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Who leads us in life here on earth?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by kim, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. kim

    kim Active Member

    Who's advice is best to follow here on earth? Do we follow what other people say, who we can see, or do we follow our invisible instincts that are directed by Higher Beings? Sometimes I have thoughts that can cause me to worry or be frightened big time, but then I look at the big picture and realize it is already complete. When I do follow what is invisible things are seemingly handled on their own. As many of you know I had an NDE and during the time when I was unconscious of life here on earth I was conscious of a new life in another place. I saw my whole life cast before me. Now that I have been conscious of life here for 34 years I am unable to recall what I saw, but I have experienced precognitive moments and have premonitions more frequently. Why do you suppose I go through this fear? So I can keep reaching for goals in front of myself in order that I evolve spiritually?
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  2. Ed A.

    Ed A. Member

    That's a difficult question. I think there are 3 main areas we draw from:

    1. We try to find people who know what they are talking about and have our best interests at heart, people we trust.
    2. We try to tune into our gut feelings or intuitions about things.
    3. We ask/pray for guidance and try to be open to it.

    And of course, we also use our reason and knowledge to guide us.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Whenever I hear this or a similar question my thoughts go back almost 30 years to a time when I faced some difficult decisions.

    I was then just beginning to learn about 'matters spiritual' and about helpers and guides and was sitting for development in a closed group at my local Spiritualist church. After the group session ended I got talking to the leader and wailing that I wanted to keep myself 'open' to guidance by any helpers/guides around me, to be 'guided' into making the 'right' choice as I approached the difficult decision facing me.

    I don't remember the leader's exact words but he told me that his way was to do the best he could concerning matters of the spirits and to get on with his day-to-day life in the way he thought best. I follow that same sentiment to this day - my life, my direction and my responsibility.

    I trust to others only when I don't trust myself and only when I am confident someone deserves my trust.
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  4. kim

    kim Active Member

    I was twisted in my mind when I wrote the opening post to this thread, but I had a good day full of good vibes and my mind was able to hear harmony. I wrote the opening post in the morning, and I sometimes wake-up with grand spiritual notions; I guess that is what you'd call them. As the day progressed I participated in the activities of my life, and the things that we normally and usually encounter and think of as being solid things composed of matter spoke to me in a way no human would be able to by way of the ordinary words we use. Matter speaking to me has happened before too. I just see images in my mind and feel intense comfort. Since this whole earth and everything in it is made of the energy of Consciousness I think it is pretty normal for material things to speak to me, or anyone for that matter, using a form of communication beyond typical human communication.
  5. kim

    kim Active Member

    Is everything finished or complete in the spiritual realm? Are we just unable to conceive of that in our eternal mind, since we have been deluded by this plane where we seem to believe in death?
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