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Your Theories on The Afterlife

Discussion in 'Death and Life After Death' started by sadguy, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. I was just wondering based on all the information about NDEs etc, what do you think the afterlife is and why do you think we are here.

    Here is my theory.

    Just to be clear I am not saying this is real. It might be, the same way anything could be, but I dreamed this up as a way of comfort for myself (been feeling depressed these last few days about the big questions.)

    This is based on what I have read about people on the other side on here and other places. I'd love to hear what some other spiritual people think. I know that a lot of people here have put theories forward about what they think God is and the afterlife, so I hope this isn't offending anyone.

    I see God and the creation of everything as being part of a stable time loop that goes like this.

    1/ First off God creates Heaven, a perfect dimension. He then creates the Angels, perfect life forms to exist in heaven. The Angels then create God at an earlier point in his life and send him back to create heaven.

    2/ After creating heaven, God next creates the first universe. He places another dimension around it, one which we will call the Nebulous for practicality sake. Now the Nebulous is an infinite source of power. It is also programmed by God to be benevolent, though it is not sentient itself.

    The Nebulous is connected to every living thing. Whenever any life form is about to die, its mind is removed from its body by the Nebulous. The mind is then placed in the Nebulous where it receives a life review after which if it is a good person then it is placed into a comatose state until the universe dies.

    Once the universe dies, all of the good people's minds are revived and they are then given 10 years of bliss together.

    After that, the minds all merge together and create a new simulated universe together.

    Now the simulated universe is similar to ours in some ways, but different in others.

    To start with in the simulated copy, all sentient creatures like humans exist at the same time on different planets. Their development runs parallel to one another. All of these species have a similar early history as this universe, but once each species reaches a certain point where they become civilised, they meet up and eventually together they all build a better society than they ever did apart.

    Now all of the good people from the original universe who are fused together separate and remain in a comatose state until they are reborn as themselves, with no memory of their previous life. All of these good people then live out the best version of their lives, until they die again. When they die again they are rewarded with another 10 years of bliss during which they get memories of their previous life back and get to choose how their next life will go and the process repeats forever.

    The same is true for every animal too, though obviously animals don't choose their lives, they just live out a great version of it.

    In every simulated universe there are billions of false people created who have no consciousness and are not alive. They are merely illusions, but they look real to us. These false people are the ones who are killed in wars throughout our history. Things like World War 2, the Roman empire etc still happen, but the only people who die or suffer through them are false people. This is because if the new reality were too perfect we'd suspect it and wouldn't be able to understand a world without evil sadly.

    Our family and friends are never false people. Sometimes depending on the history there might be a false version of us created. Like for instance if someone's dream is to be the most famous singer, the in one version they will be, whilst in the next they will either be a famous singer, or not exist, and neither will their loved ones or friends etc.

    Similarly if a great tragedy inspires a great work of art, then in some versions the great work of art won't exist, or in others it will be inspired by an NPC version of the tragedy.

    Similarly species who go extinct in order for other races to flourish will live on another planet, whilst NPC versions of them will go extinct instead.

    The same law applies for animals too. Lions for instance only feed on NPC animals. Regular animals all die of natural causes at a healthy age in the simulated universes, as do all people of course.

    There are also plenty of new people created in the simulated universe as there would have to be. These people are good people and live out wonderful versions of their lives too.

    Eventually the simulated universe comes to an end after the last real person dies (in this version of events the last real person dies thinking they are in a perfect society surrounded by NPCS. The last group of real people die at the same time as one another.)

    Following this another simulated universe is created in the Nebulous and the process repeats forever.

    The evil people's souls meanwhile are punished for one year after death simply by being made to feel the pain they inflicted on others in their. After this they are then reborn as new people in a new universe with no memory of their past life and if they are good people in the new universe then they will be rewarded like any other good person. They will never get the memories of the bad people they were back however.

    Not all new universes are created for this reason. The first universe creates billions of copies of itself every second at random and they create billions of copies of themselves all with their own Nebulous'.

    Now the reason God creates the universe is because in one of the realities, the souls of the good people send a particle back to before the creation of Heaven which God uses to create Heaven in the first place.

    After creating all of this, God and the Angels continue to create more universes from their own paradise and ensure that a Nebulous will be placed around every new universe that is not created by them. (Should such a thing happen.)

    Now the reason I find this comforting is that the afterlife promised in other religions doesn't entice me. Heaven would get boring, eternal return is horrifying as people will have to live out the worst versions of their lives forever. Reincarnation meanwhile creeps me out. (My explanation for reincarnation is that as the Nebulous is connected to all living things, yet contains the souls of everyone who have died, sometimes their memories seep into new people.)

    To me this explains why there is something and not nothing, the problem of evil and provides a better version of the afterlife. I so hope it is true, but sadly there is no evidence for it of course. It's just a thought experiment.

    What do you think of it?
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Firstly let me welcome you to ALF before I move on to responding to what you've written.

    There are many theories about many issues but the Afterlife Forums website is primarily focused on the actuality of the afterlife situation based on what teachers and guides have told us and also what those thought to be dead tell us when they communicate through mediums.

    How and where God fits into this big picture is less clear or indeed what God actually is using the words we have. Your ideas are unlikely to offend anyone here but may not interest them much either - I'm simply being honest now.

    Near death experiences are simply that - experiences when individuals appear near to death. As a guide to the actual situation post corporeal death they're not accurate although they can be a starting point for learning. They say nothing about God or creation but may lead some to consider such matters.

    Your choice of username seems to suggest you're having issues concerning survival or whatever and looking at why might be more helpful than worrying about Big G. If so we here ought to be able to give you things to consider and offer help if that's what you'd like.

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