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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Gabriella, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    Like my mom, I love to write. I like to write stories and sometimes even poems or songs. For my college prep program, I signed up for Creative Writing as one of my electives. It's funny because my math, science, and social studies teachers are heads for that but my writing teacher isn't. Does anyone else have a passion for writing?
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  2. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    I've always really liked writing because of the outlet it offered me. I'm not sure it counts the same, but I've been a musician on the side for many years and I've been writing songs since I was probably 7 or 8. As for creative writing, that is the only class I failed (and had to retake) in college because I just locked up. I was so excited for it then realized how oddly vulnerable it made me feel so I didn't turn in an assignment the whole entire semester, haha! Looking back, that still feels pretty dumb!

    I have a love/hate relationship with writing, so I guess you could call that passion? It feels so good sometimes while at the same time, you have to be incredibly brave to publicly share your writing which is something I could never get around.
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  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I love writing. I have a few novels already written. Some were done when I was 12-15 (about 20-30) so I will be looking over and potentially rewriting them soon but 1 that I keep re writing to make better and better probably has the most potential.

    I eventually realized that I am best at writing short stories the way that H.P. Lovecraft did and even the ones written long ago. Were very good. I strive at horror fiction. Not very much talent is in the field as authors tend to copycat old cliches from each other but done properly you can achieve some glowing moments.

    I like atmosphere and characterization of human psychology. Its why my biggest inspirations are H.P. Lovecraft (the greatest atmospheric writer I have ever seen) and Steven King (I have never been scared by him.... Never have. I read the entire It novel in 2 weeks and it did not scare me but I can see how him using characterization and breaching taboo subjects can make a person with a less hardened stomach uncomfortable.

    My main novel is a mix between the two.

    It's a zombie apocalypse novel featuring 4 characters. Each chapter is from a different characters perspective.

    The characters personas are as follows.

    A serial killer in open season who decides the other 3 characters are worth more Alive than dead

    A natural born leader who is very empathetic and has a keen sense of morals trying to make a team to get to a safe area despite a utter sense of disgust for character one

    A depressed misanthrope (in the vein of Philip Mainländer) who is sweet talked into staying alive by characters 2 and 4 for practical reasons while being encouraged by character one too... (Use your imagination) which infuriates said characters who decide for practical purposes to keep #1 around until they are safe while also standing guard near number 3 to make sure number one does not pull off any joker like tricks.

    Number 4 is a high functioning psychopath who decides it is in their best interest to team up with the first 3 survivors and keep them alive which leads them to become very protective over the other characters (especially 2 & 3) while deciding that #1 simply has to go at some point after they have reached salvation (upon reaching salvation #3 receives psychiatric help, #2 goes into therapy, #1 is dealt with at the hands of the authorities and #4 decides to continue to keep #2&3 around for reasons of familiarity) throughout the adventure, number 4 is consistently frustrated at the behavior of character number 1. For the epilogue I'd probably see #1's eulogy popping up in the local newspaper, #2 becoming a mayor, number 3 converting to to spiritualism in the vein of Roberta Grimes and #4 becoming a military engineer with a 28 weeks later style ending (zombies die due to starvation, the humans who are immune survive and wealth is distributed while overpopulation is solved. The lovecraftian aspect is when number 4 realizes this will result in a baby boom of unprecedented proportions that will only start up another road to a post apocalypse.

    Is it good? Idk. That's for you to decide. Any advice? What are your thoughts?
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  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Gabby just started her new summer reading/academic program this week, so she may not respond right away to posts. Maybe more next week she will be active since she has a lot of studying and getting use to with her new surroundings at a private school. Plus she’s a kid :)

    Just an FYI.
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  5. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    I have always loved zombie apocalypse books and movies, so it sounds quite interesting. Maybe once you publish it, I can check out a copy :)
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  6. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    Wrote this poem in my Creative Writing elective!
    Things will get better
    " ~Life will have its ups and downs
    ~It will feel like you're in an endless spiral of hopelessness at times
    ~Buts it's reassuring to remember that
    ~Things will get better
    You dont have any control over the feeling of hopelessness
    ~Dont be hard on yourself for your mistakes because everyone makes them
    ~Life is a blank canvas that has so many opportunities for success
    ~No matter what you or other people think of you,
    ~You are worthy
    ~You are powerful
    ~You are beautiful
    ~You are you"
    Things will get better

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  7. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Very nice
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  8. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Wow.... 10K out of 10
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  9. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is lovely, dear Gabriella!
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  10. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    Thank you, everyone :D
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