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Why can't sex not be meaningless in the hereafter?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by seanmc, Mar 15, 2015.

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  1. seanmc

    seanmc Member

    I've been reading threads and articles that portray the idea that people in the afterlife have no need for sex. I can accept that in the afterlife there is so much to do, things much greater than the act of sex. Considering on Earth that there are some people that have no good luck or experience with women, what happens to them? Or does God even care? I am having doubts right now that God really cares about some men's success with women. I don't want to die a tired virgin, I am adamant that I can't. Why does God give some lucky people success with women and sex on this Earth, but some men aren't very lucky.

    Having an actual partner is another thing. I am actually passionate about physical beauty, not just emotional or social intelligence. But, seeing as very few women in the world are physically beautiful by our (sometimes) cultural standards (I live in America, so beauty is subjective) and so few men have access to these types of women (unless you are rich and successful) on this Earth, I may not desire the afterlife as I should sometimes. I'm trying to explain my meaning here. My personal decription of physical beauty is long, blonde hair, light skin and blue/green eyes, along with generally beautiful features (face, body etc). I don't know, I'm not rejecting the afterlife, but I'm rather cynical at God. I really do wish that one of the girlfriends I can have on this Earth meets many of my descriptions.
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Oh my goodness, dear Seanmc, have you any idea how shallow you sound? I understand that males are more visual, but for heaven's sake. "Blue/green eyes"? Do you ignore every girl who doesn't meet your personal ideal? Perhaps that's your problem, dear - perhaps if you just got to know a nice girl who wanted to know you, and who (sadly) had hazel eyes, you might get somewhere! My husband was not remotely my ideal when I met him, but once we started talking and I started kind of liking him he started kind of looking better to me, and vice-versa, and one thing led to another, and that was nearly a half-century ago. Just loosen up, dear Sean, and give your possibilities a chance to come real!

    Ironically, sex in the afterlife levels seems to have no morality attached to it, and anyway you have had sex in many other lifetimes and you can access those memories after you graduate, so sex is not an experience that you never will have, even if you don't manage it here.

    Don't take it out on God, though. God really isn't involved in your sex life, either way!
  3. MalMac56

    MalMac56 Member

    Thanks for the laugh Sean, I was feeling a bit down today. :)
  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    Delete the thread.
  5. One simple question: what does "God" have to do with the afterlife? I don't think there is a "God", but I do firmly believe that we survive bodily death, via some probably sub-quantum process that we don't yet (and may never will) understand.

    Whenever I read about the potential of an afterlife, talk of "God" is never far behind. It annoys me, quite frankly.
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