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What to do in the afterlife?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by John biscuits, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. John biscuits

    John biscuits New Member

    What activities take place in the afterlife? are there libraries? Music Festivals? I know there's life after death; I was just wandering if anyone knew what the afterlife has to offer.

    Thank You. Sorry for my spelling.
  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Yes there are libraries and it's fair to think that some of the activities folk enjoyed when they lived in this world will be available in the next. What we can't tell you is that every activity will be available. To some degree it will depend on what those living there want to do. Regrettably we know only a smidgin about life after we pass on from this world so we don't know about the details of our 'daily' life (Strictly there isn't day vs. night situation, work vs. leisure or vacation)

    It's said by guides that there are large, public concerts but I don't know if the music is classical or if there are other forms like we have in this world. We used to hear from a member here whose deceased son communicates with her (see Carol and Mikey thread) and he told her that he still snowboards, something he loved to do in this world before he passed.

    He talks about it also in the book he and his mom put together 'Flying High In Spirit'.
  3. John biscuits

    John biscuits New Member

    Thank you.
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Based upon hundreds of afterlife communications received over the past nearly 200 years:

    1) There are great libraries that contain not only every book ever published, but also scrolls (most of what is in these libraries seems to be scrolls) written in what we gather is a universal language, and these scrolls contain all sorts of information that is not available to folks in bodies. There are hints that when you "read" these scrolls they can create 3-D holograms, and that among the information stored this way is every life that each of us ever has lived. What seems to happen when we investigate our past (and probably also our future) lives in these libraries is that we review their life-review information holographically. People love those amazing libraries!

    2) There are almost constant concerts and entertainments put on in open-air amphitheaters (night doesn't happen there unless someone wants it). Many transitioned major folks perform (Elvis, John Lennon, Sinatra, etc.), as do classical orchestras, and regular folks can take up performing as well. You simply put out the mental intention of attending, for example, an early Elvis concert, and when one is about to happen you receive mental notification and you simply choose to attend and immediately find yourself in a front-row seat.

    3) Using vehicles like cars, planes, helicopters, boats, etc., for fun seems to be big when we first arrive. Many of these vehicles are fanciful, and all are powered by mind. We have no need of vehicles, of course, since all travel there is by mind and instantaneous.

    4) Some of us do a lot of traveling, both visiting the correlate afterlife levels of every country and time but also visiting places on the physical earth and visiting other planets and other dimensions.

    5) Many people take up learning to play musical instruments, do macrame, make tapestries, paint and sculpt, and just about everything else. My Aunt Ruth was an excellent seamstress in life, and now she teaches classes in sewing on sewing machines made of crystal! Learning anything is more fun there because our complete eternal minds are vastly more powerful than are the limited parts of them that we can access while here, so we can learn there much more quickly.

    6) There are towns where we can play-act living in what appears to be any historical period. In the Wild West town we dress in costume, use horses, etc.; in the Fifties town we can wear poodle-skirts and visit soda fountains and rock-and-roll at sock hops. Since we will have lived lives in many historical periods, getting the feel of them again can be a lot of fun.

    7) Those of us who are more advanced can take lessons in mind-creating things like buildings and living flowers. Those who are very advanced spiritually spend a lot of time learning on the sixth level and teaching on the lower levels.

    8) People play sports, but these seem not to be competitive; rather, apparently there are games there that are based upon cooperation.

    9) There seems to be a lot of partying. Every time someone comes home there is a welcoming party, often including food and live entertainment (we don't need to eat, but those who have just arrived still want to do it and we are all able to eat); and sometimes these new arrivals will be given parades as well.

    10) We seem to be able to witness re-enactments of major events by those who actually lived them (Continental Congress, anyone?), and we can seek out and talk with historical figures.

    ... In short, the period after death is PLAYTIME!
  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    We "....stay here in this realm of pain, fear and sorrow" for a few obvious reasons. The first is because we chose to be here for reasons we've discussed before. Absurd though it may seem considering the awful things that happen here, we knew what to expect and nobody forced us to come.

    The second is that for the majority of humankind, I'd guess, death is a fearful event, something most don't consciously want to happen. Those who understand why it's not fearful also likely have some understanding about the point above.

    A third reason might be that many of us have ties to others in this dimension which we don't want to sever - we'll leave friends and family we love behind. No matter how much we may understand, or how readily we accept that death is not the end of us, we still face the situation of having loved ones on the other side of the divide after we pass. After our deaths they'll be on the other side of where we're standing now of course!

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