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When does the soul/spirit enter the body?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Corey, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. georgek

    georgek Member

    What I really meant, is that just like myself, we feel an injustice that allows us to study our physical world and say:- "This is not right" You ADMIT that the 'other' world is a better world. You are a much learned man as I know that the answers that you give are of certainty. The phrase that I used "want to feel" is rather ambiguous as I should have rephrased it better.

    We both want to feel it, because we have earned it, and as you say....it does not matter what others think. When we want to 'feel' something we are proud in the way that we think. I share your feelings on the other world.

    Hold on mac....

    You have lost YOUR SON and family members and you do not see this as many? How many parents lose their children? That is not to mention your friends which we can say we have all lost some. I am 65 and I have only lost my father and grandma.(those I knew)
    Just curious....what work did you use to do? Forgive my asking.

  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    That's not really an issue related to what was earlier under discussion, that of when the animating spirit embeds in a child....

    It's not something I've ever denied but neither was it an admission. It's hardly arcane knowledge that life in the etheric is very different from life in the physical with none of the hardships we experience here. But it's a situation of 'horses-for-courses. This world was created for a specific purpose and - presumably - is meeting its design parameters. The etheric world is mostly devoid of the experiences we have here, the ones (we are taught) enhance our rate of spiritual progress.

    I don't see myself that way but I do have conviction about the issues I understand. Others are more knowledgeable about their own specialities.

    not exactly... I don't feel I've earned anything. I do feel I'm privileged to have found out about 'stuff ' rather than having remained the ignoramus I was. I'm privileged because others still seek what I've found and some will have put much effort into that venture without success. But it does matter to me what others think because I like to help where I can and hope they feel able to approach me.

    not exactly.... I'm not proud of the way I think. I am comfortable I've done my best to think 'stuff' through as thoroughly as I'm able given my limited knowledge.

    How many is 'many'? Others will have lost many, many more than I yet comparatively few appear to have any understanding of life beyond this life.

    Who knows the number but you have only to watch BBC News reports on events in Syria, for example, to see how many parents have lost all their children and often their relatives. I feel for all those poor souls whose suffering is so much deeper.

    Friends and family die. It's the natural way albeit one that brings us spiritually and physically low. Some of us will lose more family and friends than others. Few will never experience bereavement.

    My work? That's a long time ago and doesn't define who I am... ;)
  3. georgek

    georgek Member

    The reason I asked, was to try and understand more about your experiences with death.
    I find it difficult to understand why you associate yourself with Syria?
    Of course there are more atrocities in the outside world. There are more people starving in Africa and Syria is a war worn country.

    Building a situation as if you are pawn in game with the whole big world to deal with, is hardly going to be fair on yourself.

    Nor having to 'bleed' for the millions of unfortunates out there.

    Sometimes we have to be selfish as this too is a natural plan for survival.
    I just like to know the person/people that I am dealing with and to understand the individual as if THEY are the important ones and not the ones who I am hardly going to meet and understand.

    Perhaps the moment the soul enters the body is at the point of learning?
    That too I wish to learn and only through learning are we able to understand

    Just my view
  4. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    If I'd associated myself with Syria then I'd follow your difficulty in understanding why but I didn't. You asked a question and I responded directly. Take another look.

    I didn't speak about atrocities - you've just introduced an additional aspect which wasn't in the original discussion. I spoke only about parents losing children and also relatives - take another look.

    If I had you might have been right. But you're off the subject we were discussing. None of what you're referring to above played any part in my earlier response. (assuming your ideas were directed towards myself - if not please ignore what I've said.)

    You are, of course, perfectly entitled to approach matters in whatever way you see fit and to believe whatever takes your fancy.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Apparently the answer to the question of when the soul enters the body is highly personal and variable, but it seems that most bodies have a personality assigned even before conception that attaches at conception or soon thereafter. Typically we will come and go as the fetus develops, and in general most of us seem to spend a lot of time in the fetus by the last trimester, but - again - this seems to be highly variable.

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