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When does the soul/spirit enter the body - channeling compared with mediumship

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by mac, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Ski


    On the contrary, you say? I'm failing to see what point you're making that is contrary to what I had been saying earlier. To repeat, deep trance mediums do not work in the way that channelers and mental mediums do. And it's in interpretation of communicated messages that many forms of mediumship may be at their least persuasive.[/QUOTE]

    Mac, I respect where you are coming from....I really do. But at the same time, there isn't a soul on this earth who isn't human and fallible...even those who have gifts. Even at the best of intentions, even if some are more inclined, trained or Intuned....they are imperfect people. The heart knows better than any outsider, if we can be still long enough to listen. A good teacher, is also a good student....amd if you have an earthly life, you are still a student. A guru or spiritual guide is not apart of this world, they come for the other side....that doesn't mean we don't have anything to offer in wisdom or experience, it just means we still have a lot of learning to do....and do not deem ourselves spiritually superior over others experiences here....we all have something to offer....and there's no reason to be defensive. , or think we are intellectually, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, superior over others who offer their experiences, who are just as validated as any other, with an open mind and spirit.

    Life is energy, our thoughts and feelings are energy....each individual's thoughts amd feelings are going to be different.....but that doesn't make anyone's thoughts or feelings more validated or superior over another's. That's ego. When we are challenged with another's beliefs, it should make us more open minded amd broaden our own spirituality, it shouldn't pit us on the defensive end. Not to be rude, but you have a lot of spiritual insight...but you also come off as rude a lot of times, Imo.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm puzzled. You earlier used the words "On the contrary....." to begin a response to what I'd written but then went on to write stuff that was little different from what I'd been suggesting. How was that contrary? It actually supported what I'd said.

    I'm puzzled by your remarks - had I suggested anything different? :confused:

    And your point is?

    This thread is about mediumship compared with channeling. I know because I opened it specifically for that discussion. What does this remark have to do with that?

    what? :confused::confused::confused:

    How does this relate to the topic?

    You are, of course, totally entitled to your opinion. But you ARE being rude when you go off totally at a tangent and finish your rambling piece by saying I come off as rude a lot of times. I have focused on the thread subject. Tell me how that's rude, will you?

    You'll doubtless say this next piece is rude but what many years in online discussion forums has shown me is that many folk lose their way in threads, often getting emotional or upset because they think their views - or even someone else's - are not being respected. Or they consider it 'disrespectful' just because someone disagrees with what they assert or believe or if someone challenges poorly supported points and claims.

    The biggest disrespect and rudeness I find is when others tell me how I should - or shouldn't - approach an issue. Or how I should, or shouldn't, react. I don't tell others what they should or shouldn't do. I don't tell others how they should or shouldn't approach any issue. That's totally up to THEM to decide for themselves.

    Wouldn't it be the height of rudeness to believe that our particular way is the right way, the only way, and to expect that others should therefore adopt it?
  3. Amore

    Amore Active Member

    I agree with ski, mac, you sometimes come across as being rude, kind of harsh. I've seen it many times (often with Kim, and also with others, also with some newcomers), and in my opinion this is one reason why some people don't come back to this forum.

    Let me help you understand, mac. The quoted sentence, imo, is quite rude. "Rambling piece"? Really? That's condescending in my opinion, it's written out of anger. Try not to immediately react to what people post but let it sink in for a day, then look at it with fresh eyes, when the ruffled feathers have settled down.

    This is of course just advise, you are free to express yourself as you wish. But others also have the right to give you feedback on it.

    Peace :)
  4. Amore

    Amore Active Member

    Coming back to what started this thread - http://www.mastersofthespiritworld.com and channeler Toni Ann Winninger.

    I think you may be right, gene, or maybe partly right. Over the past week or so I have read about 300 of the replies on the website, working my way backwards through the archives. I'm not saying this isn't quality stuff, I find lots of it quite good, helpful, and sound advice.

    But is it channeled or simply Toni herself - mmmmh my feeling is that often it is just her. Maybe sometimes she has a good clear connection to the "Masters" (without her own mind interfering) and sometimes not?

    I don't have the feeling that she's deliberately trying to mislead people though, if this is really just her. For what purpose anyway? There are no ads on the page to generate income, and there's no fee for sending in your question and get a reply. She has posted questions and answers for over 10 years now, about 3-4 per week, that's almost 2000 questions she has taken the time to respond to, free of charge. (There's some repetition but no copy/paste from what I can see.) Plus there is a facebook page too where she answers shorter questions. So even if this is not channeled material, Toni certainly seems to have a genuine interest in helping people on their journey through their earthly life.

    Just my opinion.
  5. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    I respect everyone's right to her/his own views, and I want to add mine. In my opinion, mac is not rude. He can come off as a bit brusque sometimes, admittedly, but in my estimation he doesn't do so out of anger at all, nor any other emotion -- to me, it seems more a matter of intellectual discussion, and those times when he might appear to be rude are times when he is countering emotional posts with intellectual/rational posts of his own, often asking for sources or explanation in the process. By which I do not mean that there's anything wrong with emotional posts -- I've certainly made plenty of them here myself -- just that sometimes when people make a very emotional post and then someone (mac or anyone else) responds in a more logical/factual/unemotional manner, the person who made the emotional post can sometimes feel offended (and I truly don't mean anyone in particular by this; I've just seen this sort of thing happen on multiple forums, including this one).

    For me, mac is one of the reasons why I continue to come to this forum. He and I disagree on a fair number of spiritual/afterlife topics, but we are always able to have a good discussion about these matters, and I have found him to be supportive of my feelings and position even when he doesn't agree with me.
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