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Why the after life probably isn't true as far as I can tell.

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Club Tropicana, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    The fundamental error people make when considering this question is the belief the brain somehow magically generates consciousness. What the brain does is generate behavior. How that relates to consciousness is a difficult and mysterious question going back at least to Descartes.
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  2. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Janet Nohavec is the medium I went to; I still don't know if the afterlife exists or not, but I do believe that at the very least, she believes in what she does -- by which I mean, I think she believes she has the ability to communicate with the dead, and I don't think she is out to rip off anyone. And maybe she really does communicate with them, if they are there to be communicated with.

    She lets you record (audio) the reading, so you can listen to it again whenever you want, and also because there may be some things she says which may not make sense to you at the time, but which might make sense later (just an example: suppose the dead loved one is your grandmother, and Janet says that she keeps showing her the name "Jack", but you aren't aware of anyone in the family with that name, and then later after talking to other relatives you find out that Jack was her firstborn child who died young).

    I did feel comfortable with her, or at least as comfortable as one can feel in that sort of circumstance. You're quite right that she is very busy; I called maybe 6 months or so after my husband died, and while I did schedule the appointment, it was for a year or a year & a half later (that was her first available in-person appointment).
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  3. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Thanks Bluebird and I am sorry for your loss and the loss of all the others here going through this nightmare.

    Denver Guy, Shoshanna offers to record the session and that, as Bluebird mentioned, is very helpful to be able to review. You might want to contact her before the session and request the recording. I think it's $10. extra. In the case of Karen Noe, she took 5 pages of notes.

    I went to Janet's church today and for what it's worth the saying "when the student is ready the teacher appears". Janet's church is only 25 miles away and Karen's office is 1/2 mile from my office and my daughter introduced me to Shoshanna.
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  4. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    I forgot to add this. I'm blessed in that Janet's church is near me. I went again today, probably the 7th time. There was no message for me today but the congregation is very loving and supportive. It is beautiful and reassuring to see others receive what they consider irrefutable messages in their time of suffering. I have hugged and been hugged by more strangers in these 7 visits than ever before in any church of any denomination.
  5. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    I have to say, I did feel some sense of peace and solace in that church, even though there was no service or meeting taking place when I went. My sister and brother-in-law took me, and we were just sitting there, first on the steps outside, and then in the little hallway outside of Janet's office, and there were only a couple of other people in the building (Janet, plus a couple of office workers or something). The whole place felt very serene.
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  6. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Thanks, Bill. I forgot to mention the recording part. She doesn't charge extra and I'm going to do it.
  7. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Try this: https://www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org/site/certified_mediums

    They say: "The mediums listed on this page have had their abilities evaluated under controlled conditions. These mediums are listed purely as a resource for the bereaved, and certification is based only on a medium's proficiency. Mediums listed have not paid to appear on this site, and the certification evaluation is conducted free of charge.
    The following list of certified mediums shows each medium's pathway to certification** and they are listed in alphabetical order by first name. (Please note that we have listed each medium's home state, however, all of the mediums conduct phone readings in addition to in-person readings. The evidence shows that there is no difference between the two methods in the accuracy of the information communicated.)"

    They also do medium raffles 4 times a year. That's important (if you win) because these mediums are in high demand and are not cheap.
  8. jells

    jells New Member

    Thank you DenverGuy. I'll check it out. I was very curious about phone versus personal readings too, so that helps. It still seems like a reading would be much better in person, but I know absolutely nothing about it.
  9. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    You're welcome, Jells. I think that with in-person sessions you might have to be more concerned with cold readings. But with a good medium it shouldn't matter, right?
  10. jells

    jells New Member

    I wouldn't think it would. Honestly, I've sort of been avoiding mediums up until lately since I've been researching their history more. Many years ago I went to a psychic fair that was held in a bookstore/spiritualist church that was partly to raise money for the church. Out of several psychics I chose one that read palms. As she studied my palm I could see her face turning white like she had seen a ghost and she got very nervous. At that point she just started talking about general stuff that would apply to anyone. I knew I had some hard things coming up in my near future, so I think she did see that but didn't handle it verv well. So that kind of just turned me off from mediums until lately. A lot books like, 'The Afterlife Experiments' and other general history has been re-piquing my interest. Might be just a hit/miss thing until you find the right medium I guess.
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  11. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    Well, I talked with Shoshanna today. She is a very nice person. She didn't charge me. She told me that she is an emotional healer and is not a medium, per se. I didn't fully understand her role, but she did mention something about relaying messages back and forth. She said that the other person (who has crossed over) usually offers words to help us to move on (there are those nails-on-the-chalkboard words again!).
    Anyway, she tried to see who was available, but my girlfriend wasn't there. Of course I then wonder if she is mad at me. It's a terrible feeling.

    She referred me to a local medium. I feel a little bummed out, but these things don't always go the way we want them to, and there could be a non-scary reason why there was no connection.
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  12. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    While I completely understand worrying about your girlfriend being mad at you (I sometimes worry about my husband being mad at me or disappointed in me), I very much doubt that she actually is (or that my husband is). While they were here in this life, they might have gotten frustrated with us, or even annoyed, but I don't think they would actually be angry at us for being upset and wondering if there's an afterlife (well I know my husband wouldn't, as he didn't believe in an afterlife himself). If there is an afterlife in which they now exist, surely they have the benefit of having a greater perspective than we are granted at the moment, and are even more understanding of our doubts and foibles than they would be if they were here with us in the usual way of life.
  13. Maria

    Maria Member

    I have just read your post and clearly before you worry that your girlfriend is annoyed with you forget it, as clearly Shoshanna just could not make a link having admitted that she is not a medium. To avoid further disappointment when you are making an appointment with the next person, ensure that he/she is an evidential medium and not a psychic medium – there is a difference. As the saying goes, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Don’t lose heart DG, and I hope your next reading will achieve what you want.
  14. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    A major problem over here in the USA is that 'a psychic' and 'a medium' are often used interchangeably....

    The term 'evidential mediums' isn't used as in the UK; the American description is 'spiritual mediums'.

    For 'psychics' the term is 'psychic mediums', hence the catchall word 'medium'. confused? Me too at one time and it took some sorting out why a person I'd see as a 'psychic' was often referred to as a 'medium'!

    It's not only in the US, of course, that there can be confusion about the meanings of 'psychic' and 'medium'. (noun) Psychic Fayres (sic) and MBS fairs with 'mediums' waiting to tell your fortune, or to counsel you, add to the confusion. And, somewhat bizarrely, 'Psychic News' once proudly called The Voice of Spiritualism or something similar.
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  15. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Denver Guy I am so very sorry that this didn't go the way you wished and I feel responsible. Shoshanna has contacted my fiance and others but nothing is 100%. There are so many reasons. I agree with others here that I'm sure she is not angry. Maybe she is learning something now, maybe she is still understanding where she is now and it takes time IMO to learn to communicate.
    In my case I was Susie's primary caretaker, she was abandoned by everyone else so our connection was very strong.
    Don't give up my friend and I sincerely apologize if this was not a good fit with Shoshanna.
  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    That was a very disappointing experience for you, made worse by the role of the practitioner being unclear. I think you've every reason to feel bummed out.

    I don't know what an 'emotional healer' actually tries to do but she's declared herself NOT to be a medium so that's clear enough. I don't understand then, though, why she mentioned relaying messages back and forth unless it was to emphasise that's what she DOESN'T do. It's a pity that wasn't made clear earlier. (assuming it wasn't) However what she's said about "words to help us move on" sounds a crock to me.

    A loved one passed over might indeed want to help us cope better with the changed situation but the first thing that mediumship should provide - in my understanding of mediumship - is evidence of who the communicator is! And if a practitioner's (alleged) discarnate communicators routinely offer "...words to help us to move on...." it would sound suspiciously like the practitioner's words and not those of an ordinary discarnate loved one.

    There are two reasons a medium does not achieve communication with the (spirit) person their sitter would like to hear from. The first is that the (spirit) person wasn't around. The second is that the person might have been but communication wasn't established for whatever reasons. But if a practitioner isn't a practised, experienced evidential/spiritual medium then at best a consultation will be of a psychic nature. That ought to be made clear before the consultation.
  17. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    DG again I apologize for any problems I might have caused. Grief sucks. Shoshanna has offered countless help to myself and others I know but no one is 100% and we are all on semi-unexplored territory here. Also some of us for whatever reason just don't connect. I'm talking about mediums/psychics not connecting with loved ones. What I understand and believe is they are here but it is a process and often take time.
    I totally understand your feeling bummed out and I hope that you don't give up. What I consider my successes in communicating with my beloved has been because of my love for Her and my searching for every way possible.
    Mac seems very argumentative in many cases and really doesn't seem to have much experience or understanding.
  18. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    I don't agree with this statement at all, and I have interacted with mac on this site for five years. What did he say that has led you to hold this view?
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  19. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    That's rather harsh in the context of this thread.

    I've approached the situation experienced by DenverGuy by trying to understand what didn't happen that reasonably could have been expected.

    Not much experience or understanding you say? Fair enough if that's how you feel but I refute your assessment. I haven't experienced the loss of a partner as you guys have but I did hold my baby son as he passed over immediately after his birth so I'm not totally without experience. As for understanding well I disagree but spit it out and we'll see who understands.

    There are points I disagree with in your piece here but I'll refrain from pointing them out so as not to be argumentative but you're mistaken on those points.
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  20. pandora97

    pandora97 Active Member

    I agree with bluebird, bill.

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