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Afterlife or lie?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Trying2bleve, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Afterlife or lie?
    About 30 years ago I watched a tv show about a man who had an OBE. Passed out from a heart attack he saw things from a perception he should not have been able to see. I thought to myself at the time this is either the greatest story ever told or the greatest lie. Fast forward 30 years I was trying to find a cure for my crippling anxiety about my loved ones and pets. I remembered the story I had seen on television and bought my first book on NDE’s. I am very skeptical by nature and need proof if I am trying to believe in something. I will not name books or authors in this story out of respect for them. My first book was interesting but at times sounded very hokey (which is funny how can something sound hokey that you know nothing about! ) and at times actually advertised for a business. After reading I checked up on the authors history and fact checks I was disappointed and had to write the whole book off as nothing more than a money-making adventure for him, even one small lie/embellishment and to me It can’t be trusted on a subject that is already very hard to believe. I kept buying books on the subject and enjoyed most very much. At first all the books with descriptions of OBE’S NDE’S ect. had incredibly similar stories and I didn’t see where the author was in need to make money on a book and the more people and places they described in their book meant to me there would be a bigger chance they would get called out for mistruths. At the same time of reading these books I started looking at Facebook groups for information, this was an eye opener! At first as I mentioned similar stories to me was a good thing but they got too similar in the groups, even in the same order! as far as vivid colors, love and time, to me it was too similar. Then I read even more on these group pages and found out and out lies. There is no way I can determine what is a lie about the supposed afterlife, but I could tell for sure parts of their story was untrue. Believable stories about the after life have to be unwavering, one very well know person in the supposed afterlife says our bodies are pure energy, another very well known after life person communicating through a VERY respected medium says “ our bodies are flesh and blood like yours!” , this is unacceptable difference!!!! Unacceptable. On the subject of mediums why are they not bombarded by scientist, law departments(yes I know some use them), biographers, historians, NASA churches and billions of grieving people every single day??!! If you could just gaze into mirror or just shift your eyes left and right to connect with your loved do you really think anyone would leave their house!! You think people are addicted to looking their cell phone is bad!! Wow! How about laying in bed and waiting for the vibrations to start so you can sore off to another dimension, I’d quit my job.
    After reading about 20 books on this subject from the biggest names who write about it, reading stories from W.C. Fields walking out of a space ship to a lady setting up her make up mirror for the first time and making contact with her deceased relative I am extremely dejected to come to the conclusion this is a million dollar lie.

    Sorry if this offends, Jmo.

    I will leave the forum.
  2. baob

    baob Active Member

    The truth always contains some untrue.
  3. mareke

    mareke New Member

    No need to leave the forum. There's nothing wrong with questioning the soundness of evidence for an afterlife and spirit world however it carries a risk of throwing out the 'baby with the bathwater’. I went through a long process of sifting out the wheat from the chaff and concluding that there's an afterlife and a spirit world. Now I'm filling in the details. Some people on the forum share your doubts while others are in a position like mine.

    I could list the evidence I found to be believable and other supposed evidence that I dismissed as nonsense coming from people driven by a need to satisfy their hunger for money and/or significance but it would make for a lengthy post. I also have serious health problems and I'm not up to debating such things these days. While composing this post the heart monitor I'm wearing is making funny noises so I'd better finish and have a rest! I'd happily point you to evidence I found to be sound if you contact me privately.

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2020
    baob likes this.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I am sorry to read the obvious dismay over what you've found. I wish we had been able to offer you something better.

    I noted these in your message you have/had: "...crippling anxiety about my loved ones and pets." and you mentioned reading about NDE and OOB accounts.

    It might be helpful for you if we addressed both those issues but there is no point in doing that if you've left the website.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2020
  5. jimrich

    jimrich Established Member

    My knowing there is an Afterlife is based on a lot of Psychic Readings and many interesting and magical dreams and waking "connections" but I cannot PROVE this to anyone. I'd say the best way to verify that there is an Afterlife is to sit with a gifted Medium and make the personal, one to one connection that might CONVINCE a skeptic or fearful person that their loved one(s) is still very much alive and well and having a BLAST over in Heaven or in the AF. My late wife's cousin said, "I don't want my mother watching me sitting on the toilet!" when I tried to tell her that Betty is still quite alive and well on the Other Side so I understand why so many folks are afraid of or resist the Afterlife. Maybe calling it "a lie" is a good way to avoid discovering that someone is secretly watching you sitting on the toilet. It's my experience that they DO NOT judge us.

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