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Afterlife fears


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Though we might want to return, why is it that we must fundamentally forget the reason to which we came?
why? For much the same reason we forget why we chose to come her in the first place or why we came on the last occasion. One important reason is that when we're here we experience apparent separation from source, from 'God' if you prefer. As with many other experiences here we can't or don't experience separation elsewhere. Having said that, the more times we incarnate perhaps the more the likelihood of 'bleed-though', the feeling or surety about why we're here and about that illusion of separation.

This creates again more questions than it does answer - Understandably you mentioned I’d have to read the book. However there have also been channeled spirits that deny what other ones confirm so does that mean even they disagree on concepts?
Spirit individuals are not omniscient - there can and will be disagreements about details.

The issue still isn’t really addressed, this seems dismissive of a position I expressed. Is it something people really haven’t considered?
Do you think others have not considered all the things you consider?

As I mentioned earlier, I presented my personal opinion/ perspective, not irrefutable evidence. Just how I feel. Much like other topics, there are for and against but I feel no one pushes against the topic because its just widely accepted.
Perhaps now you'll acknowledge that this old fart pushes against a great number of beliefs and ideas. Had you been around here in the earlier times you'd see I was even more so 'cast in that vein'. I often challenge poorly-considered, poorly thought-out, poorly-presented and/or prescriptive beliefs.


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For arguments sake I also want to clarify that I do think we can choose to incarnate (possibly more than once) but I don’t think it happens as often as what people are made to believe for reasons I mentioned in my other message.
People are not MADE to believe in how many times reincarnation occurs - if it occurs at all. There is no actual proof of it just as there's no actual proof we survive death. But there is abundant evidence of the latter and somewhat less evidence of the former.

Folk will be influenced in whatever way by whichever source of detail they are exposed to - we are after all influenced by all manner of things as incarnates and may be influenced similarly as discarnates.

My experience is that individuals often try to be prescriptive about the subject when they have no actual knowledge about reincarnation - who does? My stance is that spirit teachers tell us that reincarnation is for real but not how often or under exactly what circumstances it happens. But it's not compulsory - I've debated this with certain individuals on this website - take a look. ;)

Incarnation is a permissive principle, effectively optional, something we can choose to do or not. WE judge whether it's what we need for our personal spiritual development. We will be assisted in the decision if it's what we want. Perhaps some will incarnate just once whereas others will do it more often - we just do not have concrete detail.