Afterlife fears


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If you're into books and if you're likely to be interested in what one of our members late son had to say about his passing, then "Flying High in Spirit" is well worth considering. I read it when first published, gave my copy away only to buy a second copy some time later so I could read it again!

His account worked for me and as you'll see if you read more of the Carol and Mikey thread I often quizzed and challenged what he had to say in reply to members' questions and also my own.
It sounds well worth a read. I'll look out for a copy on Amazon.:)

Ben’s Mum

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The Spiritual Truth Foundation organised its re-print and I believe they sell it from their address. I'm talking about the Maurice Barbanell book.
Yes, that is the only place I could purchase it. Shipping took a while as it was coming from the U.K. to Canada. Great book.