A child's NDE


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Many years ago a very ill child (under the age of 6) was admitted to a hospital in Seattle. At one point he coded. The medical and nursing team were able to revive him. A few days later this little boy started drawing pictures of a child in a hospital bed.
One of the nurses asked him about that picture. He told her the boy in the hospital bed was him. He could see himself because he was "floating" above the team. He was able to tell her what they were doing to him, and which team members were working on him (all correct).
The nurse then asked him about the other child in the picture, who looked smaller than the boy in the hospital bed. The tiny baby beside his bed was drawn with a very big heart. The little patient told the nurse that the baby was his little brother; his heart was big because something was wrong with it.
The staff eventually asked the boy's parents, and they could not explain it because they had one child only.
Within months the boy's mother found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son. Unfortunately the newborn had a structural or functional congenital disorder that resulted in a larger-than-normal heart. Interesting, I'd say!


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Intriguing! Did the newborn survive?
I do not remember, bb. Actually, I think that question didn't come up, or at least I do not remember. Do you think it would have made a difference? Are you familiar with Dr. M. Morse? I realize that he went from non-believer to children's NDEs researcher and later he eventually went "off his rocket" for a while, but I found his book is quite interesting.... you might find it interesting also :)
Forgot to mention the book is "Closer to the light: Learning from the near-death experiences of children".


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Thanks, raven. I don't know if the infant's survival would have made a difference -- probably not, because by the time the child were old enough to talk it probably wouldn't remember anything about it anyway -- I just always worry about children and animals in these accounts (in any stories, really, whether they involve the afterlife or not).

I have heard of Dr. Morse; I'm not sure if I've read his books or not. Thanks for that book title!