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What will happen to my mom when she passes over?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Amore, May 1, 2017.

  1. Zac

    Zac Member

    I've had paranormal experiences over the past 6 years starting after the passing of some family members. Some have been in the form of unexplained behavior of electronic devices such as orb and other phenomena on video with triggers at unusual times like on the hour to the millisecond, clocks with hands changing time inexpicably, electronic shades closing inexplicably, and one instance of a physical object moving which was partially recorded on video. There have been unexplained feelings of a presence and seeing unexplained phenomena a few times several years ago (which was unfortunately not recorded on video). The topic has been fascinating to research and sittings with mediums have been illuminating, but I haven't changed how I live my life much.

    What paranormal experiences have you folks had?
  2. mac

    mac senior contributor

    not a one!
  3. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Not only more respected but also more accepted which is often called Codependency. We are conditioned early on to depend on and want/need acceptance, approval, protection, help, nurturing, warmth, feeding and LOVE from significant others so it's no wonder that most of us give up our deepest knowings and desires to "please" significant others from day one. We are taught Denial from the very beginning and come to happily live with lying to ourselves just to keep the affections and "love" of powerful or significant others. Then, in our teens, we suddenly get the power and courage to stand up to the lies and pressures from these dishonest but significant others and begin REBELLING but most of us have no idea how to move from acceptable social lies to the truth, so we unwittingly trade one set of lies for another, more acceptable set of lies. Some are lucky enough to stay honest with themselves from day one but most of us have to live in Denial and repression while our inner truths are allowed to lay dormant or simply die an early death just to please our SOs who have allowed their dreams to lay dormant or die. Being born psychic and a natural fine artist was a horrible curse for my late wife due to the fear and jealousy in her family, but together, we made her dreams and gifts come alive and be exposed in her lifetime. I suspect that her paintings will someday be "discovered" and will have a dramatic impact on the world now that she is "gone".
  4. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    To many to list here. Read my other posts when you have time. Please share some specific details about your paranormal experiences. Exactly what happened?
  5. Zac

    Zac Member

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