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Words from Silver Birch

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by skfarblum, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

    [​IMG] Silver Birch

    A Psychic Portrait by Marcel Poncin

    Wise words from Silver Birch

    Life is always a polarity. If there were no darkness there would be no light. If there were no trouble there could never be any peace. If the sun always shone you would not appreciate it. You have to learn sometimes through conditions that seem a nuisance. One day you will look back and say, "We learned our best lessons not when the sun was shining, but when the storm was at its greatest, when the thunder roared, the lightning flashed, the clouds obscured the sun and all seemed dark and hopeless". It is only when the soul is in adversity that some of its greatest possibilities can be realised.

    If you knock on a door and it does not open, do not push. If you push the door gently and it opens, that is for you. You cannot go through a closed door. Too many people in your world waste time and effort banging at closed doors.

    I know of one religion; it is service. We judge by action, by life, by motive.

    The law of cause and effect is basic, fundamental and unalterable because you can reap only what you have sown. Effect must follow cause with mathematical accuracy; it cannot be otherwise. In turn the effect becomes the cause by which another effect is set into motion, producing another cause. The process is a constant one.
  2. Amy

    Amy Member

    Oooohhh I love Silver Birch!

    His channelled books were my bibles when I was a teenager. Could not get enough of them.

    Thanks for the smile & reminder,

  3. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

    You are welcome Amy.
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  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Silver Birch communicated through medium Maurice Barbanell and that happened before the verb 'to channel' came into popular use. ;)

    I'd hazard a guess that neither of those guys would be comfortable with the later compilations of Silver Birch's words being used as bibles....:D
  5. Amy

    Amy Member

    I hope it's ok to put this here? I wrote this poem tonight.
    Reading it over, it reminded me of Silver Birch, and his commitment to the evolution of humanity. I think, from memory, he referred to himself as an "humble Indian servant" (of The Great Spirit) at times?

    My hopes falling to the ocean floor,
    were swept alive unto that shore,
    and picked up by some warm sea winds,
    carried onward by love's tender wings.
    Blessed by the kisses of your sweet surrender
    Upon thy faithful servant heart that is forever.
    Embedded within God's majestic light,
    Are my dreams of love like birds to flight.

    By Amy

  6. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    That was lovely Amy. Thanks for sharing.
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