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When does the soul/spirit enter the body?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Corey, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Corey

    Corey Member

    Does anyone know if there's any evidence on when the spirit/soul enters the human body? I was telling my (skeptical) father about all of my recent afterlife research, and he was asking me about abortions and what happens to aborted fetuses in the afterlife. He was asking this sarcastically, but I nonetheless told him I knew that babies that died were raised in the afterlife by deceased family members, but I wasn't sure at what point the spirit entered the body to begin with. Could it possibly be at the moment of conception? I feel that if it isn't, any later point in time would feel too arbitrary to make sense, but then my feeling about abortions kind of changes (I'm normally pro-choice). By the way, I'm NOT interested in getting into politics here, but the whole abortion issue did raise an interesting afterlife question.
  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    This is a topic that gets raised periodically. My answer isn't about the ethics of termination and has relevance to miscarriage and neo-natal death.

    The animating spirit of one particular, developing foetus may spend more time than the animating spirit of another before finally, totally interpenetrating the fully-developed baby at emergence into this physical world. That's the 'point-of-no-return' although the spirit may sometimes spend a little time back in the etheric dimension it recently left.

    The important thing to remember is that from the outset body and spirit are attached to one another by the so-called silver cord, the 'etheric umbilical tether'. That link is created between the two at the time the spirit begins to animate the embryo/foetus.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Corey, Mac's answer is a good one. In point of fact, the body and the being who will use it seem generally to be matched either at or even before conception, and attachment occurs either at conception or soon thereafter. But to be in a fetus is bo-o-oring, so evidence suggests that we come and go and only begin to spend most of our time in the fetus sometime in the third trimester. But, yes, abortion always ends a human life that has been carefully preparing to enter an incarnation. That being the case, aborted or miscarried fetuses do need to grow up in the afterlife levels, which is a process that seems to take just a few earth years in most cases.
  4. Corey

    Corey Member

    Thanks for the responses guys! That explanation makes complete sense. But what if they're aborted within a month of conception? What would there really be to "grow up" or raise in the afterlife? That's the only part that stumps me.
  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    I agree it's a tough one to figure. Perhaps breaking the situation into small parts might help.

    If we accept the notion of survival and what's been taught repeatedly by teachers and guides, at physical death the animating spirit of ANY incarnate returns whence it came, back to the so-called world of the spirit. The physical body it animated could be anything from not-even-born right up to the oldest, frailest one but the process for either essentially remains the same; the so-called silver cord breaks at physical death, body and soul 'part company'.

    On return to the etheric world it's been taught that we will have an etheric body counterpart of the one in which we were last living. It's also taught our bodies will be unaffected by the ailments experienced when incarnate. If we died old then after a time our forms will revert to those of mature, but not geriatric, adults. That state will presumably be brought about under our spirits' control of our etheric forms. Additionally those who die old and frail will look younger and, by the same token, those who pass before mature adulthood - again presumably - will control their immature etheric bodies to bring them to maturity. In doing that it appears they will pass through the stages of childhood they didn't experience in the physical world. Immature spirit forms will be nurtured and supported ways similar to how children here are cared for.

    It's arguable that many important experiences of childhood on earth will be missing in the etheric so 'growing up' there will be different. It's not easy to grasp and I admit it's something whose details I still puzzle over.

    Before long, though, I'll be 'over there' and things should again be clear. :)

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