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Winter Grief/Afterlife Retreat in Florida

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by DenverGuy, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. baob

    baob New Member

    Hi DG & mac,
    If I said anything offensive to you, I am sorry about that. I am just trying to help.

    DG, I actually had some conversation with you on forumgrief maybe back to a year ago and you recommended me join this forum. For my own situation, I tried every means to contact my husband. I still have a lot of questions. For example, before the mediumship start, I would thought about some things hoping he could mention but he didn't. The things he said about it is true, though. So how does it work? Spiritual tells us spirits can read our minds. Hope you understand my motive is to try to find out the reason.
    mac, it is posted on Chris Moon website that we can talk to our spiritual guides and I am curious too. I plan to try it in the near future. I don't know other people's financial situation. I consider Chris Moon's 20 mins affordable because it is reasonable based on my experience with different mediums before. I always chose the lower price range of medium but having good review.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I didn't find it offensive.

    There's never any guarantees with mediumship. What seems logical to us mortals may not be easy for our loved ones to deliver.

    We're told that our thoughts get communicated to our loved ones telepathically - they don't "read our minds". It doesn't mean, though, that even if our words are transmitted accurately our loved ones will respond in the way we wish they would. It's an ongoing conversation about the reasons why.

    I wish you every good fortune with that, baob, but I fear things may not be as rosy or straightforward as is suggested - I hope I'm wrong in your case.

    Fair comment but all I meant was that other individuals' opinion of reasonable may differ from your own. My own view is that charges are excessive based on what others have related.
  3. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Thanks for that. I have everything checked, but I only see alerts when I am on this site - no e-mail alerts. That's okay, though. I have to come here more often, and that's a good thing.
  4. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Baob, I wasn't offended. Thanks taking the time to write.
    Folks, I will take notes at the conference this week and do my best to relay what I learn. It was interesting that in their radio show last week someone said that there is no afterlife. It's just life, it doesn't end, and that our time here is just kind of a short detour.
    Interesting way to look at it, in my opinion.
    Thanks Mac, Bluebird, and everyone. I really appreciate all you do here.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Maybe your email client is rejecting the notification email as spam? With your Profile setting marked for email notification they should come through. It's how I get mine routinely. Why not try an alternative email address in your profile details and see if that works. Either that or just keep checking in. :)
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's always my pleasure to try to help, DG, and I hope this week turns out a good one for you. I will look forward to 'hearing' whatever you want to share. :)

    In connection ith the notion of afterlife, you'll maybe notice I often use the words 'so-called' in front of common words. The afterlife is just such a word but I use it routinely because it's the way folk think of the world we go to when we pass over. As for me I can't remember when I started to see the 'beforelife' and the 'afterlife' as one. That's because it's where I came from and to where I'll soon be returning - the same place but with different names. Others don't see it that way, though, so for simplicity it's easier just say 'the afterlife'. :)
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  7. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Funnily enough, I think of it in the same way (beforelife/afterlife), even though I'm not even sure if it exists. It amuses me that you and I both view it that way, even though our belief levels and belief systems are very different. :)
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I have an online contact who I call 'my duck friend' because he knows more about Spiritualism, survival, communication etc. than many/most who say they are Spiritualists - yet he declares he's not a Spiritualist.

    I used to tease him by quoting the saying "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks - it's a duck!" For all intents and purposes, he actually is persuaded of survival but as with yourself to some degree he is still seeking something to provide a concrete certainty that I guess he knows isn't going to happen.

    It makes me smile while at the same time wishing he was more settled in his mind about what he knows - rather as I do for you, bb. :)
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  9. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    That's a really good way to look at, Mac. Thanks for your good thoughts. This will be intense. I hope I can bring something useful back here.
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  10. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I hope you find exactly what you want and need from the experience, DenverGuy.
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