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  1. mac

    What words mean

    ...to denote where people go after their passing. Commonly seen as the beautiful and congenial parts of the afterlife. Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) – Any sound made or recorded in any mechanical or electronic manner produced or affected by a spirit communicator. Jesus – A highly...
  2. B

    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    Thanks, mac! I am starting to read it.
  3. mac

    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    Contributors have discussed these ways of electronic communications in earlier years: Search Results for Query: itc with stations | Afterlife Forums Search Results for Query: bacci | Afterlife Forums Search Results for Query: transcommunication | Afterlife Forums
  4. T

    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    Hi have emailed Sonia Rinaldi and she emailed back this , which its very interesting and wanted to share with you all... At Roberta Grimes' afterlifeforums.com forum we were having a doubt or question about your ITC work, so I wanted to ask you something .. You have said that aliens are the...
  5. mac

    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    You'd have to study Rinaldi's work, along with that of the rest of the ITC community, to establish whether your ideas are right. I'd be very surprised if they are! Let's start with fundamentals. ETs, aliens, spacemen, grays, angels, bosses (or whatever name is used) are living entities. They...
  6. mac

    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    ...or whatever) are by definition 'extra-terrestrials' because they live outside of this earth. ITC (short for 'instrumental transcommunication' - my preference is 'instrumental trans-dimensional communication'.) is more specific. The key words there are trans-dimensional - across dimensions...
  7. T

    re aliens, Rinaldi, ITC

    ...many medium communications (specially those on state of trance) that E.T. do communicate every now and then, and in instrumental transcommunication its quite common, Sonia Rinaldi one of the top researchers in that subject call them the bosses, because they are the ones in charge of her ITC...
  8. mac

    podcasts 2016

    ...Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), Keith Clark - November 14, 2016 Lost Art of Loving, Johanna Carroll - November 7, 2016 http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/2016/11/07/seek-reality-johanna-carroll-talks-about-the-lost-art-of-loving/ Transforming the world, Roberta Grimes -...
  9. mac

    Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

    You're welcome - this one too: http://afterlifeforums.com/forums/instrumental-transcommunication-with-stations.11/
  10. mac

    My experience using ITC / North American Station

    ...- I don't think we have many members so far away. :) Congratulations on your EVP experiments. Hope you'll have more good stuff to report. If you haven't see this before the following link http://afterlifeforums.com/forums/instrumental-transcommunication-with-stations.11/ may be...
  11. mac

    'Direct Voice' potential or something else?

    http://afterlifeforums.com/forums/instrumental-transcommunication-with-stations.11/ http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/changes-of-character-after-death.2170/#post-43109 I had no luck searcing for EVP yet it has been discussed - it's possible one of the links above may lead to another link in...
  12. mac

    Hello! An introduction & a question.

    welcome to ALF The subject of electronic communication generated quite a bit of interest here a while ago. Take a look http://afterlifeforums.com/forums/instrumental-transcommunication-with-stations.11/
  13. RobertaGrimes

    Websites about ITC

    ...your question on your behalf: Hi, Yes, there are a few that actually have journals. One is Tom and Lisa Butler’s Association TransCommunication at http://atransc.org/. Another is Anabela Cardoso with the ITC Journal at http://www.itcjournal.org/. Another is Keith Clark’s iDigitalMedium...
  14. A

    Andrew's Sessions with the Brazilian Station

    ...for my Portuguese recordings, so that I could provide a bit of an introduction for those who are unfamiliar with our instrumental transcommunication (ITC) work. We are working to establish easy, reliable contact with those in Spirit through the use of stations--that is, technological...
  15. mac

    The "Other" Use for ITC

    I was only responding to the subject being under the umbrella grouping of 'Instrumental TransCommunication with Stations', Andrew. What defines so-called regular ITC? I made a very similar point in my posting #4 (a detailed response to Roberta) along with several others. What "other...
  16. RobertaGrimes

    related matters

    It's important never to forget that the true experimenters in Electronic Transcommunication are the dead. This has always been the case, and what is different now from what it was in 1980 or 1990 or even 2000 is that the dead teams working on communication today are composed of venerable...
  17. mac

    related matters

    Thanks for that link, Andrew. I've 'flicked' through some of the pages there but, frustratingly, the ones I landed on weren't dated - I didn't know how up-to-date they were. I did see one that had been edited in 2016 but archives were up to only 2012. As a former educator working with...
  18. A

    related matters

    ...a quick Google search did provide what appears to be a decent source of information. This webpage, published by the Association of TransCommunication, demonstrates the feedback-loop technique of capturing the images. The pictures offered there are very hazy, but I have seen better ones...
  19. A

    related matters

    ...my thoughts in the meantime. :) First, allow me to clarify a couple of terms. What we are doing is a special type of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), which is loosely defined as any attempt to record either audio or visual messages from discarnate entities with electronic equipment...
  20. A

    Marcello Bacci's ITC

    ...film, and I am not sure what to think. There is some very convincing evidence suggesting, in my opinion, that Bacci's instrumental transcommunication is genuine. For example, it seems clear that deceased children in particular often use his radio system to reach their parents--the conviction...