only three (known to me) researchers who studied ectoplasm at the cellular level, Dr. Charles Richet, Dr. Baron Schrenk-Notzing (studied Eva C aka Martha Beraud) and French psychologist Dr. Gustave Geley.

Here is a quick summary of Notzing's chemical and microscopic analyses of ectoplasm (teleplasm).

Besides very big and very clear and very good isolated plaster-epithels, big quantities of cell-bodies and cell-detritus and a slime-like substance with cell-detrituses and many microbes...The verification of the substance as originating from the organic show that it was in a former state living substance. The only possibility, where these findings could originate alternatively, the vagina or the mouth, can be rejected because of the absence of certain biological products from these places.

Of what the building structure of teleplasm consists, we do not know. What we know is that the teleplasm contains conglomerates of epithel-like bodies, real plaster-epithels with cores, veil-like skin-like bodies, lamellae-like stuck bodies without structure as well as adipose-like cellbodies and a slime-like substance.

The observed moving substance, which seem to be the basic material for the phenomena are, in our cases, no natural rubber or fabrics, because they do not collapse into cell-detritus or can leave that behind.

IOW, fabrics and rubber don't make poop. :p

For fantastic, authenticated pictures of ectoplasm, search Phenomena of Materialisation for "teleplasm" and "teleplastic".

Michael Tyms Article On Ectoplasm

Aren't these most astonishing reports imaginable? These are not crazed Spiritualists or wild-eyed adventurers with cotton candy for brains.

"Startling deeds, not words, as proof. Not testimonies of people claiming to be healed, not messages from the dead. Just material facts which a materially minded man like me can grasp...Happenings which I, personally, can only compare with the miracles of the New Testament."

My personal experiences with seance pale, so distant from the Jack Webbers of the world of physical mediumship. Yet when tables fly to the ceiling, trumpets scream at light-speed around a room, white mists center themselves in the circle and the medium is overshadowed and BOOMING voices of the strangest yet calmest nature emit, the hairs stand on my arms and neck to simply remember it.

Why these poor people weren't apoplectic, I have no idea. :eek:
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