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    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    Thanks, mac! I am starting to read it.
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    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    Contributors have discussed these ways of electronic communications in earlier years: Search Results for Query: itc with stations | Afterlife Forums Search Results for Query: bacci | Afterlife Forums Search Results for Query: transcommunication | Afterlife Forums
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    Hello to everyone!

    ...with the spiritual aspects, the 'deeper stuff'. You mention Mark Macey and on ALF there are various conversations concerning ITC, ITC with Stations, trans-dimensional communication etc. Using the website's search facility will pick them all up if you're interested. There is also a...
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    ...involved in using electronic devices as a way to communicate with their discarnate counterparts. We have a thread here about 'ITC with Stations' that you might have seen but discussions about that subject fizzled out quite some time back. I don't know of anyone here presently actively...
  5. M

    Hello to all, from the UK

    There's at least one long thread about ITC with Stations here on ALF and in my 'Resources' section there's a link to Mark Macy's blog/website. I imagine you're already well familiar with the latter.
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    'Direct Voice' potential or something else? I had no luck searcing for EVP yet it has been discussed - it's possible one of the links above may lead to another link in...
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    Changes of Character After Death?

    ...ITC - instrumental transdimensional communication - can occur even without the presence of a physical medium. Incidentally we had a long discussion here last spring/summer about so-called ITC with Stations, a means for regular folk to contact their loved ones without the need for a (human)...
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    Can anyone connect to the Stations?

    Thank you for this response to a somewhat old thread. Incidentally elsewhere here I've recently bumped up a thread concerning ITC with Stations. You've also asked above about regular people becoming involved yet you began your posting by writing - IN BLOCK CAPITALS (I won't go on again about...
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    What do you consider valid ADC?

    ...the same time not allowing garbage to fill that openness! Last summer ALF's members followed discussion and debate about so-called ITC with Stations. Optimistically, perhaps wildly over-optimistically, big improvements in the clarity of message reception was promised for about now. Later...
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    Websites about ITC

    ...seeking. Maybe website owner Roberta can help? Elsewhere here I've referred recently to the situation concerning so-called ITC with Stations and also to Mark Macey. ( see link there to his website) He spent a lot of time on ITC but trans-dimensional communications with the spirit-side...
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    related matters

    As we approach the beginning of a new calendar year, the end of the old one, it's traditional to welcome in the new and say goodbye to the old. This coming year may be one where such an approach is even more questionable than I've thought it to be for many years past! Any road up mi duck, as...
  12. Annie

    Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station

    Ah shoot, the videos aren't available...curious if Marlene was correct in her predictions. This sounds like it would be really cool to listen to.
  13. ShingingLight1967

    Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station

    Hi Andrew... TBH.. out of every one of these, I think this was the clearest one of all for me to understand. I have taken to not watching the screen so I can see if I can pick up on anything.. and this one.. was the best for me.
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    Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station Because my ITC recording from July 26 produced very faint responses, I wanted to confirm the information that was conveyed during that session before acting upon it. I contacted Marlene, a Brazilian woman who sometimes communicates with us from both...
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    The "Other" Use for ITC

    Hi Truth Seeker! I don't have Sonia's email address--I have only worked with her briefly, and we communicated through Craig on that one occasion. She doesn't seem to have a website either. You might try emailing Craig though; maybe he would be willing to contact her on your behalf. You can find...
  16. T

    The "Other" Use for ITC

    Do anybody here know an email,twitter,facebook or a mean to get in contact with sonia? I have a few questions for her, I will also like to try ITC on living with a disabled person friend of mine, and I will like to know more info....I dont know if its the same steps as to connect to the stations...
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    The Timing of ITC with Stations

    Well, I'm not sure that it's quite so simple. We're told that by December or January we will be getting English-language communications that are as clear as are the Portuguese ones we receive from the Brazilian Station. Based on my own work with the Portuguese-speaking stations, I would suggest...
  18. RobertaGrimes

    The Timing of ITC with Stations

    This is what the dead experts who are working to develop the NA Station tell us, dear. Please remember, however, that where they are now there is no time! So... I think it's likely that there could be some date-creep involved. This is a very big deal, after all; they are using technologies that...
  19. Nirvana

    The Timing of ITC with Stations

    So this ITC with the Summerland stations will be changing the world around this New Year?
  20. A

    EVP accounts and discussions

    ...during your investigations. I publish my own communications for the same reason as you do--more to demonstrate the capabilities of ITC with Stations rather than to provide definitive answers. Well, I've offered my two cents on the potential dangers in this field of work--but how you work is...